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    I have a small sonos setup and have been using it with unraid for many months. I had problems at first, but starting with UnRaid 4.3.3 it's smooth. I think I use user share to access the audio but it's been a long time since I touched that. I can double check. Mathieu
  2. I have a 3u rackmount case and it's time to get a new power supply. I had odd behavior, plugged in a desktop PS in there and the system is stable again. Of course, not the case doesn't close. I'm trying to get something in the sub selling-a-body-part category and found two that sound OK. I'm totally not familiar with the vendors though so I thought I'd check here. http://www.istarusa.com/server_power/1u_2u_3u_switching/tc2u50pd8.aspx http://www.zippy.com.tw/P_product_detail.asp?lv_rfnbr=2&pp_rfnbr=1066&pcp_rfnbr=2&pp_name=&pcp_name=2U%20Single&pcpw_rfnbr=5&pp_code=P2G-6510P The istar seems easier to find in canada but I have to plan around the 3 12v (15A each) rails. Zippy claims to be a high end vendor and has one 32A 12v rail. Anybody can vouch for the reliability of these vendors/PS. I realize that these are 100$ PSU when it's easy to find 500$+ equivalent but I'm open to suggestions and advice. Thanks Gog
  3. I understand that you will get the result you are looking for like this but you'll be giving up a week of your time and a very nice torture test to the drives... If you have the space, plug everything in, all 12 drives. If not, do as many as you can. Then go in through telnet and move the files from old disk to new. I think you can stop the array before the move to save the parity update and gain some speed but I'm not sure I would. Either way are better than rebuilding 6 drives from parity (my opinion anyway) Gog
  4. LOL I'm basically restating Rob's post here but here goes. You need a server with Sage with a capture device and a set top box on each of your TV. The server can be fairly old if you don't do any transcode. I have an old AMD 2500+ with a gig of RAM. The Hauppauge HD-PVR will grab the component output of your cable set-top box. The USB-UIRT (http://store.sagetv.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=SOS&Product_Code=UIRT&Category_Code=HD) is an infrared emitter that will change the channel on the set-top box. You can have more than one of these HD-PVR to record more than one channel at a time. The HD theater is the fancy name for the STP-HD200, the curent Sage set-top box. It's a box that talks to the sage server through your home wired network I have one old Hauppauge MVP and one STX-HD100. I'm very happy with the STX-HD100, I imagine the 200 is at least as good. Not cheap by any count but I'm happy with the result and with all my DVD and CD ripped, accessible through the same interface (OK, plus sonos for sound only... I think I might need deGeeking therapy) throughout the house it's pretty neat. And I had the advantage of building this over the years. My first setup was somewhat less userfriendly On the other hand, it's never finished and once in a while I get to explain my wife how to reboot a server over the phone... YMMV
  5. I'm a sageTV user and I'm pretty happy with it, especially since I bought a HD extender. We watch TV exclusively off Sage now and the WAF is pretty high. UnRaid stores everything I tune and the only issue I have is when the HD is spun down (half a second hiccup in the first few seconds of recording). It supports a bunch of ways to tune TV. I use an old Hauppauge 250 but I also bought a HDHR to tune OTA broadcasts. That's about 8 channels here in snowy Montreal... Frankly though, I only use the tuner for french TV, the news, kids show and things I don't really care about. Everything else is downloaded through torrent. I could tune it but my 250's quality is so-so and it feels easier this way. Totally dependent on me though, light years beyond the wife. Gotta train the kids soon I guess what I'd do in your case is a sage server, USB-UIRT to control the digital set-top box and a Hauppauge HD-PVR to grab it. Add a "HD Theater" box on each TV and your set. Gog
  6. Looks like that did it. Thanks for all your help Joe and Rob, much appreciated. Gog
  7. ah shit, I guess it's taking \\tower\disk2\disk1 as the disk1 usershare... #$&#$ I renamed the directory, stopped the array and now disk1 AND disk3 show as unformatted. Did I just loose all my disk3's content ? I'm loosing my mind... Gog
  8. I'm confused... I did the un-assign, restore, add-disk, assign, clear, forma. Now the web interface tells me that I have a disk1 and that it's 100% free The problem is, I still see my data under \\tower\disk1 I had made a backup of disk1 in \\tower\disk2\disk1. I had done so through telnet. I don't remember exactly my command, but something like "cp /mnt/disk1/. /mnt/disk2/disk1/." Now it seems there is a symbolic link somewhere because I can read and write things in \\tower\disk1 and the changes show up in \\tower\disk2\disk1 How can I break that link ? thanks Gog
  9. OK, so with disk1 physically out of the box, it boots and the web interface is up. I want to remove that data from the array. Can someone confirm that if I do a "restore" with one disk out, the array will be rebuild and that disk<s data will be purged from the parity drive ? I read this: "Restore will initialize the stored array configuration; all drives will appear as New, but data disk contents are not affected." but I'm a bit nervous... Gog
  10. right, copy and paste error. That should be reiserfsk on md1 No, I stil haven't fixed this. It may have to do with the fact that when I reboot the unraid server, my SageTV server is useless and that has a severe effect on the WAF... I'm planning on physically removing disk 1 from the case this morning, see if the server recovers. Mathieu
  11. results below. I plugged in a monitor in the video card and I see a segfault on the mount command for /dev/md1... root@Tower:~# df Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/sde1 507104 30552 476552 7% /boot /dev/md3 195354984 23155360 172199624 12% /mnt/disk3 /dev/md2 488371640 385136004 103235636 79% /mnt/disk2 shfs 683726624 408291364 275435260 60% /mnt/user root@Tower:~# smbstatus diskNumErrors.2=0 Samba version 3.0.26a PID Username Group Machine ------------------------------------------------------------------- rdevType.2=SATA Service pid machine Connected at ------------------------------------------------------- rdevSerial.2=5QG19T6R No locked files diskNumber.3=3 root@Tower:~# mdcmd status cmdOper=status cmdResult=ok95360952 sbName=/boot/config/super.dat sbVersion=0.92.01TS6M sbCreated=12007003183 sbUpdated=120233418019 sbEvents=20rs.3=0 sbState=0r.3=3 sbNumDisks=4=DISK_OK sbSynced=1200773997 sbSyncErrs=0ATA rdevSize.3=195360952 mdVersion=0.92.000826AS mdState=STARTEDD1TS6M mdNumProtected=4 mdNumDisabled=0 mdDisabledDisk=0 mdNumInvalid=0 mdInvalidDisk=0 mdNumMissing=0 mdMissingDisk=0 mdNumNew=0ds.4=0 mdResync=0tes.4=0 diskNumErrors.4=0 diskNumber.0=0 diskName.0=4=DISK_NP diskState.0=7 diskSize.0=488386552 diskModel.0=ST3500320AS diskSerial.0=5QM03DBL diskNumReads.0=1376752 diskNumWrites.0=1376757 diskNumErrors.0=0 rdevNumber.0=0 rdevStatus.0=DISK_OK rdevName.0=sda rdevType.0=SATA rdevSize.0=488386552 rdevModel.0=ST3500320AS rdevSerial.0=5QM03DBL diskNumErrors.5=0 diskNumber.1=1 diskName.1=md1ISK_NP diskState.1=7 diskSize.1=488386552 diskModel.1=ST3500630AS diskSerial.1=9QG1BQJ4 diskNumReads.1=122496551 diskNumWrites.1=213995 diskNumErrors.1=0 rdevNumber.1=1 rdevStatus.1=DISK_OK rdevName.1=sdb rdevType.1=SATA rdevSize.1=488386552 rdevModel.1=ST3500630AS rdevSerial.1=9QG1BQJ4 diskNumErrors.6=0 diskNumber.2=2 diskName.2=md2ISK_NP diskState.2=7 diskSize.2=488386552 diskModel.2=ST3500630AS diskSerial.2=5QG19T6R diskNumReads.2=3107434 diskNumWrites.2=908145 diskNumErrors.2=0 rdevNumber.2=2 rdevStatus.2=DISK_OK rdevName.2=sdc rdevType.2=SATA rdevSize.2=488386552 rdevModel.2=ST3500630AS rdevSerial.2=5QG19T6R diskNumErrors.7=0 diskNumber.3=3 diskName.3=md3ISK_NP diskState.3=7 diskSize.3=195360952 diskModel.3=ST3200826AS diskSerial.3=3ND1TS6M diskNumReads.3=254843 diskNumWrites.3=254619 diskNumErrors.3=0 rdevNumber.3=3 rdevStatus.3=DISK_OK rdevName.3=sdd rdevType.3=SATA rdevSize.3=195360952 rdevModel.3=ST3200826AS rdevSerial.3=3ND1TS6M diskNumErrors.8=0 diskNumber.4=4 diskName.4=8=DISK_NP diskState.4=0 diskSize.4=0ATA diskModel.4= diskSerial.4= diskNumReads.4=0 diskNumWrites.4=0 diskNumErrors.4=0 rdevNumber.4=4 rdevStatus.4=DISK_NP rdevName.4=0 rdevType.4=PATA rdevSize.4=0= rdevModel.4=.9=0 rdevSerial.4=.9=0 diskNumErrors.9=0 diskNumber.5=5 diskName.5=9=DISK_NP diskState.5=0 diskSize.5=0ATA diskModel.5= diskSerial.5= diskNumReads.5=0 diskNumWrites.5=0 diskNumErrors.5=0 rdevNumber.5=5 rdevStatus.5=DISK_NP rdevName.5==0 rdevType.5=PATA rdevSize.5=00= rdevModel.5=.10=0 rdevSerial.5=.10=0 diskNumErrors.10=0 diskNumber.6=610 diskName.6=10=DISK_NP diskState.6=0 diskSize.6=0PATA diskModel.6=0 diskSerial.6= diskNumReads.6=0 diskNumWrites.6=0 diskNumErrors.6=0 rdevNumber.6=6 rdevStatus.6=DISK_NP rdevName.6==0 rdevType.6=PATA rdevSize.6=01= rdevModel.6=.11=0 rdevSerial.6=.11=0 diskNumErrors.11=0 diskNumber.7=711 diskName.7=11=DISK_NP diskState.7=0 diskSize.7=0PATA diskModel.7=0 diskSerial.7= diskNumReads.7=0 diskNumWrites.7=0 diskNumErrors.7=0 rdevNumber.7=7 rdevStatus.7=DISK_NP rdevName.7==0 rdevType.7=PATA rdevSize.7=02= rdevModel.7=.12=0 rdevSerial.7=.12=0 diskNumErrors.12=0 diskNumber.8=812 diskName.8=12=DISK_NP diskState.8=0 diskSize.8=0PATA diskModel.8=0 diskSerial.8= diskNumReads.8=0 diskNumWrites.8=0 diskNumErrors.8=0 rdevNumber.8=8 rdevStatus.8=DISK_NP rdevName.8==0 rdevType.8=PATA rdevSize.8=03= rdevModel.8=.13=0 rdevSerial.8=.13=0 diskNumErrors.13=0 diskNumber.9=913 diskName.9=13=DISK_NP diskState.9=0 diskSize.9=0PATA diskModel.9=0 diskSerial.9= diskNumReads.9=0 diskNumWrites.9=0 diskNumErrors.9=0 rdevNumber.9=9 rdevStatus.9=DISK_NP rdevName.9==0 rdevType.9=PATA rdevSize.9=04= rdevModel.9=.14=0 rdevSerial.9=.14=0 diskNumErrors.14=0 diskNumber.10=10 diskName.10=4=DISK_NP diskState.10=0 diskSize.10=0ATA diskModel.10= diskSerial.10= diskNumReads.10=0 diskNumWrites.10=0 diskNumErrors.10=0 rdevNumber.10=10 rdevStatus.10=DISK_NP rdevName.10=0 rdevType.10=PATA rdevSize.10=0= rdevModel.10=15=0 rdevSerial.10=15=0 diskNumErrors.15=0 diskNumber.11=11 diskName.11=5=DISK_NP diskState.11=0 diskSize.11=0ATA diskModel.11= diskSerial.11= diskNumReads.11=0 diskNumWrites.11=0 diskNumErrors.11=0 rdevNumber.11=11 rdevStatus.11=DISK_NP rdevName.11= rdevType.11=PATA rdevSize.11=0 rdevModel.11= rdevSerial.11= diskNumber.12=12 diskName.12= diskState.12=0 diskSize.12=0 diskModel.12= diskSerial.12= diskNumReads.12=0 diskNumWrites.12=0 diskNumErrors.12=0 rdevNumber.12=12 rdevStatus.12=DISK_NP rdevName.12= rdevType.12=PATA rdevSize.12=0 rdevModel.12= rdevSerial.12= diskNumber.13=13 diskName.13= diskState.13=0 diskSize.13=0 diskModel.13= diskSerial.13= diskNumReads.13=0 diskNumWrites.13=0 diskNumErrors.13=0 rdevNumber.13=13 rdevStatus.13=DISK_NP rdevName.13= rdevType.13=PATA rdevSize.13=0 rdevModel.13= rdevSerial.13= diskNumber.14=14 diskName.14= diskState.14=0 diskSize.14=0 diskModel.14= diskSerial.14= diskNumReads.14=0 diskNumWrites.14=0 diskNumErrors.14=0 rdevNumber.14=14 rdevStatus.14=DISK_NP rdevName.14= rdevType.14=PATA rdevSize.14=0 rdevModel.14= rdevSerial.14= diskNumber.15=15 diskName.15= diskState.15=0 diskSize.15=0 diskModel.15= diskSerial.15= diskNumReads.15=0 diskNumWrites.15=0 diskNumErrors.15=0 rdevNumber.15=15 rdevStatus.15=DISK_NP rdevName.15= rdevType.15=PATA rdevSize.15=0 rdevModel.15= rdevSerial.15= root@Tower:~#
  12. The thing is, I'm not sure where to look... if I go to /mnt/disk1, it's completely empty. if I do a df, /dev/md1 and /mnt/disk1 doesn't show up And I don<t date mount /dev/md1 as I'm far from familiar with the command and I don't want to mess up my array Gog
  13. Hi I wrote this in another thread (http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=619.0) but since it doesn't have much to do with undeleting and a lot to do with brigning my tower up and running, I'm starting fresh. Basically, I did samba stop umount /dev/md1 reiserfsck --rebuild-tree --scan-whole-partition /dev/md5 samba start went to the web interface, stop the array Then everything stopped from the web interface. Before the stop, disk1 showed up as unformatted after 5-10 minutes of nothing, I rebooter tower. Now I have access to \\tower\discx and to some of my user shares, but not all of them. The web interface won't come up Access is slow so I think it's still working without using the physical disk1, just giving me access to files through the parity disk. I have a backup of disk1 so I don't really care with what happens next, but I need the management station back up. Any ideas ? Gog
  14. I tried this to recover deleted files. The "reiserfsck --rebuild-tree --scan-whole-partition /dev/mdx" command came back, I did "samba start", went to the web interface, stopped it and it stopped responding. The telnet sessions were still active so after a few minutes I rebooted the box. Now the web interface isn't coming back online. The network drives are there, I can access my shares and everything (although not the files I was hoping to undelete. lost+found was not created) edit: correction. I can access all my \\tower\diskX but my user shares are not reliable. Some work OK, some others I can't connect to. How can I kick start the web interface ? thanks Gog
  15. The Wiki isn't bad either: http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php?title=Hardware_Compatibility#Motherboard Gog
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    Wiki - broke?

    If it's any consolation, I had to do the same thing. Haven't tested in a while, but my edits from october 19th were all anonymous because of that bug Gog
  17. Hi I'm trying to decide of the best components for my build and while this forum has a lot of good info, I decided to go through the list of mobo here: http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php?title=Hardware_Compatibility#Motherboard The list was nice but to choose I wanted to have the number of SATA ports onboard, the gigabit LAN capability and the CPU type. I took the liberty of adding the table view with the results from my web searches. My head still spins a bit, but I think I'll go with Asus P5B-VM DO. 7 SATA, 1eSATA, 1 gigabit port and on-board video. Not sure what CPU, it'll depend what I can find on the cheap side. Gog
  18. The backplane is the system of drawers and connectors that connects all the drives.
  19. I'm also looking for the perfect rackmount case. So far, I was down to two options. expensive: http://www.mypccase.com/bl3urachwsas.html and cheap: http://www.plinkusa.net/web5101.htm And if I endup buying my own drawers, it'll probably be this drawerless thing: http://www.kingwin.com/product_pages/kf4000-bk.asp I'm impressed by the chenbro though. A quick search gave a few options under 400$ Edit: never mind, that's without the backplane. Comes up more than the "expensive" case above Gog