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  1. Hey guys, just got Unraid up and running but it doesn't connect to the internet. I am running PFsense but without any plugins so i don't know if that complicates things. If i go to terminal, i can ping and I try to paste the community app link into plugins and it says network failure. I am thinking it is a DNS thing as I can ping when i use numbers. Any help would be so much appreciated, i am now at a stand still.
  2. hey guys, thanks for the replies, sorry was busy getting the kids organized for school. Jonathanm, i meant that was just one of the things i wanted to do. I would copy off the contents, disk by disk then add them to the Unraid array. Ajgyomer, would a i5-3570k be ok for this or should i upgrade? i have a 3tb WD purple drive that I use now, it would be used outside of the array to record 24/7. Right now it records for about 7 days, works great. Can you explain your setup a little more? If i use my WD Purple for recording, would i just need an SSD for cache drive for the overall system, not just Blue Iris right? Thanks guys for helping me out. Really like the look of unraid more than snapraid that i am using right now. Just a newbie in linux and that was a bit of a concern.
  3. Hey guys i used to run Unraid. I moved to SnapRaid and Drivepool so i could use Windows. The reason for that is we bought a new house and started using Blue Iris to record 4 cameras 24/7. Contacted Tom and got my pro licence back up and running. Is it possible to run Unraid with the 10 drives I have, serve plex to the computers in my house, and run Blue Iris 24/7 all from the same machine? If so, what type of machine would i need? i have an i5-3570k that probably wouldn't work but want to know what's possible. Snapraid and Drivepool are a lot more complicated and I like the polished look of the new Unraid. Any help would me much appreciated.
  4. Done! You guys are awesome, thanks for everything. Now I have my files back, phew!!
  5. I also added a test username and that didn't work either. I can add users but cannot delete my 4.7 users. I also tried to set up the share as a public and it didn't work either.. im obviously missing something simple, any more ideas?
  6. I didn't, I tried to hit remove but it didn't work. Is that where you do it from the console or are you talking about removing a password file or something.
  7. Frank, sorry i mistyped, it is LAN on both my network and the Unraid setup.. this thing is killin me.
  8. my workgroup is named Lan, under SMB setting on the Unraid box, it is set to Yes (workgroup) and Workgroup:LAN Local Master:Yes.
  9. hey guys, ran the script again, a couple times and still no joy. I rebooted my computer, even added another user, changed the shares to public, still cannot get to drives in windows explorer. It says cannot access, you do not have permission to access \\media\hdmovies. any help would be much appreciated, can't figure it out.
  10. hey guys, not at home now but did run the script.. i noticed in the release thread it said about re-booting the windows computer which i did not do.. I will try and post back tonight.. thanks guys.
  11. Hey guys, just upgraded to 5 rc2 from 4.7 pro.. everything went smooth, can see all the directories on the drives via the console.. the problem is i cannot access the drives via Windows Explorer like i used to. All my data seems to be intact, i just cannot view the stuff on a windows machine. What am i missing here?
  12. thanks man, i will have to probably go the bootable USB drive way, i think.. thanks for your information, the drives are a pain to pull out and i would love to do it without removing any. Craig
  13. thanks Eric.. so if they need updating like im sure they do, do i need to take them out of my unraid server and do it in my windows machine?
  14. how do i update the firmware on drives that are currently in my Unraid server? i have 4 of them and am worried about them. Craig
  15. thanks Bill, i just figured it out, im a dumba$$.. just read the release notes a little harder, thanks for the reply. Craig
  16. Hey guys, i messed up with this release. I was running 4.1 fine, i upgraded to the new beta and everything seemed fine. Then i clicked on enable security or something like that but i did this before i created any users. Now it is asking for a user name and password to even get to the config pages so im kinda locked out.. Any ideas? I should have left well enough alone but i always like to try the latest. Craig
  17. boot from CD isn't an option at this time. Cmon, flash that bios!
  18. Joe, thanks for the response. would it be too much to ask to go into a little more detail on how to edit that file and can it be done from my machine or just from the server? also, now that i have you here, i want to thank you for all your well written replies to everyone, i have learned more from your posts than anyone's. thanks again, Craig
  19. Hey guys, great forum.. i did some searching but am still a little confused about user shares/disk shares. I have 3 disks and a parity disk. How can i put a keep directory on one of the disks so that my data would be safe but so nobody on the network can browse it? Every time i put a keep directory in \\tower\disk1 it shows up in the browser as i guess a user share. Any help would be appreciated. Craig