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  1. Hey guys, just built a 3700x, 32gb server.   The 3700x doesn't have a GPU so wondering if i really need one.  My Asus 570 board boots without a graphics card so it will run headless no problem.


    I have a GTX 1080 that i borrowed from my gaming computer to get it up and running.  I took it out and didn't notice any difference.   On my server, i use Plex but 99% of the time it is to one of my two Nvidia shields that direct play 4k content, no transcoding.   Also, i have a Windows 10 VM that is running Blue Iris and recording 7 1080p cams 24/7.   I didn't setup anything with the graphics card so i could be missing something but just wondering if it is worth spending a couple hundred on a card?  or just buy a $50 gt710 or something just for troubleshooting bootup issues, etc.


    Any input would be very much appreciated.


  2. just built a ryzen build, love it..


    :: Build ::

    AMD Ryzen 3700x (8c/16t) 

    Asus Tuf Gaming X570 Plus

    32gb DDR-4

    GTX 1050Ti


    after realizing it didn't have a GPU built in (took me a few hours of frustration), finally got it up and running.  Suprised i just rebooted with the flash drive and everything works as is. Nice to have so much headroom for blue iris.  Running great, haven't used AMD for about 10 years, they knocked it out of the park with the Ryzen 3rd gen.

  3. hey guys, have an i5-8400 on a z-370 motherboard with 16gb DDR4 ram.   Run about 10 dockers, a Windows 10 VM that hosts Blue Iris for recording my video cameras, and Plex.  Just looking for a CPU upgrade as i am always running about 70 percent and sometimes max it out.   Hoping to just buy a motherboard and CPU and reuse my ram.   What is a good upgrade to give me a little headroom without using a ton more power?   Is the best bang for the buck Ryzen or Xeon?   Any help would be much appreciated.

  4. Hey guys, had a power outage yesterday.  Unraid is protected by a UPS but i was at work and not sure if it worked as it was supposed to by shutting the system down cleanly.   So when i get home, i turn on the server, now the array won't start and it says disk 4 is missing.   All the other disks are assigned.   I have shut down a few times and powered up and still the same thing.  The machine wasn't physically touched to make the drive go missing (cables, etc). 


    What would my next course of action be to not lose any data?   any help would be much appreciated.

  5. 1 hour ago, SliMat said:

    Thanks - but I am reluctant to upgrade as the server is an HP DL380p G8 in a remote datacenter and when I upgraded to the latest version I had massive problems (no mouse or keyboard control in ILO) ending up with the machine falling over and I had to drive to the DC, remove it, roll back to 6.5.0 to get it working then drive it back to the DC. Apart from changing the onboard P420i RAID controller to work in HBA mode rather than RAID I have done nothing to comfort me that I won't get the same problem again if I upgrade.


    All I have on the machine, which I am using, is a number of VMs (Ubuntu Webservers / Exchange Server), then 2 dockers MariaDB and NextCloud. But am keen to get reverse proxy working.


    Thanks - any other pointers would be well appreciated.

    wow, that sucks..