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  1. Hi Joe - I do not see a link to download even after I have logged in: Is there something I am missing? Thanks, Sagun
  2. ShangHangin - Thank you for your reply. /boot/unmenu/uu brought the unMENU up. But, I get this message when I try to bring up unRAID web gui with the commands you provided: root@Tower:~# killall emhttp root@Tower:~# nohup /usr/local/emhttp & [1] 6706 root@Tower:~# nohup: ignoring input and appending output to `nohup.out' nohup: cannot run command `/usr/local/emhttp': No such file or directory [1]+ Exit 127 nohup /usr/local/emhttp root@Tower:~# Thanks, Sagun
  3. All - All was running fine till this evening. But, I just noticed that I can not access neither unRAID's nor unMENU's web interface at, or I turned off unRAID by holding the power off button for few seconds, and after restarting it it started parity check. I don't know why it started the parity check since I did use the power button to turn the server off! I don't know where the problem lies at, because I telnet into my unRAID box and executed: `netstat -an | grep 80` and `netstat -an | grep 8080`, these commands suggest that the unRAID and unMENU's web interface should be running fine. At first, I thought the problem was my wireless router, I use D-LINK's DIR-655. I upgraded it to the lastest firmware version 2.07NA, unfortunately that did not improve the situation. I don't know what is causing it, but I can not access internet wirelessly from my laptop at all. I am able to connect to the internet via my Mac, which is it connected to the wireless router via cat-6 cable. I don't think its the unRAID server that is causing it, but I can not put my finger on the problem. I hope someone on this forum might have an idea? Oh, by the way, I can perfectly access unRAID from my Mac, i.e. I can mount all the User's Share on my Mac via SMB protocol. But, still even from my Mac I can not access the web UI. Just in case for the curious minds, I have attached the syslog in the attachment. Thanks, Sagun syslog.txt
  4. All - I just saw a good deal on hard drive at the Fry's store, here is the link: Could someone please let me know if it is a good hard drive to have as a parity drive? Are they durable? At $99 they seem like a good deal. Thanks, Sagun
  5. Thank you all for all the valuable inputs, I learned something here.
  6. Thanks Daniel - So, my 400W power supply will 10 5400rpm hard drives easy? Sagun
  7. Thank you all for the reply! Raj here is a link to NEWEGG describing my power supply: Thanks, Sagun
  8. I have a 400W power supply in my unRAID box, how many drives can it safely support? Thanks, Sagun
  9. Hi bodyblind, Welcome aboard! This link should answer your questions:
  10. Take a look at this thread:
  11. Or, alternatively you could have: created a directory first (via mkdir) changed to that directory (via cd) then tar -xzfv <file_name>.tar.gz That should have worked too, but I am glad it worked for you. Sagun
  12. Wait for couple of minutes, its uncompressing the tarball.
  13. I found this tread talking about the Directory not empty , here is the thread: Are these two things related? If so, can someone let me know how to solve this issue? Seeing this in my syslog is really bugging me. thanks, Sagun
  14. Hi - I use unRAID 4.7 Plus, and a Mac Mini. After installing unMENU, I tend to look at the SYSLOG often. I see this happening often, could someone please explain to me why this is getting logged: May 29 20:27:37 Tower ntpd[1287]: synchronized to, stratum 2 May 29 22:44:17 Tower shfs: shfs_rmdir: rmdir: /mnt/disk1/Music/iTunes/Podcasts/GeekBeat.TV (HD MP4 - 30fps) (39) Directory not empty May 29 22:47:16 Tower shfs: shfs_rmdir: rmdir: /mnt/disk1/Music/iTunes/Podcasts/GeekBeat.TV (HD MP4 - 30fps) (39) Directory not empty May 29 22:49:00 Tower shfs: shfs_rmdir: rmdir: /mnt/disk1/Music/iTunes/Podcasts/GeekBeat.TV (HD MP4 - 30fps) (39) Directory not empty May 29 22:51:23 Tower shfs: shfs_rmdir: rmdir: /mnt/disk2/Music/iTunes/Movies/Sherlock Holmes - Trailer 1 (HD 720p) (39) Directory not empty May 29 23:00:12 Tower shfs: shfs_rmdir: rmdir: /mnt/disk1/Music/iTunes/Movies/She's Out Of My League - Trailer (HD 720p) (39) Directory not empty May 29 23:10:35 Tower shfs: shfs_rmdir: rmdir: /mnt/disk1/Music/iTunes/Movies/Stardust - Trailer 1 (HD 720p) (39) Directory not empty May 29 23:13:45 Tower shfs: shfs_rmdir: rmdir: /mnt/disk2/Music/iTunes/Movies/Tangled - Trailer 2 (HD 720p) (39) Directory not empty May 29 23:56:18 Tower ntpd[1287]: synchronized to, stratum 2 I don't know why unRAID is trying to delete folders? I don't know why unRAID is unable to delete a folder? Thanks, Sagun
  15. Hi - I am using unRAID 4.7 Plus, and a Mac Mini running on OS X Snow Leopard. Finally, after a year of using unRAID , I installed unMenu today. Everything went smooth, but since I am using a Mac I had to add: MyHost and unRAIDHost variables in the unmenu.conf file. Now all the links work properly. The only thing that is not working is the MyMenu section, the images are not showing up properly. I saw there was a partial solution to this problem, but I was wondering if someone has figured out how to get these images showing up properly? Thanks, Sagun
  16. Thank you so much for the detailed message!
  17. Just my luck Do you know if they make a SSD or hybrid hard drive that is compatible with my laptop?
  18. Hi toby9999 - Thank you so much for the quick reply. I have a viao vgn-fs620/w. Thanks, Sagun
  19. I know this is an off topic question, but: I just checked out my laptop hard-drive's SMART status: it is showing that it is doing a lot of "reallocation", meaning it might fail soon. Currently it has: 80GB2 4200rpm Ultra ATA hard-drive in it. My question is: can I buy this SSD and replace existing hard drive? Thanks, Sagun
  20. Hey Rajahal - Do you recommend using this SSD as cache drive? I see that its only 2.5", will this fit inside of my Cooler Master 590 case? Thanks, Sagun
  21. I don't see the rebate offer, did they take it off already?