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  1. Hey guys I just added 2x 3tb drives to my array last month and now my first par check finished this morning. I have 54 errors on disk 11 (sdj - one of the new drives) and got this from the par check "Last checked on Fri Mar 1 09:36:44 2013 UTC, finding 1 errors." I have a couple of these in the log Mar 1 06:07:05 SERVER kernel: handle_stripe read error: 3444003880/10, count: 1 Mar 1 06:07:05 SERVER kernel: md: disk11 read error and then a chunk of these: Mar 1 06:07:02 SERVER kernel: ata12.00: configured for UDMA/133 Mar 1 06:07:02 SERVER kernel: ata12: EH compl
  2. Sorry guys, but one more question: I decided to update: ASRock B75 Pro3 Core i3-2120 SB (3,3ghz) 8gb ddr3 memory I'm getting a par check of 30-40 MB/s on the slow pci sata card (3 drives) so that is ok for the moment.. but I want to get a proper card with 8 connections. I will be ordering online so is the SASLP-MV8 still the best bet or should I go for the LSI ones? Thanks for your input.
  3. I have gotten a better psu so I will sleep better at night and the disk rebuild went fine. The motherboard + cpu + memory combo are doing fine and the mb has a x4 PCI Express slot. Should I order AOC-SASLP-MV8 or am I mistaken that they are still among the best choices? Found out that it only works as x2 Back to the drawing board
  4. Thanks for the answers, a lot to think about I actually only have one sata card, but the 8 sata ports are split up in two groups on the motherboard. I bought a SIL card since i had a SIL sata controller on the motherboard.
  5. Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. Im thinking about this one But I also have been thinking about the parerity drive and the fact that it is sharing a sata connection with 7 other drives on the motherboard. Maybe I should move it to the sata card?
  6. Hey guys I always had slow data rebuild and parity checks and just thought it was normal. Now I had a drive redball and according to the wiki it's probably a bad cable, smart checks are OK. I replaced the cable and now i'm doing a rebuild on the drive with 2477 minutes left @12MB/S. I have 9 data drives (mostly 2tb wd green), a cache drive and a 2tb parity drive. On the motherboard (ms-7125) i have 8 sata connections + a SIL sata card 3gb ddr memory Powersuppy - Antec EA 500. 500w - +3.3V@24A, +5V@24A, +12V1@17A, +12V2@17A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@2.5A - 5v 3,3v max load 130w +12v1 +
  7. Hey guys I would like to be able to use a openvpn client on my unraid box but only route specific traffic through it. Everything would go through the normal network accept a short list of addresses that would go through the vpn connection. First off, is that possible? Does anyone have any guidelines for me how I could make this happen in Unraid? Secondly i was wondering about security. If i would leave the vpn connected am I compromising the security of the box? Could I be sharing my unraid web console etc with other users on the vpn (bought subscription)? [EDIT] Solved: se
  8. It is built in.. Take a second look:
  9. I would get the apple tv 2. 99 dollars and you can install xbmc to that (Can only play 1080 as 720 for now)
  10. Thank you so much for the answer, only saw your answer yesterday. I tried installing the utf-8 package and including export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 in the subsonic startup script but that did not do the trick. I´m using this guide:;topic=4700.0 I will try again when i get back from work and will post if i get any results.
  11. I have been looking into this problem further but have not come to a solution yet. But if i find a way to change the locale to utf-8 will i break something that is essential to unraid?
  12. Share names over samba work perfectly. It´s only sftp and Subsonic.. well and sickbeard cant scan folders that contains Icelandic letters, but that does not matter to me
  13. Hey guys First off i would like to thank you all for the well written guides which have made my unraid server almost perfect. However i am always running into problems when it comes to non-US letters like ÁÆÞÖ. For example i cannot transfer files/folders containing these letters over sftp and the names are corrupt. Also i have noticed that subsonic leaves folders containing the letters out of the library. When i use Filezilla and force utf-8 i can read the names of the files and folders correctly, but transfer fails because it cannot find the folder when it wants to transfer.