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  1. Geez. I keep finding little tweeks I need to make to get this OCD correct. I put a PCI SATA card in a slot that is PCI-E 2.0 x4 on x8 when I have an available PCI-E 2.0 x8. I figure why not move it because I DO NOT HAVE PARITY running, yet. (Just a bit more data to tranfer, first) Can a PCI card for hard drives be moved? I figure it can, but want to first check with guys who know.?. Does it really matter? The throughput for an unRAID box can't be that taxing, right? Rick
  2. I can't move the data from one drive to another. This is one reason this new build is a good idea for me. I had my file structure pretty darn clean. I decided to have xbmc export my library info to my unraid so rebuilding a database would always be quicker. I found the movie info files exported got written to other drives (different from where the movie file is). This slow process will win the race for me in the long run.
  3. But I am not using my parity drive, yet. Will transfer about 8TBs over then install parity. At this speed, adding parity may be worth doing now then transferring the remaining data. I'm only 1 TB in at this point.
  4. I considered that but it won't work as soon as I activate parity because it doesn't get assigned a number and will kick everything beyond it off. So, basically, the answer is... It's not possible.
  5. I can't seem to find a previous question / answer to this but it must exist. I've started populating a new Norco 24 bay build (four bays in a row, six rows). I am starting with three blades (top row, third row and fifth row) to allow room for ventilation. I added disks into disk #1, disk #2, Disk #3 and so on. I have started copying files to my first drive. I now realize it would be smart to call the disk in slot #9 (Third row, first bay) disk #9 in the GUI instead of disk #1 as first started. Then put drive bay #10 (third row, second bay over) as disk #10 in the GUI instead
  6. Will have to get someone in to figure out why my network is so slow for copying. All gig hardwired. No parity enabled, yet. I have full copies of everything being transferred. I'm using teracopy and only getting about 34 MB/s. I was hoping for around 100. Sorry for a stupid question - the speed of the computer I drag and drop from (also hard wired) doesn't effect copy speed, does it?
  7. Yeah, that didn't go well! Thanks guys for the info tho. Just didn't understand what I was doing. I should have just started over, but... I must have gotten through the preclear because assigning disks and formatting too about five minutes instead of hours. I have realized something good out of redoing all of this. I had XBMC export the library files to each movie folder I have stored and that movie info was not placed on the disk where the original movie file sits. My 'drive management' was a bit of a mess that this will put is straight (at least, for now).
  8. Thanks, doorunrun - I have a better handle on it all. My concern, now is I do have preclear running using screen from the console (directly from the unraid box). BUT I also have a session running without screen from the a console, as well (not through a telnet session). Preclear through screen is about done (80% in the second step for four 3TB drives). Preclear without screen, but directly from the console, is at about 5% for those drives. CAN I TERMINATE the preclears that are not through screen without affecting the screen preclear process? What would be the co
  9. Finally had all the parts arrive for a new unraid. Decided to start fresh since my first unraid back from about 2009 has some pretty low specs. Thought best to keep it for it's files and transfer to a new build. SuperMicro X9SCM-F / Xeon E3-1230V2 FINALLY got the Ethernet port settings in bios correct, so I move on... I set up Unmenu and Screen. Started preclearing some 3TB WD Red drives (I thought I set up four). I can't toggle between them. This is my first concern. Are they running? The lights are all showing hard drive activity but I can only bring up one screen show driv
  10. Thanks!!! Building a replacement unRaid. Parts start arriving today. This helps!
  11. "so I could try out plex for streaming to mobile devices" I've been up and running unRaid for a few years, now. Watch movies through Popcorn hour. I want to stream my iso's to a Nexus 10 android tablet (and others). I need the transcoding to be done either through unRaid or a stand alone pc used for transcoding only.?. What is my best solution? Beef up (new build) my unRaid since it's old tech (Intel Celeron 430 Conroe-L 1.8GHz 35W single-core) OR add a mini pc to do the transcoding gruntwork and serve the files to android tablets? Thanks! (Don't mean to hijack, I just thou
  12. Is this what he needs to do first? to make the flash bootable? or, http://www.intowindows.com/bootable-usb/
  13. Dude, I feel your pain. I've on many occasions wanted to search out someone to 'just do it for me!' I figured unRaid is so under the radar we don't have a chance to find someone here in Houston. I've had unRaid for about three years, now running flawlessly for the most part. I'm on 4.7 and the move to 5.0 and finding a way to stream my iso's to my android tablet is too daunting to want to make the first step. I figure I'll wait a couple more years when it's time to upgrade my unRaid to bigger, better, faster less power and heat! Good luck. Just wanted to give you some encouragement
  14. Good news! Both remaining drives have mounted and a parity is being run. I'll let it run overnight. I might be okay! Weird!
  15. I'm going to shut my server down. Now over 9,000 errors on the one drive. Doesn't look like it's going to end. Will try different SATA cables tomorrow to see if that helps. Man, this ain't good.
  16. My syslog file is almost 800 KB and can only post max 192 KB. I've snipped the end of the file off to get under the limit. It's mostly the same information... over and over... Doesn't look good. I just don't remember a drive failing like this, though. I do run parity checks from time to time and they are always solid without errors. syslog.txt
  17. I've been up and running with an UnRaid server for three years, at least. As always been solid. Haven't had a need to access movies on it for about a week. Now, today, go to move movies onto my unRaid and Windows Explorer sees 'tower' in network but can't access it. I did a reboot and heard all the beeps and went back and still can't see into tower (and the five drives). Next I open up web interface and find it's not finishing mounting two drives. I'm up to 307 reads / 130 writes and a whopping 2,078 errors and climbing (when I refresh the page). The other 'mounting' drive has 329 r
  18. I had a Cisco E4200 router setup for a year. The thing froze while updating the firmware three days after the warranty ran out and tech support wanted to charge me to TRY and fix it but they weren't sure they could bring it back online. So I decided to put my money toward a Netgear WNDR4500. My Cisco would find my unraid Tower almost instantly in Windows 7 Explorer when I would access it. With the new Netgear WNDR4500 it would take 15 to 30 seconds for the first few months, and now won't find it at all. I can find it via web access typing in 'tower'. The only thing that has cha
  19. I've gone through this very same thing step by step. I've gotten to the point where I no longer get the 'no operating system found' and have my flash drive as the #1 boot priority (actually it's the only thing now listed). Now when I boot the machine the fans fly and nothing shows on screen. I can't get to the screen where I have a menu to choose between unRAID or memtst. I have a blank screen. Any thoughts on this? My hard drives all show, btw in the BIOS. By having: All USB Key, All USB HDD AND USB HDD: Flirefly (the flash drive I am using) all listed in the boot order list (