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  1. Ok newest update. 


            #Rsync path



    Welcome to /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/Plex-Caching-Script/script
    stat: cannot statx '/tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/Plex-Caching-Script/log.txt': No such file or directory
    Info: Log size is
    1 active(s) plex session(s):
    - 1/1: Serie: Suits Season 9 - Episode 4/-1: Cairo
    Cache disk usage: 16%
    - Info: 16% space used, quota is 90%, nothing to do
    -- Info: Cleaning empty directories...


    It just doesn't cache anything thou. 

  2. @JonathanM @trurl


    Totally understand. I'm trying to peak under the curtain some. ;)


    I'm trying to figure out what the magic is here since it has me really intrigued but I want to make sure there isn't anything that would cause my system or somebody else's system to go haywire.  Also if it does what its supposed to it would put a pretty cool spin on what I have going on at my place. 

  3. Is my Storage Path Correct for Plex to read from? Its the current location of my TV shows when they are temporary before the mover moves them.  Meaning I use /mnt/user/TV for my Tv shows and /mnt/user/Movies for movies. 


    I'm not as worried about my Movies as much as my TV shows. 


    I'll give this a try tonight. I'm currently at work and thank you for your time to look at this for me. 

  4. No harm or foul. I'm quick to ask questions even if they are obvious as long as it helps somebody else if they have the same problem. 


    I did have the lastest version of the plugin installed. Who knows I'll install it again on 6.9.2 and give it a whirl and try it again on 6.10.3 later. 



  5. To be fair I didn't see anything in the 6.10.3 patch notes from 6.9.2 to 6.10.3 unless I simply missed it. Lol 

    I just happened to check the documentation after I upgraded to 6.10.3 and removed the plugin knowing something was off. 


    Also you are right about the figuring it out that's why I tagged it as (SOLVED) just to make sure if anybody else found this they would know they aren't the only one scratching their head.  😃


    Don't get me wrong I'm not pointing fingers for anybody's mistake. Just saying I had some oddities and maybe I'm simply missed a note somewhere which would of saved me some head scratching. 



  6. Currently I'm on 6.9.2 and decided to give 6.10.3 a try. 

    When I was on 6.10.3 I noticed in my URL it said HTTPS not secure and it was red in Chrome. I also found a few other things that seemed to be giving me trouble in 6.10.3 so I decided to downgrade back to 6.9.2. 


    Now I can't seem to remote login via even though it shows I'm online, but I've decided to remove the plugin and will give it another try soon. However I noticed that I still have the long url even when the plugin is removed. so I am looking at vs 192.168.x.x on my browser. 


    Is this behavior normal?


    Yesterday when I was on 6.10.3 if I typed in my short url 192.168.x.x it wouldn't forward to the long and I had to copy and paste the long in to connect to my server or I had to visit to remote in locally. 


    Anyways I'm looking to start over fresh with this plugin, but I want to make sure I'm starting off from Square on to remove some items that might be glitching me out. Lol




    update. I forgot to turn off SSL


    After I turned it off it removed the hash url. ;)


    Also I noticed it says here

    to remove the Plugin prior to installation of 6.10.3


    Maybe that glitched out my install and caused some issues going from 6.9.2 to 6.10.3 and then when I returned back to 6.9.2.

    I did restore a USB backup, which I thought would of corrected everything, but hey who knows. Lol


    I'll tinker with this some more when I get a chance. Before I upgraded this plugin has worked flawlessly and I'm sure it will continue to after I learn how to read. ;)





  7. I'm assuming id=0 is for first video card and you'd use id=1 for second?

    I gave this a whirl on m 1050-TI


    [email protected]:~# nvidia-smi --id=0 --gpu-target-temp=80
    All done.
    [email protected]:~# nvidia-smi -q|grep Target
            GPU Target Temperature            : 80 C


    I also found this. 

    nvidia-smi -q|grep Target


    Shows your current target Temp setting. 

    GPU Target Temperature            : 83 C


    Ran your above code and set it to 80C

    nvidia-smi --id=0 --gpu-target-temp=80


    nvidia-smi -q|grep Target

    GPU Target Temperature            : 80 C


    This is kinda neat. ;)



  8. To be fair it took a few minutes for me to run the same command that @trurl asked you to run. 


    For instance Plex is a large folder on my system and it had to crawl every folder and subfolder gathering up totals. You just don't see it. 

    Also don't forget to account for the docker.img file that is sitting on your Cache drive too. 

  9. I used to use 240GB, which seemed like enough for my needs with Dockers and Data, but not to long ago I upgraded to a 1TB SSD. I'm sure for my needs I could get along with a 500GB drive. The price for the 1TB was to good to pass up so I jumped to an even larger drive.  


    How much honestly would depend on what you normally put on it and have time to store until mover runs. If you are moving mass data constantly and the mover isn't moving enough then you'll need a much larger drive. All my Dockers take up around 32GB and my docker.img file. So I have plenty of space for other items. 

  10. On 5/20/2022 at 8:52 AM, hawihoney said:


    Pure luck ;-)


    If the company behind Plex publishs documents about how to proper name folders and files it's wise to follow their official manual.


    Lot's of your additional characters are whitespace class or simply ignored like anything in (). They will become ignored by Plex.


    If it did work for you in the past, ok. If it fails with some content in the future you know what to do then.



    The only thing I'm doing differently is including the Resolution and the Audio. We all know Plex scans the video for Resolution and Audio. 

    I'm including the extra for my benefit not Plex's. 


    I'm grateful for your concern and mentioning it to me, but I'm not worried at all.  



  11. I'm running Mover Tuner Plugin, which tells my SSD (Cache) when to move my files onto my Array. So I have my files sit on my SSD for instant access for 2weeks or if my SSD hits 50% usage which ever comes first. Normally the mover triggers daily and moves cache files, but using Mover Tuner it bypasses the daily moving and will move when ever you tell it to.


    Why do I do this? Well I add a movie and my kids beat it up for a few days and after 2 weeks they seem to barely touch it. So in theory only when Plex scans my files looking for changes at 6AM daily my system pretty much is idling other than the SSD and moving of files now and then. 

  12. I've been using unraid for 10years 12years. Now keep in mind your experience can very on how robust you try to make your server. If your using it for simple file storage and something like Plex Media server it works great. If you start throwing all kinds of custom configs running all kinds of crazy VM's and other things it could get really complicated. 


    Just grab the trail and see how it goes. 😁

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