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  1. 2 hours ago, Jaybau said:


    Any concerns using chattr on the "user" folder (with the links/inode)?  Or do I need to use chattr on the physical drive?  Any issues with balance, moving, or other Unraid operations?


    If you Run Chattr from my perspective it will not allow you to move files or delete them. Its the reason I run it, but I only run it on items that are in their permanent spot on the array. I run it on Shares using that script I posted above. 


    From my experience you can not run chattr directly on shares you have to run them on drives, but again that script I posted above gets around that. 

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  2. 22 minutes ago, gmhall said:

    Thank you kizer. I honestly don't intend to troll or to cause grief to the Unraid community. I also don't wish to create a bells and whistles campaign defending Unraid. I've had some frustration with access from outside. Several suggest this to be "easy." Following several guides (appreciated) to the letter, it's not easy, at least I haven't had success. I accept that Unraid may not have been designed with my use case in mind. although I don't think my expectations are unreasonable. Cloudflare tunnels haven't worked for me as described. Wireguard kills my internet on outside Windows clients.


    My initial comments were only intended to suggest turco's experience may not be unique. I'll give Unraid some time and watch for solutions but I too long for the "set it and forget it" if I can reach the set it stage. 🙂


    Thanks all.


    Totally understand and all of us do too. Just a lot of proud users defending their favorite OS because its been a long run. Unraid has come leaps and bounds from when I started using it in 2009. There was no App Store, Dockers heck I don't even recall Dockers at all then. The level of simplicity that has been added is mind blowing because of users creating things or simply figuring things out and contributing to the Community. 


    When some of the Veterans say "its not that hard",  keep in mind a lot of us came from the old system and have had time to tweak on things for years and share tips and tricks along the way. We have all learned a lot over the years and our work flows depend a lot on unraid and the things it does. I can tell you its made my life a lot easier, but I don't use a lot of remote connections. Plex and a few other things other wise my system is an iron box and I want to keep others out of it. ;)

  3. Just remember everybody this is his perspective on unraid. Everybody is entitled to their opinion even if we don't agree with it. ;)


    Every time I purchase something I have high expectations too. If it doesn't deliver I either have to find a work around or return it. Luckily for everybody here we have a HUGE database of peoples knowledge to pull from. 


    Unraid from its conception we've always said do not expose it to the outside world because you are taking a chance in loosing data or being hacked. People still want to expose it and as you can tell sometimes its just plain difficult because proper security is important. Luckily we have some options, but sometimes they are not the easiest. SAFETY of your DATA has always been the MOST IMPORTTANT deliverable from unraid. 

  4. This is what I've been running for a while now. I created different scripts with User.Script to call it, but it works well. It uses Chattr, but its a bit more advanced than that. 



    This is some code I wrote to call this script to Lock my Movies and then I have another to lock my Tv shows. I of course have a couple to unlock my TV or Movies too. 


    /mnt/cache/appdata/scripts/ --lock-files 'yes' --media-shares 'Movies' --include-extensions '*.*' --debug 'yes'
    echo "Sending Notification"
    /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/notify -e "$(date +%D-%H:%I) Movies Locked" -d "$(date +%D-%H:%I) Movies Locked" -i "normal" 
    echo "."
    echo "."
    echo "done"


    So basically I put Bin-Hex's code on my SSD and then I use a User.Script to call it. I run it on my Media on the 15th of Every Month and get a neat little message to remind me. I've tried to delete files on purpose and it appears to work, but then refresh and realize my files are still there. 



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  5. 1 hour ago, zoggy said:

    minor cosmetic bug, it shows the same log entry but one is skipfile list one is skipfiles type :


            mvlogger "No Skipfiles Argument Supplied"
            mvlogger "No Skipfiles Argument Supplied"



    kinda shocked there isnt an option to skip a folder, as lots of people probably want to skip their seeding/incomplete folder so mover doesnt move files out from under a downloader (let alone waste disk io and slow everything down). guessing people just get creative and try to just set folder as hidden? or use move by age and set the age high engouh?





    The old Mover, which I've not tried with this you would simply put a dot in front of the folder and it wouldn't move it. 

    Example .Downloads

  6. You could always run the USB drives using the Unassigned Devices Plugin, but they will not be part of the array or Parity protected.  

    Not 100% sure that's the work around you might want, but it is an option for additional space and many people have used it. Just not preferred because of the lack of protection. 

  7. Welcome, Make sure you install User.Scripts if you like scripting so you can do some Automation which really takes unraid to the next level. ;)


    To be honest I'm not a coder either, but I found unraid really satisfies my need to do some tinkering, but isn't required. 

  8. On 7/28/2022 at 3:11 PM, Wolfy said:

    Apologies if this has already been asked, but how do I set mover settings per share? I have one share that I want files moved to the array much more often (basically just using my cache as a write cache, and want the files to be protected on the array), and a second share that I want files to stay in the cache as long as possible (for use while keeping my drives spun down, but eventually move to the array for long term storage). Is this possible?


    There really isn't a setting per share, however you can go into your particular share settings and click the Mover Tuning - Move All Files From Share at the top and then click on the Move now button. It'll move only that share. 


    There is a command line option you can use with cron that would move shares individually, but I don't recall the code. It is buried somewhere in all these comments thou. 



  9. 2)


    1. Primary Server with Plex and various other dockers. Runs 24/7

    2. Backup which is a Data mirror of Primary. Runs 2x a month for a quick Rsync backup then back off. 


    I might eventually install other hardware into Backup so its a quick swap if Primary is down, but I've never honestly had a need for it yet. At least my content is backed up with two parity protected arrays. 

  10. Ok, copied what you posted earlier and things seem to be working pretty well. Moves and deletes just fine. 


    When it deletes aka attempts to move files back to the array and then deletes. Does it use some kind of logic to what is deleted first? Oldest files first?


    I'm still running Mover Plugin that I have set to run at 10% Full and only move files that are older than 14days to insure files are protected within parity protected array since I have other shares and mover doesn't like to move files that are duplicates this shouldn't be a problem. I'll know in the future. ;)


    This script I have it set to run currently at 60%/55% and to only cache the next file and I have it set to run every 15minutes since most of my TV files are either 30min or 60min which will continue to move files only when I need them and watch them.  



  11. 13 minutes ago, trurl said:

    Not sure what you had in mind there. user0 isn't accessible over the network. You can access shares, or you can access disks if you enable disk sharing (not recommended). You can even create a rootshare with Unassigned Devices so all shares appear under rootshare on the network. rootshare effectively give you access to /mnt/user, but no way to get /mnt/user0.



    Thanks for the Clarification. Now I feel a little dumb now that I just checked myself when I should of known better. I've moved files before to user0 internally from command line when I wanted to move files around knowing I didn't want them to go to the cache first.

  12. Looking for Needles in a Hay Stack here, but................


    Fire up Docker and see what happens and then turn on each docker container one at a time and see if one of them is causing an issue.

    You could either rebuild your docker file if its corrupt or maybe one of your dockers is causing it to crash. 


    You did say Docker so I wonder if it could be related to your SSD unless your not running it off your SSD. 



  13. Most people Map

    \\192.168.X.X\ShareName - which obviously copies to your share in windows. 

    however you can map

    \\192.168.X.X\user0\ShareName - Which Bypasses the Cache drive and writes directly to the array. 


    So in a sense you can pick and choose which files goto the Cache and which does not directly just by pointing them to either mapping of user or user0

  14. What exactly does this do? Does it simply put files into the Array vs the Cache? If so isn't there already a simple setting in shares to avoid that.


    Just curious. ;)


    Does this basically simply /mnt/cache0/ShareName ?