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  1. I assume you want to do this because you are having problems with beta10 and the Realtek driver now included. yes exactly: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=14158.msg134153#msg134153 I'm going to get rid of r8168 and restore r8169 in -beta10a. So much for Realtek being able to support their own NIC's When do you think 5.0 will be final? when it's done....
  2. @Bubba.... Windows95 ?? BTW... any tips on doing the OSX vm ?
  3. I, for one, would very much like to see your method documented and I think the knowledge base here could only be enhanced.
  4. .... unless you're going to use the box for other things as well as a fileserver...
  5. Feel free to NOT buy a cable-card tuner
  6. The copy once flag basically means you cannot move it off the machine that it was originally recorded onto. So you can't record it to your WMC HTPC and then move it onto your unRAID server. Major suck factor there. If the file is marked copy freely you can move it to any PC you want - just like any other unencrypted content. I don't believe this to be true...
  7. go here: http://www.avsforum.com and head to the HTPC sub-forum
  8. it all boils down to oriental culture and "face"...
  9. no need.... just: hook the drive up to the windows machine go to disk management (right click the [My]Computer icon and pick Manage) select the correct drive in the lower graphical window and right click delete the existing partition create & format a new partition done
  10. I think the issue with that is the drives aren't exposed to unRAID inside the VM. As far as VM of unRAID running on full-slackware distro - my preference for unRAID VM is to keep it as small as possible and just do storage piece and leave other functionality for other VMs running on better suited OS distros such ubuntu, centos, windows and so on. Good Point.
  11. why not make a VM of unRaid running on a full-slackware distro?
  12. ummm... what if the drive is formatted with ReiserFS under another distribution that allows proper alignment?
  13. They will be, at best, 5900/7200ths ( 81% ) of the speed of a write where both the parity and data disk are spinning at 7200 RPM. If the parity disk is also spinning at 5900 RPM then you'll probably not notice any slower write speed, as it was already limited by the slower spinning parity disk. Read speeds are unaffected, so playing movies from your server are unchanged. Same with parity "checks" as those are read-only operations. This is assuming the same areal density. The 2 tb drives, I believe, are using higher areal density disks.
  14. too much talk of benchmarks... the data integrity and flexibility is what is important!
  15. jimwhite

    unRAID 64bit ...

    Hey BRiT... ever put that guide together?
  16. I read a review on it recently. Forgot where The guy put two of them in RAID0 as a boot drive and the performance was right up there with the SSD's...
  17. I would have bought GOOD sata cables instead of scrimping on all those left over red cables from various sources. BTW, does anyone HAVE a source for GOOD sata cables????
  18. PMC doesn't have (didn't buy) the rights to Adaptec's ASIC.
  19. No, these cards have a PHYSICAL (and presumably electrical) X4 sized tab, so they CANNOT be X8