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  1. 2 hours ago, trurl said:

    Unraid was already on v4.7 when I first started 11 years ago.


    Joe L. was a frequent contributor on the Unraid forum then. This was before we even had plugins. He also did many addons, such as the original preclear script and unMenu with its package manager.


    I discovered he lived in my city when I discovered that AVS thread. Joe L. made many posts to that thread starting on page 4.


    I think I found the same post from Xbmx now Kodi website pointed to it. 

    I also started on 4.7 and I must admit I was very excited too. 

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  2. @Maxrad Thank you sir. I'll give it an update soon.


    Thank you for taking the time to list out the steps. I myself will use it as well I'm sure many others will too. Understanding its the Official Plex Docker we are talking about here.

  3. 40 minutes ago, Maxrad said:

    I had a straightforward and trouble-free experience resetting my Plex password and signing-in Plex servers and Plex clients.


    I maintain 3 Unraid servers with one instance of official Plex docker container on each. I successfully reset Plex password and had my three Plex Media Servers sign in to my Plex account by updating a new PLEX_CLAIM value in the Plex docker container config. All good. Indeed, it was straightforward enough to encourage me to change Plex password routinely (say, every 2-3 months) as a basic security measure.


    Other than deleting your token what else did you do? Request a Password change on Plex and then just input the new Token? 

    A lot of us run the official docker and just want to get the word out. 

  4. Just threw up my 1500 last night. Crazy amounts of reserve for my system. Not sure why I had to restart my APC Daemon just now since I restarted my machine last night, but I'll keep an eye on it. 






    Yes I'm fully aware this is while its idling. I think when it was all drives spinning doing 1 Transcode last night I saw it with 90Minute uptime. Still not going to believe that 100%, but its just amazing seeing some numbers like that.  I haven't loaded up my router on to it yet or my monitor, but taking steps. ;)



  5. The Docker I'm running has the Plex token in the Template. Can't I just edit it there?

    Or do I need to generate the token first by doing everything suggested in that link? I'm not at home so I'm questioning things before I attempt them. Lol


    Nevermind not the same thing. 



  6. Uhm, I hear it click now and then. Lol


    I've lost power a couple times and its safely shut off, but I've not put it to the test per say. Its always shut off safely under the best conditions. Meaning it was idling anyways so none of the drives was up. 

    But....... I've been eyeballing a 1500 for a while and decided today is the day. 

  7. I've been running that 850 for a while. Normally I'm only Transcoding 1 maybe 2 at a time with 6 Drives. I've not had any issues. However I am as I type this ordering a 1500.


    When I say I've had no issues doesn't mean nobody else will not. Seeing @JonathanM Math is pretty telling so I'm opting for something larger. ;)



  8. Well right now its summer here in the US so Here's my PC schedule.

    - 6-8AM Plex fires up and scans drives along with my Mover and a few other tasks since I knew drives would be active. 

    - My Son "might" watch some Movies through out the day since its Summer Break.

    - Between 7-11PM Its pretty common for me to catch a few TV shows or Movies. 


    So That's around 10 hours of use. Obviously when the misses is home or my Oldest son things might change. Oldest is usually out and about and the misses loves to read paper books. So I'd say my machine idles around 14hours give or take a few scripts that might fire up to do things. I'm running System Temp and Auto Fan Speed so my fans are typically off in my case too. The CPU fan is always running which does pull in air. 


    My UPS via unraid says I'm drawing 38watts with nothing but CPU, CPU fan running and rear case fan. Do I really believe the numbers. Meh, but I have to reference something. Lol 



  9. I used to use the very same on @Hoopster suggested except mine only supported two connections. I stripped off the bracket and kept it all inside the case. 

    Oddly my new board has a direct USB on the motherboard so I just plugged directly in. 


    Having the USB inside the case IMHO is so much safer and you don't have to worry about breaking it or it ever being touched. 

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  10. Normally if I understand correctly. 

    It'll check the drive to see how much space you have. If it has that much spaced used it moves on to the next item of how old. 

    That's why I use 5% because its as low as the settings allow and I always have at least 5% used. Then it checks files and says these are 10 days old and moves. Only files that are 10days old. 

  11. All of the sudden today I'm Noticing none of my Dockers or Plugins know what version they are. *sigh* as well two dockers can't download their icons. Moving some files around maybe a reboot will fix it or eeeeeeeeekkkkkk my ssd might be glitching. 


    Oddly I'm also seeing that the mothership api is having a problem updating....... Hmmmm Even though I'm connected via it. Lol


    Gotta love troubleshooting stuff. 


    My work connection can see the missing Icons. Gawwww has to be my system. 


    ********************* update *********************

    Reboot fixed it right up. No idea to what was stuck, but didn't feel like tracking it down. lol



  12. Ok there you go. So now it should.........

    Run every hour, look to make sure you have at least 5% and be older than 10 days. 

    Even if files are not older than 10 days old will be moved on the 28th of every month. 


    At least from what I'm looking at it should work the way you want. 😃

  13. Ok bases on your settings my understand is the following. 


    Since your set to hourly. Its to run the script every hour and look for the following:

    At least 5% of the drive must be full.

    Only move Content that is older than 10 days

    At 3AM force move all content...


    If its your goal to move everything off your drive at 3AM this will do that. If its your goal to keep items that are 10 days or less on your drive this will do that, but it would be moved at 3AM no matter what its age is. 


    I guess it just depends on what your trying to achieve. The script is pretty straight forward once you figure it out, but with all the options it does get a little confusing. 

  14. Ok the force all to move you don't want that on. You want to set your Mover Schedule which you have to every hour. That's where you want it to be 3AM. 


    Since you have your threshold set to 70% unless your drive is at 70% its not going to move anything. I set mine low so it signals the script to run to 5% I believe then I set my days to 15.  The reason I set my percentage so low it makes the script check every day at 5AM and since I know its going to have more than 5% it will only move files that are 15 days. 


    Basically the script operates on an either/or or both. Write now your telling the system  Don't move my files unless the drive is at 70% and the files must be at least 10 days old. 


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  15. - Yes, once you install a disk and assign it to the array if its not erased and formatted for unraid it will prompt you to format it using btfrs or xfs. 




    - You can insert drives into your machine and use them as an Unassigned.Device.  With this you can use your existing drives and data and you can browse to it via the network, but it will not be in a Protected array. This would allow you to copy data to other drives in the Array as well. 



  16. Ok, Looking at what you posted. You set your share Limit to 100Meg. Did you set your Cache Minimum space to a larger value than 0? it needs to be higher as well. 


    Share limits are designed to make sure drives that are low send files to other drives in the array. 

    I don't know why your SSD wouldn't follow those rules too since its kinda part of the Share, but not part of the Protected Array

    You need to go into your SSD settings, by clicking on it and look at the Minimum Space. I bet its zero. You need to stop the array and raise its value too. 

  17. it very well could be. I don't recall I changed mine years. ago. 


    Should say.    Minimum free space:

    If you click on it, there should be a help box that gives your some examples. I have mine set to 50GB, but your needs might need to be more or less depending on you usage. 



  18. 1. First off make sure all your shares are set to use cache:yes not only unless there are specific ones you want to stay on cache

    2. Click on your Cache and look for Minimum free space. it will be grey'd out until you stop the array to change its value. Make sure its set to at least 2x the size of your largest file so if you edit a file it has room to move. I personally have mine set to 50GB, but whatever suits you. If your going to cache a lot more I'd recommend upping the Minimum free space. 

    3. I use a 1TB SSD and I never come close to filling it. Maybe you need a larger SSD unless your constantly filling it with content and size isn't the issue. 


    You can use the Mover Plugin which you can program to monitor your cache and move files based on specific parameters. Keep in mind it follows the scheduler for the regular mover, but does extra checks prior to moving. For example mine checks daily at 5:45AM and then fires off the plugin. I don't need it to run hourly.