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  1. I should probably update bios and drivers before I get started with this. I am not home to see what version I am on. What operating system do I download for? Microsoft, redhat or SuSE? I'm starting to feel a bit underwater, now. But I'll be fine...
  2. I'm getting notifications at 38 degrees and into the 40's (which is too hot, in my opinion). It is upstairs, in Texas and hot air does rise. I will check into my bios settings. Does anyone have a quick ipmi guide? or fast step by step that I could follow? I'll download the SuperMicro manual and check the wiki for unraid and see what I can find but a quick step by step of what it intails just to get me started would be much appreciated... Rick (this is a great community)
  3. Damn. I have a new laptop on its way with Windows 10. I know this isn't going to go well. This is going to be my main computer to transfer files. Oh, no...
  4. This is a very basic question. Sorry for that. I upgraded my Norco setup to 6.0. Since then my parity checks cause my drives to run hot. Maybe it's because I was not getting notifications of this with version 5. I'll check all my fans and look at my bios to see if I can set some new setting to increase overall fan speed. I think my hardware is in my signature. When I need to look into my bios I must bring home a monitor, keyboard and mouse from work to connect to my box. Is there an easier way to do this? Or since I'm booting my box, the only way to view bios is from a m
  5. I tried a second rebuild. Went on overnight. All is back to normal! Thank you for your help. I now understand that if a disk is disabled, you can't run parity. The disk must be rebuilt first. Will mark this as solved.
  6. Diagnostics file. I see the write errors for disk 6 near the end of the sys log file. Can't imagine disk is actually bad since this all started with me man-handing the controller card. I do have a disk at work I could swap out with it to rebuild on a new disk. Should I go that route? tower-diagnostics-20151126-1840.zip
  7. I just am NOT getting it. I'm not seeing it. What diagnostics would be best. SMART report says disk is good. No errors. Why is my array still unprotected? I have Array Devices, Boot Device, and Array Operations. I have started, array unprotected. In version 5 there was a 'parity check' section. In this version there is not.
  8. Rebuild on a 3TB drive didn't take very long (less than 15 minutes???). I still have the red x but my bubble notes that pop up say array is now good with 0 disk errors. Smart report for that disk says 0 errors. It still says drive is being emulated. Is there a way to force a partiy check (like in version 5). Would that work by having it correct any errors there are? Can't imagine stopping and starting the array would help at this point. How do you start a parity check in version 6?
  9. I cranked down the screw in my controller card that serves several drives. One disk became disabled from this mistake I made. I took the card out, cleaned it and re-inserted it. Now all is working well. The card can see the drive but it is disabled. I can choose the drive from the dropdown list but it stays disabled. I tried the remove drive, start array, powerdown array, reinstall drive and power up array to get it to rebuild, but no go. The drive shows, but with the dreaded red 'x' and "device is disabled, contents emulated. Do I reformat the drive in a windows machine and re
  10. Thanks! I noticed my SAS card was loose and stupidly accreted it down to tight. Must have tweaked the card. Now two disks are not showing / unrecognized. Damn!
  11. With Unraid version 5 - I was able to go to my network in Windows 7 Explorer, click on tower and it would show my flash, shares and all individual disks. I liked that because I do not use a cache drive and like placing my files directly into particular disks instead of into the share (and have unraid pick the disk to copy to). With Version 6 - I would like to see my individual disks again. Is that possible?
  12. Here's a step by step I found for those who need it: Oop. Can't paste the link. Google "Schkerke.com Windows 10: unable to connect to samba shares" This worked for me. Thanks guys!
  13. will try to add local when I get home. Yes, my second build is actually named tower2. Will try tower2.local
  14. I can get unraid web GUI to come up with the IP address, but not using //tower like on my windows PC. I also can access IP address: 8080 for unmenu. But when I click on user scripts access is denied. Is there a way to get this to work? I'd like to have more control of my tower with my android tablet (Nexus 9).
  15. You know how you use something for years and then all the sudden you realize you forget stuff? My question is, can I mount all my other drives and still preclear? Or during preclearing you must 'have the server down' (unmounted drives)? This is my thinking... I shut down the raid. I boot back up and telnet into my tower to preclear (using screen). Could I have mounted the drives and THEN telnetted into the tower and started preclear? Thanks for helping me with a question I should know the answer to. - Rick
  16. As my motherboard only has Sata II onboard I'm using a Startech PEXSAT32 card but it seems to be much slower than I anticapted. I would think copying over the network to be the bottleneck with write speeds. Would be shocked if SATA II vs III would be that dramatically different.
  17. I have a quick question. I had the slow write speeds issue and applied the fix to my syslog months ago: label unRAID OS (MAX 4GB RAM) kernel bzimage append mem=4095M initrd=bzroot I am using one of the very first versions of 5.0 unraid, currently. Since all has been corrected and I now want to update my version of 5.0 to the current 5.0 version (I don't know the actual versions of 5.0 - the machine is at home, but I do know it's one of the first 5.0 versions that came out), do I delete the above parts I had once added to my syslog and then upgrade versions? Let me
  18. Do what Frank 1940 says, Write to a particular drive and not to a share. This gives the control to put things exactly where you want and doesn't split the file across a drive (even though I can't believe that would even happen).
  19. I'm pretty much throwing this out there wondering if anyone knows what I need to target in order to correct this: Maybe one in every 10 blu ray (never had a SD DVD do this) copies to my unRaid won't play correctly. They play quite pixellated (through XBMC on Windows 8 machine). But, the file plays fine on the machine it was originally ripped to (see below). Can't decide if it's a bad rip (not likely, more of that later), bad copy to external drive, bad upload or unRaid needing to be restarted.?. I rip a blu ray to my main rig (windows 7, solid current spec machine). Blu ray plays
  20. Looks to be working great! I rebooted the machine. Couldn't go into explorer and access shares. Got the same pop up box. Went to the browser and entered \\ipaddressofserver and it popped right up! Perfect.
  21. I didn't know it did that (// vs \\)! Cool. Yes it does bring up my shares. But will have to check a few tries. Usually, once I can access the shares they stay accessible. I'll see if this continues to work. Thanks!
  22. I did basically what you are doing. Since I had a backup copy of everything (the original NAS) I'd copy to the unraid without the parity drive assigned. I moved my data over in chunks (about 50 movies at a time, but most were dvd's and not blu-rays). Once all done I set up the parity drive. Did a parity check and left my original NAS until I was sure all was sound.
  23. Workgroup is under the same name. The IP address does bring up the GUI for my tower2.