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  1. I've always copied files to particular disks in my array. Now that I installed a cache drive and utilize the mover utility - it picks the drive. I'd like to continue filling up a particular drive but it 'tops off' drives I've stopped copying to because they are almost full (but not full enough for mover to continue using it). Is there a way to say 'move to disk 19'... or don't move to disk 1?
  2. Really weird. http:\\tower brings up web gui and not the shares, the same thing that http://tower and //tower brings up.
  3. Host name is tower and has always been. Windows 7 - it just works. I really like Windows 10 except for this. Networking is broken in windows 10. Hmmmm. We can't reach this page! - is what I get with both \\tower and \\ I've been searching Windows 10 forums. I've got a few things to try. If anythings works, I will post.
  4. I'm running a parity and its at 69MB /sec. It's been at 95 most of the time, though.
  5. Because I feel like it's the start of my problems. I've gone all over the web and found Windows 10 has messed up share connections. I thought by saying I can't get to my share via \\tower it might give me the answer to the bigger picture - why does windows 10 disconnect me during a large file transfer or slow it to a crawl? I never had this issue in Windows 7 and will connect my old laptop for my file transfers until this is fixed in Windows 10. At least the responder has an answer / workaround to get my files onto my unraid box. The shiny new Razer Stealth with Windows 10 isn't up to
  6. Would you mind giving a short explaination of the steps. Then, maybe I can take it from there...
  7. I think it would be great if this was a sticky with whatever answer works. I'm very frustrated. I think, tomorrow when I have more time, I will call up my IT guy and have him log into my system to figure this out once and for all. I can't transfer a frickin' file from Windows 10 to unRaid without it timing out, disconnecting or having the transfer speed drop to a snail's pace. How can they not know about this problem in Windows??? Does anyone have a definitive solution or a good workaround that's not complicated?
  8. I replaced my Windows 7 laptop (solid, could always find shares, could always copy files without any disconnect) to Windows 10 high-end laptop which I use to transfer movie files. I've found wifi as fast as hard wired ethernet - when it works. I get transfer speeds up to 70 but it can drop down to 1, 3, ... Sometimes it even sits at 0 and then disconnects. I was about to ask about this. Could it be the same issue?
  9. That will be next to look at. I've learned upgrading bios isn't always a good thing but now I have a reason to do it!
  10. I have Disc 01 > Movies > Sicario (2015) (folder) > Sicario.mkv (2015) I copy Sicario (2015) folder with file inside to Cache > Movies. Mover runs overnight and put Sicario.mkv (2015) into Disc 01 > Movies folder. The Movies folder now has all folders and one file named Sicario.mkv (2015). It did not put Sicario (2015) FOLDER into Disc 01 > Movies folder. Maybe I should try again.?
  11. I keep each file in a folder. Okay, a movie file in a folder file. The Mover utility only moved the file and not the folder. Can this be changed?
  12. I have a SuperMicro board listed below in my sig. I successfully connected with ipmi to it through a webpage. In the Configuration tab it lists all the things you can access in the main window. On the left hand side you click on each of those settings to access them. The last item listed is Fan Mode - Configure the fan mode. This is what I need to access because my fans kick on too high and the unraid drives in my Norco box get a little too warm. I'd rather not lug a monitor from work to get into bios. Anyway, the Fan Mode is listed in the main window but not as a tab to the lef
  13. Solved - When you access unraid from a webpage, and you have both NICs connected, how do you differentiate which one you want to view? Do you have to plug and unplug each each time? I need to change settings on my fans. Solved. It has a its own IP address.
  14. I installed a cache drive. I formatted it. Now, on my share page all my drives are listed and the last entry is my cache drive. (This is not the bug) there is a gold triangle next to it (should that be there?). The bug - It says on that line,"unraid sever OS boot device". Server is misspelled. It says sever - as in cut something off.
  15. I am at this point - added a cache drive as stated in this thread. If I have two shares - Movies & TV Shows - do I make those two folders on my cache drive so unraid knows what share to move files to at night?
  16. So, in order to mark this as solved: Put in new 3TB drive in SSD missing slot. Format new drive (or can preclear) and mount. Run parity check and allow to correct errors (since I wrote a few files to another disc while unprotected). This should get me back up and running and with a new fresh drive waiting in the wings.
  17. There is nothing on the small SSD that was meant to be the cache drive. I was simply thinking formating my 'straighten out' my lack of valid parity quicker. I think I understand, though, now. I have added a few files to the array since all this happened and parity was not written to (hence the faster speed it wrote to the box). I will run a parity check and enable 'write / correct any problems' (can't remember what the check box actually says off-hand). Then upgrade the SSD to a large capacity drive, then add a cache drive without mounting it through the array. If this looks
  18. to rebuild only one drive do I use the check box at the bottom of the main page to reformat (or something like that). Will do tonight.
  19. Can't I just put the SSD back and mount it - thus having a protected array. Then, on Tuesday, when the new drive arrives put it in it's place and rebuild THAT drive from 128GB to 3TB and be done with it (like I would be upgrading the capacity of that particular slot / drive)?
  20. I'm on 6.1.4 (I changed my sig) No, didn't think to do a backup. I probably have an old one around but wouldn't want to use it. I'll do the rebuild. Damn! Stupid, stupid mistake. I'll put the SSD drive back into the array until I work out the steps involved. Stupid, stupid.
  21. Had an old 128GB SSD laying around. Thought to try using is a cache drive. Slipped it into slot #20 AND ASSIGNED IT TO THAT DISC NUMBER (bad, I know). I formatted it. I then assigned it my cache drive. Couldn't seem to assign it as my cache drive. Decided to give up, for now Remove the drive and now have the red x saying drive missing. *** I would like to figure out how to put the cache drive in that slot or I will put a 3TB drive in that slot to use in the array when my current drive fills (which is soon). *** What is the best / easiest way to get rid of my red x - dr
  22. what would be the best to adjust fan speed and settings? How do you change bios settings this way?
  23. Last question, for now, From my main Windows computer that is connected via ethernet. I log into my unraid with IPMIView and the NIC used on my unraid SuperMicro stays the same or do I plug the dedicated IPMI Nic into my Windows machine and control the box this way? Thank you, in advance, Rick