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  1. 6 hours ago, danioj said:


    Predominantly ports on my motherboard. However I do have one expansion card. My motherboard is an Supermicro X10SL7-F and my expansion card is a Marvell based card.



    Its been highly recommended to move away from Marvel Expansion Cards because they have been extremely troublesome. I was having all kinds of disconnection issues and bad drive reports when I ran mine. When I switched to my LSI all problems went away. 

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  2. On 3/5/2021 at 6:28 AM, Emil Hansen said:

    Same issue here, no problem in 6.8.3. I have only tried 6.9.0rc2 and 6.9.0 and the problem were there in both. I disabled autofan and telegraf and the problem disappeared. However, because of my hardware setup I am kinda dependent on the autofan plugin to spin up the fans when the HDDs gets warm.  


    I'm still running 6.9-Beta35 and I don't have any drive spin down issues and I'm still running Autofan. ;)


    I did try a few past, but I really need my Fans too. 

  3. 44 minutes ago, limetech said:

    If you remove Dynamix System Autofan plugin, does issue persist?


    I've not tried removing it to be honest. When I was tinkering with RC2 and Beta-35 the only difference on my end was installing the RC2 so whatever changed I can only "assume" was the culprit and I saw a post on the forum from somebody else who noticed the same thing. 


    Not putting any blame on anything, I'll give Final an install soon and take a look before removing the plugin to see if it changes anything.

  4. After Installing 6.9 and formatting my SSD to 1m can I go back to 6.8.3?


    I was getting massive amounts of writes to my SSD in 6.8.3. I'm still seeing a lot of writes, but it appears to be less in total with 6.9. I want to revert back to 6.8.3 to try something, but if the current formatting of 1M isn't liked by 6.8.3 it would save me a lot of trial and error to prior to going back and having to rebuild my SSD again. Lol

  5. This is why forever I've always created a folder with the same name as the video file to greatly reduce this "possible" windows issue.




    I prefer




    This is a bit of code I pieced together forever ago to create folders from File Names.



  6. 6 hours ago, jbartlett said:

    To expand on bonienl's response, the solution is to copy the script to the /tmp directory, mod permissions, and execute it from there. This is how the go script is executed.

    Or you can run custom scripts from User.Scripts which more or less does it for you. Or you can copy them to your SSD drive. The reasoning behind disallowing running of code from your USB is to improve security of your system and your USB drive. 

  7. Ideally you want to set the minimum to the largest file size that you would send to the share.

    For example lets say my average files range from 5-10GB a Piece. I would set the Minimum to at least 10GB so I know that if I was to get close to filling the last file I could simply send the 10GB to another drive.


    Setting your Minimum to high could more or less just waste "Reserved" space unless you want to hold it that high for some particular reason.

  8. I only mentioned what I mentioned because honestly when I went from 6.6.6 to 6.6.7 I had this issue. Was it an isolated issue? Will it happen again when ever I update? Beats me. I did an update and just assumed it would wake up ready to go from 6.6.6 to 6.6.7. Instead I rebooted into a blown out SSD with all my Dockers messed up and my SSD data being zapped and a system asking me to do a Parity Check.


    Luckily I had an SSD backup Unassigned Devices and the App Data backup app to a portable USB drive so the restore process wasn't to bad.


    Not trying to scare you or anything, but if you keep having an issue or if its an isolated one might as well try to remove all possible causes until you find it. 🤬


  9. Food for thought, but not knowing what the issue is as of yet.


    I always stop the Parity Check when I do a reboot if there was a glitch to cause the Reboot/Parity Check. I normally have to fix something or I know exactly what caused it. Then I proceed to doing what I need to do and then Start the Parity check.


    Do you have Dockers that might be reading/writing to the array that might of got stuck during a shutdown? I've had a problem with Dockers not shutting down and then glitching out my SSD or doing a Database Backup to one of my spinners and when it was forced down my machine came backup with a message saying it wanted to do a Parity Check.


    Now I shutdown all my Dockers manually every time to insure they are down before doing a reboot.

  10. Untitled.thumb.png.d80df81979c31f8375bb3d4fbf3e65e5.png


    Is this a new feature to 6.7? The ability to click on the drive and have it popup a Disk Log? If it is this is super useful. I had a drive give me an error and I had an idea it was my new SSD, but I wasn't 100% sure. Clicked on the image and confirmed what I thought.


    If this is new NICE!!!!!!

    If this is old News I feel kinda dumb now. Lol


    Either way thanks for this. 🤣

  11. 7 minutes ago, bonienl said:

    Sorry for this inconvenience :(


    Nah man You know we :x you!!!!!!!


    I was just riding on the giving you grief train. All these little refinements are so nice. unRAID has come a long long way and I have to admit I'm constantly finding little tweaks you've done that I think. "Man I never noticed that before, but it totally makes sense that its there."


    The little Text next to Start Parity and Start Mover that says (schedule). I think I've seen it many times and thought. Has it been here all along? Sometimes I'm a little slow. :$


    Thanks for posting up that image. I figured it went there. Nice!!!

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  12. I updated and now I can't get a listing for My Apps or Plugins. 

    I just got the following message. 




    Download of appfeed failed.

    Community Applications requires your server to have internet access. The most common cause of this failure is a failure to resolve DNS addresses. You can try and reset your modem and router to fix this issue, or set static DNS addresses (Settings - Network Settings) of and and try again.

    Alternatively, there is also a chance that the server handling the application feed is temporarily down. Switching CA to operate in Legacy Mode might temporarily allow you to still utilize CA.

    Last JSON error Recorded: JSON Error: Syntax error




    After this message I did a test ping to another site and it came back as well I did an update to all my Dockers just fine. I just get get a listing for Apps or Plugins since this update.