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  1. Though your calculations are correct for a "resistive" load, a DC brushless fan is anything but... you're driving a 3 phase motor controller and a 3 phase brushless motor. It will behave anything but linearly as you change voltage. That being said, if it draws 90 milliamps at 12 volts , you can rest assured it WILL draw less than that at 5 volts .
  2. excuse me but if it will fit in an x4 slot, it CANNOT be an x8 interface!
  3. too bad, I was hoping it had a PCIe x8 interface...
  4. My last two HTPC motherboards were (are) Gigabyte... I've NEVER run into this problem since the boot drive was formatted in another machine...
  5. jimwhite

    unRAID 64bit ...

    Cool... I've halted my efforts since she who must be obeyed has been a bit cranky lately - seems I love my computer more than... well, you get the idea Looking forward to your guide...
  6. TeraCopy. Wow thank you! TeraCopy kicks serious butt over Total Commander... Total Commander has worked just *ok* for me in the past, so I didn't really use it, and switched over to FTP. I spent the day transferring many GB of data, using filezilla / vsftpd.. but it was very slow, only 4MB/s on my 1Gbps Lan. Additionally, I was trying to create an MD5 sum for the entire set of files, and it was slowing down disk access, and overall was going to take 10-12hrs+. TeraCopy is utilizing my network now at 95MB/s AND performing the CRC calc/check at the same time, estimated time now only 6hrs! This is the ultimate solution, thanks for pointing it out! It's humming away so hard, my case is rattling from the HDD vibrations, I've never heard it run like that before. It would be interesting to know HOW this is happening... maybe some of it can be used to Tune unRAID itself??
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    unRAID 64bit ...

    Wow!! We must have been visited by the same alien in the middle of the night! Only yours was about a week ahead of me.... I just started on this 2 days ago!!
  8. ummmm... at the top of the page, one of the buttons says "HELP".
  9. #1. pfft... #2. RTFM #3. likewise... RTFM
  10. Do any of the ones available have provisions (grooves) for the little "shelves" that stick out about 1/4" ??
  11. Sorry I am not familiar with vmware, but VirtualBox works nicely with SATA disks. ... WITH a virtual SATA controller
  12. BTW, although I used virtual hard drives to use as a sandbox, I could just have easily used raw access to real hard drives, and there doesn't appear to be a limit on the number of drives, unlike VMware which, I believe still limits you to 4 drives...
  13. Any chance of getting the "Mark Read" button moved from the right side of the screen to the left? When on my laptop I find my self scruubbing acroos to the right side to hit it then scrubbing back over to the left to hit home....
  14. sounds quite possible.... check out the vmware (or VirtualBOX) on unRaid thread.
  15. Oh, yes, a sandbox unRAID. That too. I always keep some such virtual unRAIDs handy for experiments. I wal just pointing out that you can also have a fully functional Pro unRAID with real disks out of a virtual box. What about vmware ESX? Can it present the drive underneath as an SATA Drive? I'm only used to vmware workstation & vmware server. Do yourself a solid and try the Sun version of VirtualBox. I like it much better than VMware. Haven't played with ESX, it's too hardware picky as far as I can tell. And unlike VMware Server, Virtual Box Let's you have as many drives as you want.
  16. ah, but it makes perfect sense if I want to just have some data on the VD's and use them in my unRaid on full distro's experiments never say never
  17. hmmmmm... might it not have something to do with the video streaming locks many of us are seeing?
  18. I got unRaid Pro to work under Virtual Box. First, to get it to boot from a USB key, I went to http://agnipulse.com/2009/07/boot-your-usb-drive-in-virtualbox/ and created a .vmdk file which will connect the USB key as a bootable hard drive. But as noted previously, the UUID gets reported as -2, so you're stuck at basic level and 3 drives. I then plugged in my second USB key drive and attached it to the VM. No dice. Then it ocurred to me to change the label on the boot key from UNRAID to UNR. Voilla! The system saw the SECOND key drive as UNRAID and the UUID was visible... Pro up and running All config changes get recorded to the second key. I then created another virtual hard drive (1 gb, fat32, bootable) while in my Slackware VM and copied the contents of the flash to it, but did NOT label it UNRAID. Then I "syslinux'd" it. I then reconfigured my unRaid VM so that: My newly created boot drive was attached to IDE Primary Master My CD/DVD was on IDE Secondary Master My 5 array +1 parity virtual drives were attached to a Sata controller. Turned on the VM and it booted FAST off the virtual HD, it used the one attached USB key (labeled UNRAID) for config and license and I was up with pro and 6 array drives. Caveat: Performance is abyssmal. Parity check is running about 6mb/sec Thank God I only created 100gb drives Hope this helps someone....
  19. They're cheap.... don't you be!!
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    What about the Intel 40gb for $130??
  21. well, since it is PCIEx1, all six disk streams are squished into a single lane.... could be a bottleneck, "in theory"...
  22. The last few updates to the BIOS simply added support for newer cpu's. If it's working then....