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  1. thanks ken-ji.  i got most of it working, just didn't survive a re-boot.. thanks for helping me, i want to get this Freenas out of my house and over to my parents as soon as possible in case of a fire or anything else.   Don't want to move it until I got this figured out.  I have been working on computers for 30 years but this stuff is fairly complicated.  Even getting the key file from one computer to the other was a pain in the ass :)  Going to read through the thread again to see if i missed anything. 


    One other thing i was thinking of, if I want to sync from my unraid server to the Freenas, should i generate all the keys and such on the freenas server?  i will only be doing one way syncs from my unraid server over to the Freenas.

  2. once i got to this step:

    # Copy files back to /root/.ssh folder and set permissions for key files and known_hosts and authorized_keys cd /root/.ssh cp /boot/config/sshroot/* /root/.ssh/ chmod 600 *


    I rebooted my Unraid and got this..   Everything was working until i rebooted Unraid.  I think the Freenas side is ok still.  I was reading and was able to fix the 500 server error by commenting those lines in my go file and ssh into the box and typing chmod +x /sbin/init.  Not sure what is going on, thought i had it beat.




  3. 1 hour ago, ken-ji said:

    @xman111 You only need to do the mkdir .ssh; chmod .ssh part once. since freeNAS lives on a drive partition, the changes will persist. you only need that part of script for Unraid, as the .ssh directory is lost every shutdown/reboot.


    in you instance, just run this on the freeNAS CLI

    cd ~
    mkdir -p .ssh
    chmod 700 .ssh 
    mv Tower-rsync-key.pub .ssh/ 
    cd .ssh/ 
    cat Tower-rsync-key.pub >> authorized_keys
    chmod 600 authorized_keys

    got an error after the cat Tower line..  no such file or directory..



  4. hey Jonathanm, i just stopped the parity and decided to copy the files over.  I didn't want to wait the 10 hours, just to then copy the files over, then do the parity again.  did I screw it up?  or am i just unprotected until the copying and parity is done?

  5. I was able to Telnet into the server and use midnight commander.  I browsed to disks, then the Seagate disk.  I then copied 1 directory back to /mnt/disk3, I hope this is right :)