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  1. With the array stopped check cache is still sdj and wipe the drive with: blkdiscard /dev/sdj Then start array and format.
  2. There's no problem running 4kn drives on a 9211 in IT mode.
  3. On the last diags the cache pool balance operation failed, possibly because of fstrim running and crashing, you can reboot and try again or backup cache pool, re-format and restore.
  4. Cache filesystem is corrupt, best to backup, re-format and restore data.
  5. Yep, looks good so far, speeds are around 260MB/s which about the expected for those disks on the outer cylinders, it will slow down a little as it moves to the inner ones.
  6. Best to wait for the other tests.
  7. Very strange, it would have been one of the last things I suspected, was the BIOS up to date?
  8. Longer than normal time means disk might be marginal, but if there's no error it's OK for now, all other disks I mentioned above also finished without error?
  9. You'd need previously created checksums (or be using btrfs), without that you'd need to compare all files to known good ones or try them one by one.
  10. The metadata part of the filesystem should be OK, so data will most likely look fine and complete, but any data that was rebuilt past disk12's failure will be corrupt/unavailable when you try to access it.
  11. Any data rebuilt after the second disk failed will be corrupt, but if you do a new config you can re-enable both disks, parity will need re-syncing.
  12. You should wait a few more hours, if the disk as slow sectors, and very likely there are some due to the very high number of raw_read_errors, it can take much longer than a healthy disk, SMART test should never get stuck, it either completes or aborts with an error.
  13. IIRC autostart currently only works after first array start, like after a reboot.
  14. Cache filesystem is corrupt, likely from an unclean shutdown, see here for some recovery options.
  15. That's not a problem, but IIRC this is: Formatted with type 2 protection 8 bytes of protection information per logical block If you google that you you'll find how to remove it.
  16. Changed Status to Closed Changed Priority to Other
  17. Please start a thread in the general support forum and include the diagnostics, you can get them by typing "diagnostics" on the console.
  18. No, but a single flash drive assigned as a data device is enough to qualify.
  19. Most likely a connection issue, recommend replacing cables (or swapping with another disk) to rule them out, this way if it happens again to the same disk it's likely a disk problem, despite the healthy SMART.
  20. You could try reformatting that one first, if still issues then replace. Yep
  21. Changed Status to Closed Changed Priority to Other
  22. This looks more like a general support issue, diags are after a reboot so not much help, see here to enable the syslog server then please start a thread on the general support forum and attach the diags and the saved syslog.