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  1. thanks Johnnie, I did reboot after i got the error, not sure if that cleared it out. i noticed a bunch of CRC errors to some of my hard drives but i had the cables zap strapped together and read that was a problem so i untied them.
  2. ok, was able to VPN into my sons computer and grab it.. could anyone let me know if anything stands out? just built this server yesterday. server-diagnostics-20180912-1022.zip
  3. just at work, trying to figure out how to get it from home
  4. Hey guys, just built an i5-8400 16gb server. Was able to transfer over all my data and rebuild parity. When i looked at it in the morning, it said unhealthy status in red under the notifications. How do I go about figuring out the problem? I know i had a disk or 2 that gave some errors before but I acknowledged it and haven't seen it again, i have since changed all the SATA cables. Anyone able to help me figure out if I have some disk problems or something else. Will buy a few disks to make it right if i have to.
  5. Hey guys quick question. I have an Unraid server with an i5 4570k CPU in it. I just bought an i5-8400, a Z370 MB and 16GB of DDR4 ram. My main computer is the same except a i5-7600k Z270. I was planning on putting the newer 8400 into the unraid but started thinking I may not. Is there a reason to use the 8400 with 6 processors in the Unraid? or should i upgrade my computer and put the older i5-7600k into the unraid instead? My main uses for Unraid is one Windows 10 VM to record 4 cameras onto an unassigned 3TB drive with Blue Iris, and Plex Media Server.
  6. that's great to know. i just hope i don't fuxx it up if the network is down wife and kids go bananas..
  7. thanks ijuarez, i will go through step by step and make sure my settings are right. i did this when it came out quite a while ago and my side probably (obviously) needs a little tweaking. Thanks for the link man!
  8. Ijuarez, sorry buddy, i didn't answer your questions. oh and yes AirVPN is the best VLAN 10 is my management lan as well. I am not forcing all the traffic through the VPN, only if it is connected to VLAN 40 which is AirVPN LAN or VLAN 60 which is a wireless version of AIRVPN. I also have the 10 Network as an untagged network, i was told to set it up that way on the PFsense forum. All my switches are setup using VLANS. Here is a screen shot of the one in my bedroom. See how port 10 is the trunk port that carries all my VLANs to my bedroom. Port 8 and 9 are for cameras. Port 2 is if I want to connect to AIRVPN, and the rest are my regular LAN. i don't think i used the exact same guide as you, i used the one from the AirVPN forum here: https://airvpn.org/topic/17444-how-to-set-up-pfsense-23-for-airvpn/ BTW, it is so nice to always be able to reach the GUI now, so happy.
  9. hey, thanks for that info.. this is my task today, fix the VPN. Really appreciate that Ijuarez, since we have similar setups. I really realize i may be in over my head a little with the networking
  10. thanks Ken-Ji, will look into that, think I will set it to static so I can control it. thanks so much for your help.
  11. haha, it's 2:30 am here in Vancouver. you have a wonderful day, hopefully somebody might learn something from this thread, i know I sure did.. thanks a lot bonienl
  12. i will play around and find a work around. right now to me, unraid is more important than my VPN as i have all my new computer stuff coming in the next couple days. Thanks again for staying up and working through this with me, i would have NEVER been able to figure that out. you're a rock star!!
  13. here is a picture of my pfsense general settings. i deleted the out of the general DNS setting and now Unraid works but my VPN doesn't. And yes, all the VLANS are separate in pfsense and the switches. I tried putting back the in the DNS setting and dropping down the list and picking AirVPN Wan but that didn't work. I am stoked though at least I know now where the problem was.. i was about ready to give up on unraid and throw the computer out the window.
  14. here it is again.. i just switched Unraid back to automatically instead of static. here is with the static ip set. # Generated settings: IFNAME[0]="br0" BRNAME[0]="br0" BRSTP[0]="no" BRFD[0]="0" BRNICS[0]="eth0" PROTOCOL[0]="ipv4" USE_DHCP[0]="yes" DHCP_KEEPRESOLV="yes" DNS_SERVER1="" DNS_SERVER2="" USE_DHCP6[0]="yes" DHCP6_KEEPRESOLV="no" SYSNICS="1"
  15. here is my network config file.. # Generated settings: IFNAME[0]="br0" BRNAME[0]="br0" BRSTP[0]="no" BRFD[0]="0" BRNICS[0]="eth0" PROTOCOL[0]="ipv4" USE_DHCP[0]="yes" DHCP_KEEPRESOLV="yes" DNS_SERVER1="" USE_DHCP6[0]="yes" DHCP6_KEEPRESOLV="no" SYSNICS="1"
  16. ya it broke my DNS for my VPN network but maybe I can find a workaround. there must be another way. I can't thank you enough for figuring this out for me.. I have been driving my wife and kids nuts. hopefully this will fix the webgui issue as well. for sure i will grab show the file.. that would be even better.
  17. hey, in pfsense, under the general settings, that 10.4 number was there. I deleted it and now unraid takes the DNS number that i put in there. the only problem is i may have broken my VPN settings on my VPN network, i won't know until i can test it.
  18. would that DNS make it so i couldn't get to the web gui as well? i know it wouldn't be able to resolve internet names.
  19. seems like no matter what I do in pfsense or unraid, always takes wrong DNS
  20. I tried setting them statically in unraid to other DNS but it keeps wanting to take the VPN dns..
  21. at least you found the problem, thanks man.. I just need to figure a way around it.
  22. ya, sorry that is the DNS server from my VPN provider. It shouldn't get those. i do have unraid set to get static dns and
  23. sorry, edited my post! I think that is the problem, that is from my VPN provider. It shouldn't get that unless it is going through the tunnel on vlan 40 i think, that is weird.
  24. i just typed cat at the terminal and got this.. I think this may be the problem. That is the DNS of my VPN provider i think.