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  1. Sounds like a good idea....I'll re-run the preclear again. I'm guessing it will run in less than 60 hours this time because when it booted up it dropped down to UDMA/33 due to the errors. It's booting up at UDMA/133 now so hopefully it will finish quicker now. Any idea how long your preclear took to run?
  2. I've attached my SMART report...thanks for taking a look at it. Let me know if anything looks horrendous. From reading the 'Troublshooting' document in the unRAID forum, it sounds like my "reallocated sector count" value of 200 is probably not a good thing...? --------------- smart.txt
  3. I went ahead and ran the pre-clear script on the drive (I didn't do that when I first added it to the array because it was a new drive). It took 60 hours to run (that sounds like a really long time, even for a 2TB drive). Now when I start back up it appears the errors are gone. Not sure if I should still be concerned...maybe the first sector on the drive was bad or something like that and now it got marked as bad as part of the pre-clear script...? I haven't tested to see if performance is acceptable yet but it sounds encouraging.
  4. I already tried swapping the cables. The controller is embedded but it is working fine for the other (identical) drive and I've tried the other SATA ports.
  5. Hello, I'm new to unRAID and Linux. I got unRAID running fine with one WD20EARS drive (jumper on pins 7-8 per unRAID suggestion). That worked fine and I don't get any errors if I load unRAID with just the 1st drive. Then I added a 2nd identical drive (also WD20EARS) for my parity drive. It appears to work, but it takes unRAID nearly 5-10 minutes to load and it logs tons of errors as it loads. I've tried swapping data cables, power cables, jumpers, SATA ports, etc. but I keep getting the same errors on the 2nd drive. From what I can tell, it is trying to initialize it at DMA/1