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  1. Checked my logs to insure there are no errors and had a Fruit Smoothie.
  2. All I've ever used is Greens since day one for Parity and Data with no issues.
  3. Nice Lol So far it looks like there is at least 3 requests for this.
  4. Very new Thread you might want to breeze through.
  5. Just like in the Archived Notifications it would be nice to have a way to type up a note and save it for later review. My thought is this. Say I make a change to my setup for a reason maybe its testing or whatever and I want to come back to that note to remind myself what the setting used to be so I can compare. For example. I changed my tunable settings for my drives and now I don't recall what I used to have it set to, but if I had of kept notes or wrote it down somewhere I could easily compare.
  6. kizer

    New unRAID User

    No problem my Friend. We all started new and your figuring it all out slowly. Don't be afraid to ask for help or info from anybody here. Its your Data and we all know our data is precious to us.
  7. kizer

    New unRAID User

    8TB is referring to 8TB of Parity not total array size.
  8. Lol, I install nearly everything from it. Its like going to the Google/Apple Store and finding what I need. click, install done.
  9. The OS setup will be pretty easy. Nothing seriously stands out wrong about your build, however its been a while since I've built a machine and I don't run any VM's. The case looks nice, but it also appears the top drive might not get direct cooling like the drives below it. Also looks like its going to be a tight fit for your cables.
  10. Hmmm, I've used top for years. Never messed with htop. Looks rather nice
  11. Well honestly I find it sometimes annoying since I know I don't have any dockers installed, but maybe a one time click or an option to say ignore future notifications? Maybe an option that says something of the manner. "Docker storage is required for the dockers included here" Click to ignore future notifications. Its not a super big deal since I'm used to saying "go away", but just an idea either way.
  12. I threw up a little primer of suggested tagging options in a new sticky. Its not exactly making new sub-forums by regions, but hopefully it'll help some with future transactions for others.
  13. There has been a request to do a split of region in the Buy, Sell, Trade area. For that to happen it would be rather difficult with all the various regions. In order to insure items are easy idenfitied for your intrest the following could be implimented for easier idenfication. For Example you could tag your posts in the following manner. 1. Status: [SOLD], [WTB], [4Sale] or [4Trade] 2. Location: [Canada-Toronto], [uK-London], [uS-California] 3. Shipping: [Free Shipping], [Pickup only] optional obvisously 4. Item listing Motherboard, Hard drive...........
  14. there's none of that around here. Let the Safe and Parity protected abundance of Data Storage Begin.
  15. What make/model of PowerSuppy are you using?
  16. I clicked on my App tab and was presented with this after I clicked the "Yeah I know I don't have any dockers" Warning: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to unix:///var/run/docker.sock (No such file or directory) in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/include/DockerClient.php on line 490 Couldn't create socket: [2] No such file or directory nothing appears in my logs.
  17. Welcome aboard. Let the Data Hoarding begin.
  18. Multiple streams I'd probably say your pushing the system a bit.
  19. I can stream normally 720 content while rebuilding via XBMC on a Wired connection on the Simulated drive. What exactly are you attempting to stream?
  20. This is available
  21. Heres a pretty good thread regarding your Silverstone DS380 Case. My only real constructive comment right now. Lol
  22. Like usual trurl is spot on. Made corrections to my up above statement. Been a while since I've stared at my on Config. I just know the top slot has always been my Parity and Never Never Never assign a Data disk to Parity.