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  1. LOL, I got my whisper-quiet Antec 1200 on sale for $95. How is a loud $400 Norco cheaper?? If your library grows 1TB/mo, it sounds like you just started collecting. I'm currently at 1006 HD movies and I'm working on watching the ones I haven't seen and deleting the ones I didn't care for.(it's a never-ending job ) @Rajahal, Hot swap bays "sound" like a cool idea, but when do you REALLY need to hot swap anything? Don't most people just: 1) install a harddrive 2) run the clear script on it 3) add it to the array 4) never touch it (until it dies)
  2. There's always a trade off between power comsumption and speed. If you leave the server on 24/7(sab/sickbearding), a faster CPU will unrar and repair faster, but you'll pay for it in higher electric bill.:'( I have a little Asus Atom cpu and sab works pretty well(while I'm off at work or asleep). Repairing rars while you stream a 25mbps bluray will choke it up. I don't really understand everyone's infatuation with Norcos. They're $400(USD) and then you gotta replace all the stock cooling to get it quieter(more $$). I can see using them for commercial servers in a chilly rack storage
  3. 15% off with promo code SEVMEM15, ends 5/31 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16859105905 not as good as the UK rebate, but nice for us Americans who've been waiting to build a server jr. $325 + 15.31s&h - 48.75discount = $291.96
  4. Don't do like I did and over-buy for your power supply. Get a Kill-a-Watt http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882715001&cm_re=kill_watt-_-82-715-001-_-Product and determine how much peak power you REALLY need. I bought the Corsair 650TX and barely use it's horse power on my 15 drive UnRaid system.(non-gaming-PC of course). Use NewEgg's Advanced Search feature: under "Energy-Efficient", pick "80-plus cert" then under "+12V Rails" pick "Single" Any of those should work great. Unless you're made of cash, don't spend over $60 for a PS. IMO, addi
  5. This sounds great! I just ordered a couple of 20EARS since NewEgg has them for $70 after rebate.
  6. Thanks alot for this recipe! It's works brilliantly! Floppy relays to USB & boots quick. Now my old P4 box is no longer worthless trash!!!
  7. Wow, I didn't think I was doing something no one else has ever done...so I went and solved it myself. Here is my solution for anyone else who wants to do it.(there's probably a more graceful way to do it) UnRaid users you make in the UnRaid web GUI can't ssh or telnet into UnRaid. This is because when UnRaid makes the user they have the default shell set to " /bin/false " You can change this by telneting in as root and typing " usermod -s/bin/bash <username> " To save your changes, copy " /etc/passwd " to " /flash/config/passwd " But I looked in the default passwd
  8. I'm currently using rsync on a LAN to backup files from a Windows box to the UNRAID 4.5.6 server. With my current plain setup, only the root user can sync and requires a password typed in. What I want to do is setup a non-root user and use rsync with ssh keys to allow the user to remotely start an instance of ssh and rsync files over the internet to the UNRAID with an automated batch file without typing in a password or passphrase. I guess I don't understand how unraid users and ssh users work. It looks like I need to modify /boot/config/etc/ssh/sshd_config. Does anyone have a great
  9. I don't mean to hijack this conversation, but...I tried this exact recipe after using UnMenu to install Perl. Everything worked fine until I tried starting the server. It just tells me that the server started without giving errors or messages and immediately returns to the prompt. But checking the processes, I don't see it running. I also verified that the slimserver user is in the /etc/passwd file. Do I need to add the user in the Unraid user-manager screen too? Thanks for your help on this thread. Hopefully getting squeezeserver running on unraid will mean one less c
  10. I'm glad this thread is still around. My love for solid-cap Gigabyte boards has lead me here. All my Seagate drives were "infected" with the HPA issue.(for some reason Hitachi and Samsung were immune) Thanks for this thread and thanks to Joe L. for his unraid_partition_disk.sh file. It was the only thing that could re-partition the fixed drives to Unraid standards after I had disabled HPA using HDAT2. And not sacrificing my TBs of data was a true blessing!
  11. I just got the SY-PEX40015 card from Monoprice. It worked in my Intel machine, but not on my AMD GA-MA78GM-S2H board. Even tried flashing to the latest base bios. no joy. I'll hafta RMA it