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  1. Exactly. I've yet to have a PC (or "server") that finished its life in the same capacity that it started. They always get used for something else down the line.
  2. I chose that motherboard for my build. There are plenty of motherboards that will work fine, but I figured that if Limetech uses this one then I couldn't go wrong using the same. I paired it with a Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Conroe 2.13GHz CPU, and Kingston 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300). In retrospect I only needed 1 GB since unRAID only supports 1 GB, but 2 GB wasn't exactly expensive (about $65 I think) and now I have it should I ever re-purpose the box. The on-board video is a bonus. Who wants to go out and buy a video card for a headless box? It's a solid choice.
  3. I usually end up buying Seagate or WD, since those are the ones that seem to end up on sale at the local Best Buy. I've never used a Samsung or Hitachi. I tend to avoid Maxtor. It's probably just a coincedence, but I've had only two drives fail on me over the last, I dunno, 10 years or so. Both were Maxtor. I always used to buy Quantum Fireballs. What the heck happened to those guys?
  4. Thought I'd follow up and say that I installed a pair of these 3 in 2 iStarUSA SATA bays. I had four 5 1/4 inch external bays, so the 3 in 2's made sense for me. Plus these had grooves that enabled them to be fitted in the bays without bending anything in the case. BTW, these iStar bays look just like the bays from other manufacturers. I'll be some other company makes them and they're simply rebranded. Anyway, they seem to work great. The drive temps are actually about 2 degrees cooler than when the drives were installed conventionally...generally between 36 and 39 degrees when they're spun up. Five of the six are filled. Probably not really necessary right now, but they'll be handy when I inevitably have to move into a larger case.
  5. Just curious if the original poster managed to get that 5th drive working, and how he did it. I have this motherboard, with 4 SATA drives connected to the red SATA ports. I'm getting ready to add a 5th, and was interested in how to configure it optimally. Thanks.
  6. Fountainhead

    D-Link DGE-528t

    I can't say for sure about that card, but I can tell you that the Dlink DGE-530t definitely works with unRAID. It's the card I picked up to test out unRAID on an old system. I looked at Dlink's web site and I don't see the 528t listed as a current model. Did you get it recently? Or if you're outside the US, maybe it's the same card as the 530t but numbered differently. In that case I'd think it would work.
  7. Hey, thanks for that. And it did what it was supposed to (I was able to add the IFO file extension) but the links still don't work. I noticed that when hovering over the link to the IFO it shows the target as: file://unraid/movies/Almost%20Famous/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO Seems OK, but when I hover over the links to, say, the Details page it shows: file://///unraid/Movies/Web/details/582.html The link to the IFO is formatted "file://" (doesn't work) and the Details "file://///" (works). For some reason Firefox wants 5 slashes there. Changing the shortcut to the IFO and adding the extra /// makes it work, but also breaks it with other browsers, namely IE. Plus it'd be a serious pain to edit all the links in the database. Oh well. Obviously not an unRAID issue so I'm letting it go. Just wanted to share what I discovered. Thanks.
  8. I'm not knowledgable enough (about unRAID) to address the specific technical questions, but I thought I'd share my philosophy for situations like this. I always buy the most that I can comfortably lay out, even if it's complete overkill for the immediate task at hand. The reason is that I've built a dozen boxes over the years and every single one of them has eventually been re-purposed for something else down the road, and who knows what that down-the-road box might require? I'm not suggesting laying out three grand for an over-powered unraid server if $800 will do it. But in my personal experience, spending a few bucks more up front that doesn't seem needed at the time always ends up being appreciated for that later project that hasn't even been considered yet. For the record, I built an unraid box with a p5B-VM DO motherboard, a Core 2 Duo 2.13 ghz CPU, and 2 GB RAM. Not a screamer or anything, but I'm sure unRAID would run just as well with less.
  9. I know this is off topic, but I figure what I'm trying to do might be similar to what others here are doing. I've asked on Firefox forums, but am generally met with silence. I rip DVD's to my unRAID server into regular DVD folders. I've created web pages with lists of movies, and a hot link to the IFO file for each. In Internet Explorer 7, I click on the link and the DVD launches in PowerDVD. Works fine. For reasons I won't bore you with, I want to use Firefox as the browser for my movie list(s). But clicking on the link to the IFO won't open the IFO in PowerDVD as IE does. In fact, it does nothing at all. It's as if it's not even a link. When I look at the Content Tab (in Firefox) and go to Manage File Types, IFO files are not listed, nor is there any apparent way to add a new filetype. Anyone know a way to make Firefox launch DVD's from my unRAID server from the link to the IFO like IE does? It's hard to believe it doesn't just work.
  10. I don't know what Limetech uses, but I just built a box around this MB using Kingston Value RAM, here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820134046 It's not the RAM I'd choose for a gaming rig, but an unRAID box ain't a gaming rig. I've used Kingston Value RAM on systems before and have always found it to be solid. BTW, I got 2 x 1 GB before I realized that unRAID only supported 1 GB. You can get 2 x 512mb for about 48 bucks. Use the memory configurator on NewEgg's site.
  11. I have a Super Flower case that used to house a PC I've since parted out. It looks just like this one (but is a dignified silver rather than red). Can I just put a pair of these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817121912 in those four 5 1/4 inch bays? Any "gotchas" with a gizmo like this with unRAID, maybe with regards to the drives spinning down or something?
  12. I ordered an ASUS P5B-VM DO motherboard today, with 2 x 1GB matching RAM. Then I noticed that unRAID only supports 1 GB. Am I to assume that the additional 1 GB will simply be ignored by unRAID, or will having 2 GB in the server actually cause problems?
  13. Thanks a lot Chiphayes. I've got this MB, along with some RAM and a cpu in my Newegg cart just waiting for me to check out. Probably within a couple of days.
  14. Hey Chiphayes...when you get it all up and running smoothly could you run down the BIOS settings that you used, or at least the ones that you changed from their default settings? I'm considering this board for a new build. Thanks.
  15. In the interests of completeness for anyone looking at this thread in the future, I was able to boot to the Cruzer Micro by formatting it with the HP Tool from this web site, as opposed to simply formatting it with FAT32 via Windows. When doing this, remember to go back and change the name to UNRAID as well. Thanks all.