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  1. Hey guys, hope i didn't screw up too much, wasn't thinking.  I took out disk 3 of my array to replace it.   I replaced it with a new 4tb drive but selected new config by mistake.  So basically my parity is rebuilding, disk 3 shows nothing on it, but i still have the working disk 3 in my hands.  What is the best way to recover from this?  I was trying to deal with my kids and don't know what i was thinking.  Like i said, i still have a working disk 3 that is out of the machine so the files are there.  Do i have to wait until it rebuilds parity, then put this disk back in to get the data off? 

  2. Johnnie,


    thanks man for having a look..  what specifically was worrisome about disk 3?    would it be ok to move to my 2nd server or time to retire it?   The thing I don't understand is, is my data ok on the other disks too since disk 3 is involved in the whole parity calculation.

  3. hey guys quick question.  I have my main server and a backup server.  I just bought a couple 4tb drives to upgrade a few drives in my main server.  how do I go about figuring which of my drives are most needing of replacing?  which are able to move to my backup server, and which should be trashed? 


    the smart reports are so complicated with I'm sure some unimportant info. Also how do I tell what are old errors after I acknowledge them? 

  4. 7 hours ago, ucliker said:

    As far as I am aware unRAID doesn't handle GPU transcoding well. If you have an Intel CPU with QuickSync and a compatible motherboard you could use that which works great. 

    are you talking still with unRaid? 

  5. Trurl,


    thanks for that.  I didn't realize that, i thought that the parity was everything.  What stat is the best for monitoring disk condition?  does my diagnostic file show anything?  Someone said disk 1 doesn't look good so I am going to replace it as well.  I guess i am just struggling with how do i know when to replace and is that disk ok to put in my backup server or do i just take a hammer to these disks?