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  1. On 5/20/2022 at 8:52 AM, hawihoney said:


    Pure luck ;-)


    If the company behind Plex publishs documents about how to proper name folders and files it's wise to follow their official manual.


    Lot's of your additional characters are whitespace class or simply ignored like anything in (). They will become ignored by Plex.


    If it did work for you in the past, ok. If it fails with some content in the future you know what to do then.



    The only thing I'm doing differently is including the Resolution and the Audio. We all know Plex scans the video for Resolution and Audio. 

    I'm including the extra for my benefit not Plex's. 


    I'm grateful for your concern and mentioning it to me, but I'm not worried at all.  



  2. All my Files are in the following format



    Folder - Transformers-(2007)-(1080p)-(DTS)

    File - Transformers-(2007)-(1080p).mkv


    Tv Shows

    Folder Breaking.Bad-(2008)



    I've never had an issue with Plex ever. 

  3. I'm running Mover Tuner Plugin, which tells my SSD (Cache) when to move my files onto my Array. So I have my files sit on my SSD for instant access for 2weeks or if my SSD hits 50% usage which ever comes first. Normally the mover triggers daily and moves cache files, but using Mover Tuner it bypasses the daily moving and will move when ever you tell it to.


    Why do I do this? Well I add a movie and my kids beat it up for a few days and after 2 weeks they seem to barely touch it. So in theory only when Plex scans my files looking for changes at 6AM daily my system pretty much is idling other than the SSD and moving of files now and then. 

  4. I've been using unraid for 10years 12years. Now keep in mind your experience can very on how robust you try to make your server. If your using it for simple file storage and something like Plex Media server it works great. If you start throwing all kinds of custom configs running all kinds of crazy VM's and other things it could get really complicated. 


    Just grab the trail and see how it goes. 😁

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  5. 16 hours ago, J OBrien said:

    Thank you.


    I don't know why that setting changed all of a sudden.


    Thank you its working now.





    There was an update recently that added some additional settings along the bottom of the settings page. 

    To Move files if the source is above 10%. Just set it to NO should fix it right up. Or you could adjust the settings to 60% or something else as a fall back. 


    I personally just set it to NO for now. I might tweak it later. 

  6. Well if that is new then I had files bigger than 10% of my drive so it moved them per the settings. 

    I changed them to NO for the future and I'll see what happens. ;)


    Not a big deal I just didn't know those settings existed and moved files off my Cache. Lol


    Is it possible to add new features and have them default to NO just to avoid future questions/issues. I'm not mad or anything, it just perplexed me when I fired up a Movie I ripped earlier and my drive spun up when it normally doesn't for 15 days. 


    Looking at my Logs it looks like it did what was intended, I just didn't know about it. Lol


  7. Something change recently? I have my Mover set to move everything 15days old.

    Everything Moved. 


    I haven't changed a setting in months. 


    Is this New?


    Move All from Cache-Yes shares when disk is above a certain percentage: Yes

    Move All from Cache-yes shares pool percentage: 10%



  8. 1 hour ago, ljm42 said:

    Thanks for reporting this @bwnautilus, and for confirming that signing out and signing back in solved it. We'll work on detecting and preventing the problem for others.


    Thanks @kizer If the plugin install detected an issue and signed you out, then that would have disabled remote access. But it shouldn't have been an ordeal to re-enable. I'll keep an eye out for that.


    No problem. I'm a believer in brute force until I get something to work. Lol

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  9. 13 hours ago, 2000gtacoma said:

    Hey folks had the myservers plugin setup and running for a while. It stopped working. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Says not connected to the mothership. Cert provisioned, port forwarded in router, I can click the check button under management access and it says your server can be reached. Tried opening a terminal and typing unraid-api restart. Didn't make a difference. Any suggestions?



    Something weird I noticed is I can turn on flash backup and it will update on the myservers page. Also I am on the latest version. Its almost like maybe the myservers page is confused from the time I was running trial vs when I purchased my pro key. I'm showing 2 servers under myservers.


    Try running this command in console.


    unraid-api restart


    It will turn off your connection and attempt to restart the deamon and connect again. Another way I found was to logout of the MyServer plugin, which is in the same area as the "Can't connect to Mothership" area. 

  10. Just realized how old this post is. Lol Oh well. ;)


    I have my system setup to run Parity every 1st of the month starting at Midnight and it normally runs until 9AM. I have (5) 4TB drives so its pretty quick and done normally without me even noticing other than a message I get via my email or via the webgui that it started and when its finished. 


    I used to use the Parity Tuning Plugin because I was running some slower WD drives and I had it set start at Midnight and stop at 6AM and then restart the next day at Midnight and continue this repeat process until until it was done. Never had an issue and its pretty customizable. 


    I do have a bunch of scripts on my machine that use the User.Script plugin to move files here and there and do other various things, but have them all set to NOT run during a parity check. In User.Scripts on each script you just add a little line that tells it to check for Parity running first. 


    USB drive failure. Well I've heard of people having issues, but its simply a matter of backing up your /config folder literally anywhere or you could use the MyServer plugin and back it up automatically to the cloud. Don't like the cloud idea then anywhere you choose. I've been running a 2GB Cruzer stick for 9 years now and Its never troubled me once. The OS boots off the USB and puts the entire OS into Ram. Even if NUKE your OS for some odd reason it'll just reload on Bootup from the USB stick again. ;)  If your USB stick dies for some reason you simply request a new key and insert it into your drive and your good to go. There is a manual way and an automatic way to speed up recovery. 


    unraid started from humble beginnings and has been growing at a rapid pace from its users who request or build things, devs who volunteer a lot of their time and some paid staff who keep the wheels turning.  We have a lot of Active users who simply want to help, Moderators who volunteer a lot of their time as well.  I can nearly Guarantee you will not find this level of pride and wanting to see You successful in your build than here than with any other solution. 

  11. 1 hour ago, ljm42 said:


    Yes, sorry about that :) We just deployed the temporary fix to the cloud again, if you reload the page you should be good. The permanent fix @OmgImAlexis mentioned will go out in the next release of the plugin.


    I restarted using unraid-api restart since I shut it down remotely and it seems to be working just fine. ;)


    Thanks for the quick fix again. 

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  12. 7 minutes ago, OmgImAlexis said:

    So my bad on not checking before posting. Seems it was fixed immediately after the last release we pushed to everyone.


    The next update will include these changes. 


    No worries. Funny thing thou is the last time I reported it which was several weeks ago you guys put out something and it fixed it. Unless you put out another release and forgot to put the patch back into the newest. Lol


    I mean crazier things have happened when your dealing with 1000's of lines of code. ;)


    I did run unraid-api stop and now my drives are not coming up by themselves. Weird I'm still remoted in too. Must be the deamon that makes the connection, but doesn't actually control keeping the connection. Just another tid bit of info if that helps at all. 



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  13. 1 minute ago, OmgImAlexis said:

    Can you confirm you’re on the latest plugin version? This has definitely been fixed. 


    I'm the one that reported it when it happened the first time and then it was patched. ;)


    This is the version I'm running and yes I did click the check for updates