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  1. Okay.... will do that tonight when I get home.... thanks!
  2. It has 1 gb of DDR333 Yes, there are some VERY large directoriy structures shared that way, BUT, nothing on those trees has changed for months.... it just started crashing a few days ago.... the day after a long power-failure in which my UPS battery ran down. The message on the screen yeaterday had to do with interrupts... maybe I have a RAM problem?
  3. After many, many months of trouble free service, my server is crashing.... It's built around the original Intel motherboard... does this error screen give any clues?
  4. I would rate myself as an advanced PC person in the Windows world, but know little of Linux. My Un-Raid is on 24-7 (Al Gore-acle be damned) but obviously spends a LOT of time idle. I'm also tired of not wanting to change internet providers because of e-mail issues. I'd like to add e-mail functionality to my Un-Raid so that it will serve as a POP3 and SMTP server, and maybe also allow ftp transfers. Can anyone offer some guidance on how I would go about doing this?
  5. I just logged in to say "it's been awful quiet here lately" !!! kewel....
  6. I sent a picture of it to my son to let him know what I was drooling about these days... he said I could put a cushion on the top and use it as a stool or ottoman...
  7. just as a "too long" cable can cause timing problems, so can a "too-short" cable.... stick with the standard 18" cables whenever possible....
  8. so, If I have 12 IDE drives hooked up, can I switch to enhanced and add SATA drives to expand my array past 12 drives?
  9. I have a few older P4 boards around that I could use as secondary un-raid systems but they don't have USB boot.... I wonder - could the distribution be "transfered" to a bootable CD and still be keyed to the USB flash? Could the boot be set up to start on the CD and then continue on the USB flash?
  10. yeah, I have problems at times with Classical music files that have accented characters in the filenames...
  11. sounds like you have some memory issues.... try slowing the memory down in the bios.... i.e. change CAS=2 to CAS=2.5, for instance.... Jim
  12. Any ideas when the software upgrade that's been in beta for a while now might be released? Jim