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  1. I don't believe there is. The posts I have seen prefer the gui to be used to change the xml files, so I have added the traefik labels into configs in the dynamic traefik files instead. it takes away some of the benefit of traefik, but it works.
  2. Love the native docker support, its so easy to spin up a docker and test some new open source software. 3 licenses and counting and pondering the need for a 4th server 😃 2 of these only have 3 2.5in hard drives, so would love native ssd support for the protected storage, for fast docker servers for web services hosting type of tasks.
  3. Ok thanks. I was more hoping I could manually edit the LE url in the code to create my certs, as judging by the lack of responses here, it wouldn't be a popular feature request. I will look for a puppet plugin or similar that allows me to populate my unraid servers certs automatically rather than having to manually create and maintain their certs Thanks for both for your inputs.
  4. Hi there Thanks for the response, but that was not what I was asking I had read the help and it is a manual process, where I am asking if the LE url you use for automatically getting LE certs can be replaced. See here -> https://letsencrypt.org/docs/staging-environment/ Replacing this url -> https://acme-staging-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory With my acme server, I can create my certs from my own CA.
  5. @CorneliousJD your config was the same as mine. Likely its from a previous nextcloud config as mine was. Updated to their latest format in the link above and it worked fine.
  6. Well, they should be -> https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/17/admin_manual/installation/nginx.html I guess updating from very early versions, I need to tweak my configs to the latest guidance from nextcloud.
  7. my location / is; Better check the latest nextcloud guidance.
  8. Would it be possible to link to your updates please, so that we can see which files we need to update on existing systems? Edit: I ask as I am currently trying to find the files I need to edit; the link states nginx config, which I assume is nginx.conf, but my files in /config don't appear to be affected, so wouldn't your changes to the docker be updated for existing users too? Does this also affect the LE and nginx dockers too?
  9. Hi I am using my own internal cert CA with acme and would prefer to point my unraid servers certs to that url rather than that of Letsencrypt. Is it possible to edit unraid files to change that url, if so, which ones and will it get overwritten on each update? Edit: If I am able to edit the url LE using to get its certs, that should be all I need. Thanks in advance.
  10. Not specifically, but I had to reset my passwords, as they are strong, then boot into gui mod with keyboard and mouse connected to unraid. Then reconfigure the networking to how it was originally. It took me a good few hours (one of those days!) to get myself back up and running, reconfigure password and be back where I was before. I only upgraded to rc1 for the new login dialog, so a new postit on my monitor - don't upgrade unraid on this server
  11. Had to set my password due to other issues and after resetting my password in the command line, I get this trying to login to the gui with the same root password? I cleared cookies and it seemed to go away.
  12. I uploaded one already, but took it down as it was out of date. I am trying to get an updated one sorted.
  13. I took it down as I found eth1 had dropped out of the bond. I got access back to the gui and rebooted, but now again it is not getting an IP address, so i am checking again before I upload any further update.
  14. Thanks for that but I have just found it, it was eth1 fell out of the bond...???? I have no idea how as i didn't change it myself, as its taken me a few hours to track it down. Apologies for the noise.