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  1. Nothing scientific but i can stream 4 full high definition streams from my Unraid server to 4 computers in my house over GigE.  Was just trying it tonight, all clients watching same file, all watching different files, different disks, etc, and it was all solid, i was pleasantly surprised.  My server is an Athlon x2 3600 with 1gb of ram and (5) 500gb Seagate SATA 7200 rpm drives running unraid 4.1 server.  After reading some of peoples performance concerns i was very happy that it could stream hd, let alone 4 seperate streams.  It is a little slow to write to the array, but i just do it at night.  The read performance and streaming over my network is what was important to me and it has excelled in that. Can't wait for the next version, maybe with better user shares and security.



  2. Joe,


    thanks for the response. would it be too much to ask to go into a little more detail on how to edit that file and can it be done from my machine or just from the server?  also, now that i have you here, i want to thank you for all your well written replies to everyone, i have learned more from your posts than anyone's.


    thanks again,


  3. Hey guys, great forum.. i did some searching but am still a little confused about user shares/disk shares.  I have 3 disks and a parity disk.  How can i put a keep directory on one of the disks so that my data would be safe but so nobody on the network can browse it?  Every time i put a keep directory in \\tower\disk1 it shows up in the browser as i guess a user share.  Any help would be appreciated.