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  1. Hey guys, just precleared an 8tb disk, then added it to my array.  I made a new config (so i could swap disk numbers around), and got 700k parity sync errors corrected.  Can anyone have a look at my diagnostics file as i have some important data on my array.  I use this  array to make all my backups so if my family photos are corrupted i need to know how to fix this. I have never seen any errors before..   Any help would be very much appreciated.




  2. 7 hours ago, acurcione said:

    I’m at 13TB uploaded for my unRAID server and another couple TB for my Mac. I still have 7TB to go on the server. Luckily I found a way to speed up the backups or it would have taken years to get this far. Even still it certainly isn’t terribly efficient. 

    I do wish there were more options in backup services that can run native Docker though. 

    i would expect a letter and have a backup plan.  not sure if they will but i wouldn't trust them.

  3. 7 minutes ago, SNDS said:

    I have almost 50TB and that is growing with my personal work files (digital design/photography/videography assets and project files), dvd, and br backups it’s difficult to setup that much storage offsite affordably. 

    for sure.. that is a lot of storage.  I am surprised you didn't get an email from them saying you have too much on their system, you still may.   When you get into that much storage, cloud storage really doesn't make sense.  Or you pay the $10 a month, get google drive for business and if they ever enforce the 5 user, you might have to just pay the $50 a month.  You have a better chance with them than Crashplan.

  4. i personally built a freenas server and keep it at my parents house with enough storage to hold all my movies and important stuff..  it was built with leftover computer parts and all the hard drives i used to have in Unraid that i upgraded.  I know that isn't for everyone.   I also use Duplicacy with Onedrive and Google Drive.  I just found Crashplan slow, buggy and their business practices are a little shady.

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  5. hey guys.  Was having some issues with Plex and i replaced a bunch of drives.  I installed, uninstalled Plex a few times and i think i got the directories wrong at first on my cache drive.  now i have a few directories in my appdata on my cache drive and i wonder if i can delete them.    one is data with nothing in it, one is netdata with nothing in it, and one is tmp with a bunch  of files and a subdirectory HttpServer.   Never noticed these before and was just wondering if they were left over from a wrong container mapping or something i did wrong.  Any help would be much appreciated.

  6. hey guys, have a couple dockers (Bitwarden, Duplicacy) that i changed their port but cannot access them when clicking on the docker icon.  If i go to Bitwarden pops right up but when i click the Webui from the docker icon it goes to the default port which is inacessable. any help would be much appreciated.

  7. 2 minutes ago, PeteAsking said:

    Sounds pretty secure to me :)

    not sure if you are kidding, lol?   not sure if it was clear but my servers are at different houses in the same city connected via pfsense openvpn over the internet.

  8. Hey guys, quick question.  I have an Unraid server and a Freenas server connected with a peer to peer VPN at different locations.  Is it ok to just use passwords for SSH since our houses are connected via a VPN and no ports are open on the router?   I am trying to set up Duplicacy with SFTP and a password is much easier but i want it to be secure.