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  1. I have my unRaid running with all drives formatted and parity updated. Assuming I boot up the unRaid using a(nother) Linux distro and move files around with it (no formatting or messing around with partition tables), what would I have to do to "reinstate" unRaid after that? I think the answer is just to run a parity check, but I'd feel a lot better if someone could confirm this.
  2. Thanks; I tried explorerxp, but it doesn't seem to support network drives or mapped drives
  3. Having finally maxed out the drive bays on my unRaid, it's time to do some housekeeping. I'm using a Gigabit network and an Athlon 2800 PC running WinXP to move files around and copy files from other PCs, but I've always heard that XP is slow for copying files. I'm using Freecommander, but that doesn't seem to be much faster. Is there any other GUI software which runs under XP which would be faster? I'd prefer to avoid command-line alternatives because I'm likely to mess things up that way. Or would things run faster if I booted up the PC with a live Linux and used that to do the housekeeping? The downside of using Linux is that it seems that NTFS writing is not reliable (and therefore often not supported) so I can't move or delete files on my XP machines, which all have NTFS filesystems, but I could live with that.
  4. Nothing to do with unRaid itself, but I wanted to let people know about a wonderful piece of free software called Karen's Directory Printer, which is available here. If you have a problem with files spread everywhere and need to list them, this software will generate a list of the files, paths and other parameters. The output can be imported very simply into Excel for sorting and searching (although if you're as disorganised as me, you will hit the Excel row limit).
  5. I'm using an SMC gigabit switch - I think it's the SMC8085T shown here. It supports jumbo frames, but I haven't tested this capability. No problems with it, but so far I haven't tried any streaming - just moving files around.
  6. If the presumed violation is based on the assumption that any software using the GPL cannot be sold, then the statement is wrong. GPL software CAN be sold. Check the FAQ's on here.