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  1. Nothing to do with unRaid itself, but I wanted to let people know about a wonderful piece of free software called Karen's Directory Printer, which is available here. If you have a problem with files spread everywhere and need to list them, this software will generate a list of the files, paths and other parameters. The output can be imported very simply into Excel for sorting and searching (although if you're as disorganised as me, you will hit the Excel row limit).
  2. I'm using an SMC gigabit switch - I think it's the SMC8085T shown here. It supports jumbo frames, but I haven't tested this capability. No problems with it, but so far I haven't tried any streaming - just moving files around.
  3. If the presumed violation is based on the assumption that any software using the GPL cannot be sold, then the statement is wrong. GPL software CAN be sold. Check the FAQ's on here.