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  1. johnnie.black

    Combine Two Pooled Cache Drives

  2. Nothing, just needs the extra HBA.
  3. Yes, devices are tracked by serial number. It doesn't.
  4. johnnie.black

    Preclear plugin

    Refurbished, almost no chance you'll get a new one.
  5. No, if I had to guess my number one suspect would be one the disks, there have been previous issues with other users and those Seagate disks, seems some of them can be duds and perform very poorly, you could try rebuilding one a a time a see if it's one of them.
  6. Use the onboard ports for the SSDs as the LSI won't support trim, disks can be in either, performance will be the same.
  7. johnnie.black

    Array device "not installed", but is actually mounted

    I didn't suggest that, I suggested you got the motherboard bios and change SATA ports 5 and 6 from IDE mode to SATA/AHCI mode, since IDE mode can cause problems with those AMD chipsets.
  8. johnnie.black

    Generally pretty slow perfomance

    No, as long as the share is set to use cache, try writing directly to the array with turbo write enable, and see if it's faster.
  9. johnnie.black

    Generally pretty slow perfomance

    There's read activity on disk3 at the same time you're writing to it, that will severely impact array write performance, there's also reading on disk4.
  10. johnnie.black

    Cannot open root device null -- new system help

    OK, there was some suspicion that specific boot problem could be related to very low RAM, but 3GB should be more than enough.
  11. johnnie.black

    Cannot open root device null -- new system help

    How much RAM does it have?
  12. johnnie.black

    Are these move speeds normal??

    It still helps, it should go to around 60MB/s, but copies from from one array disk to another are always slow with Unraid, because of how parity works.
  13. johnnie.black

    Are these move speeds normal??

    That's about right for normal writing mode. That's incorrect, it helps when there's more than on data disk, though it doesn't help as much if the transfer is from one array disk to another.
  14. johnnie.black

    Disks in unraid

    Also run an iperf test to rule out any LAN bandwidth issues.
  15. johnnie.black


    It's been a while since I used N40L's with Unraid, they do have a slow CPU, but it was enough for basic NAS functyions ehrn I had them, it could be the newer kernels require a little more CPU power but I suspect it's the encryption: USER PID %CPU %MEM VSZ RSS TTY STAT START TIME COMMAND root 2 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? S 17:40 0:00 [kthreadd] root 9903 8.7 0.0 0 0 ? I< 17:41 4:54 \_ [kworker/u9:0-kcryptd] root 9908 8.4 0.0 0 0 ? I< 17:41 4:44 \_ [kworker/u9:2-kcryptd] root 9790 2.8 0.0 0 0 ? S 17:41 1:37 \_ [unraidd] If this is idle, it's a non negligible amount of CPU time.
  16. Parity can't help with filesystem corruption, since it's updated in real-time, any fs corruption will also be on the emulated disk. It's good practice in the beginning to run more frequent parity checks, it can help detect some problems, sync errors should always be 0, unless there was an unclean shutdown.
  17. johnnie.black

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

  18. johnnie.black

    Disks in unraid

    More details please: Wired or wireless? Copying large or small files? If you copy directly to the array with turbo write enable are speeds the same?
  19. johnnie.black

    Parity-check found errors

    Since they are the same sectors will need to run a correcting check, keep RAM at standard clocks, then run another non correct check in a week or so and hopefully no more errors.
  20. johnnie.black

    UDMA CRC Errors

    Not necessarily, disks don't reach SSD speeds, so a backpalne that can for example handle 200MB/s without issues might not handle 500MB/s, also some devices are pickier than others with connection quality, the problem isn't the SSDs for sure.
  21. johnnie.black

    Hard drive cable / socket tidying

    SSDs should be on the Intel SATA3 ports, trim won't work on the LSI, other than that it won't make any difference where the disks are. Yes, Unraid tracks de devices by serial number.
  22. johnnie.black

    Cache Disk Full, some help?

    No worries, glad it's up.
  23. johnnie.black

    rebuilding a disk, then no more filesystem

    Yes, assuming it's genuine, I'm a little wary of buying Asian LSI HBAs, Intel NICs, etc, there's a chance of getting a fake, I usually prefer to buy used server pulls, but it's likely fine.
  24. johnnie.black

    UDMA CRC Errors

    CRC errors are a connection problem, either cables or backplane, if there are just a few you can live with them, though I wouldn't, you can disable those notifications by clicking on the device and unchecking attribute 199 on the SMART settings.
  25. johnnie.black

    Disks in unraid

    Nothing jumps out, problem might no be the server, but wait for the clearing to finish, reboot and try again.