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  1. I have an external e-sata dock connected to my server and I have succesfully hot plugged a drive and it shows up in disk management of unmenu...
  2. ... unless, of course, you format the drive in another distro before putting it into the array...
  3. check out unmenu and the package manager, or just use the package...
  4. Pardon my Linux unawareness... where do I set those?
  5. I mapped two drives on my Windows 7 machine to the cache drive, one via SAMBA and one via NFS. Interestingly enough, copies to and from the cache drive via SAMBA were aboyt 80 mB/sec while via NFS they were about 33 MB/sec. I am running beta 11, NCQ enabled and the extra config posted by Limetech.
  6. Windows 7 has some NFS functionality but it is turned off by default. You enable it in the programs & features applet in the control panel. At a command prompt, I typed: Mount \\server\mnt\cache N: a mapped drive was created and an explorer window opened up and displayed my cache drive. BUT, when I dbl clicked on a subfolder, I got an error msg: N:\Temp is not available. Access is denied. Can someone help me :'(
  7. How would one, for instance, watch a video on a Windows box via NFS??
  8. Indeed you got it !!! Thanks for satisfying my inane curiosity
  9. Yes but the Lounge Icon is "slightly darker" even when all are read....
  10. On the main forum page the icon is darker than read forums and lighter than unread forums!
  11. Phew.... what a can of worms !!! I've attached my current syslog... can someone look at it and give me a clue
  12. Okay, I'm getting some errors in my syslog referring to ATA10. How do I know which disk this is?
  13. yeah, in anything past the trial, you need a reg key and it MUST be on the USB key labled UNRAID so that it can match the key file to the ID of the usb drive.
  14. Stuck struggling with a corrupted user profile in Windows... Maybe Manyana !!
  15. Well, none of that worked... here's the finish file for anyone to examine...
  16. I'm using the flash/custom/etc/rc.d script method and I have a problem with one of the scripts. My /custom/etc/rc.d folder contains: rc.local_startup S01_my_script S02-install_custom_packages S99-finish S99-finish contains: /boot/unmenu/uu /boot/bin/cached.sh At the end of the execution of S99-finish the terminal is hung, I can type characters, but there is no command prompt. Any ideas?
  17. Very often, ESPECIALLY with Intel branded boards, the "cheap/crappy" stuff works the best!