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  1. I have windows AirVideo running in a VM, and it seems the clients can autodiscover it on the local network. That way I don't have to manually enter the IP address.


    This docker image doesn't seem to do that. Is that an issue with the Linux server? Or the container? I checked the server's local ports that are open using netstat, comparing against the Bonjour ports listed here, and I don't see any open.


    Hey coppit, inmethod has said that autodiscovery is planned but not supported yet for the Linux version of the server...


  2. dmaxwell,


    I was so surprised to find a SPLUNK doker for unRAID.

    And it worked a treat, BUT I can't remember the default login to the webUI and I can't find it anymore.

    Could you let me know where I can find it again?

    Maybe you could add it to the description of the docker?




    Hey roland, glad it's working well! The default login is (and I'll add it to the description as well):


    username: admin
    password: changeme

  3. In the newer betas, the loopback image that unRAID uses for Docker is BTRFS but the underlying storage can be XFS, ReiserFS, or BTRFS.


    So in my case... my cache drive is XFS, so when I map the data volume for the splunk container to /mnt/cache/apps/splunk, splunk sees that it is running on an XFS filesystem....


    I haven't been able to think of a good workaround for running it on BTRFS that would be docker friendly...

  4. I'm going to begin publishing some docker builds I've been doing for my unRAID setup...


    Repo Address





    Air Video HD [phusion] -

    Everything that was great about Air Video, re-thought and re-engineered to bring you the best and most reliable streaming video app for iOS devices.


    splunk [phusion] -

    Splunk is a search and analytics engine that supports a wide variety of data inputs and also many custom applications. I use it as a destination for my home networking syslogs and netflows. The free version is limited to 500MB/day.


    Change Log

    04.03.2017 - Updated splunk to 6.5.3

    03.14.2017 - Added support for h.265 to Air Video HD

    10.30.2015 - Updated Air Video HD to v2.2.0

    05.07.2015 - Updated Air Video HD to v2.1.3

    03.16.2015 - Added Air Video HD

    03.04.2015 - Release

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