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  1. Yes, I think it's time to stop overthinking and just test the setup I'll keep the dual on the shelf for a while in case I need to beef up the box. Thanks again for taking the time to think this through with me!
  2. Yes, I might be trying to juggle too many ideas in my head at the same time What I'm basically trying to achieve is, yes, the beefiest UnRAID box, with music and video servers, possible with what I have. The thought was that if the X8SIL with the single XEON was not up to the task of transcoding, I could use it as data storage and let the dual handle all the other stuff. Virtualization was partly just for the fun of it, but also to be able to keep a clean VM for each task and have the option of setting up additional VMs to play around with if the mood strikes me. Quite possibly
  3. So you would suggest skipping the ESXi complication and just run both as basic UnRAID boxes, the 2U box with just UnRAID and the 1U dual processor one with UnRAID and plugins for the mediaservers?
  4. Thanks for your reply. The MB in the 2U is basic X8SIL without IPMI. I've flashed the LSI into IT mode, using the info from this forum and it's working nicely. What I'm thinking now is to set up the 2U X8SIL with the X3430 as a dedicated UnRAID box. In addition I'm going to setup the 1U dual E5506 with ESXi, running PMS, Logitech media server (for my Squeezebox) and other services in VMs. I might also setup a VM for another UnRAID installation to use up the drive bays in the 1U box. This box has IPMI so administration should be easy. Would this be a logical allocation of the har
  5. Hi, I recently came into possession of a couple of old Supermicro servers that I would like to use as a basis for an unRAID/Plex combo. What I need is some input on how to put together the best possible system/systems from what I've got. The first one is a SuperServer 6016T-MTLF, a 1U chassis with 4 hot-swap bays: MB = X8DTL-iF CPU = Dual Xeon E5506 Memory = 4x Kingston KVR 1333D3D4R9S/4G (total 8GB) registered ECC 1333 PSU = Supermicro 350W 80Plus Gold (29A on the 12V rail) The chassis is a 1U rackmount with 4 drive enclosures. The second one is a 2U case with 8 ho