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  1. Thanks again man, I didn't know that... Now I do ?
  2. Thank you for suggestion. However after I added "booksonic" to the URL it worked. (Local network address Http:// And http://[mypublicip]:4040)
  3. Hi. I seem to have an issue connecting to the server. This is my configuration: I have the docker container running on port 4040. In my my router port 4040 is forwarded to my server. When I try to add a server in the app I add the following: Server address: http://[mypublicip]:4040 Local network address Http:// But when I test the connection the following error message appears: Connection failure. Resource not found, please check the server address. If I enter the URL http://[mypublicip]:4040
  4. Hi. My Raindsonic Drive Cages should accept both SATA and SAS drives, but when I insert one of my HP 3TB disks, they don't even spin up. (but isn't that the case with SATA drive aswell if they aren't receiving the proper signal from the controller?) The drives in question are HP HMRP3000S5xnN7.2 I'm connecting the drives directly to the motherboard (AsrocRack EP2C602) SATA interfaces which are controlled by the Intel chipset, I have steered clear of the Marvel controller as I understand that here are difficulties between these controllers and unRaid. I have tried a direct a
  5. Hi Everyone I'm facing a problem with the api sending the wrong string it is sending this one: https://[MYTRACKER]/couchpotato.php?imdbid=tt3731562&search=Kong%3A.Skull.Island.2017&user=[MYUSERNAME]&passkey=[MYPASSKEY] It doesn't return any hits If I alter the url to this: https://[MYTRACKER]/couchpotato.php?imdbid=tt3731562&search=Kong.Skull.Island.2017&user=[MYUSERNAME]&passkey=[MYPASSKEY] It returns multible hits. How can I modify this? I have found several fixes, but they include altering a file that I either don't have or that
  6. Hi. I've just added a fifth disk to my array, and wanted the my share to be able to take advantage of said disk, but I don't have the option do add a fifth disk (or a fourth for that matter). Is there anyone outthere that coould point me in the correct direction? Thanks L.
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    Maybe you guys can help me out here. I have a pair of SAS hdd's that I wanted to connect to my array, but the are not recognized. I have bought a backplane enclosure from raidsonic, namely the IB-565ssk, which supports both data and SAS disks. The disks are connected to the motherboard (to avoid confusion it is the above mentioned motherboard) to the ports xo trolled by the chipset, but they are not being recognized by unraid, a sata disk is mounted in the same enclosure and this is working as expected. As far as I can tell there isn't anything misconfigured in the BIOS, would i
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    Yes I've been quite fortunate on that part The full model number is EP2C602
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    Thank you for the input, I'll keep that in mind
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    For some time now I wanted to upgrade my homeserver, the one I have now is based on a 1st gen core i5 processor with 8GB of Ram sitting on an m-itx motherboard with only four sata connections. The four sata connections quickly became an obstacle to expand my array of harddisks. I solved that by buying a cheap Sata Controller I/O board, and to my surprise it actually worked very well. The Sata Controller allowed for an additional 4 Sata connections, which of course is great, but now I don’t have the opportunity to add other I/O cards because of the m-itx formats limitation of only having one pc
  11. Intro Vendor: Transcend Equipment: MTS400 M.2 256 GB Price: (On test date) £92.57 or 114.45$ Even though that I am satisfied with my 1st gen EliteBook 850 from HP it has always bothered me that the SSD that came with the 850 is only 128 GB. I am attending school as Data Technician, were we quite often are handling Virtual Machines, and as you can imagine; 128 GB with an OS installed, with project files etc. there isn’t much room for many Virtual hard drives. Luckily the 1st gen 850’ies have a slot for a m.2 SSD, but it is limited in length to 42mm. I began to scout the
  12. Thank you all The i3 processor is a great suggestion, but I'll go with my i5 for now, as I have that laying around. I will at a later point buy an xeon e3 12xx v3 to complete the build... Any suggestions on which I should settle on?
  13. Thank you for the reply. I think I'll go ahead and buy it, I will by some regular RAM if it should have trouble booting. L.
  14. Have I found a question to which the Interwebz doesn't have the answer?
  15. Hi Everyone. I guess the title of the thread is somewhat self explanatory. I want to upgrade my unRaid box, but as a poor student the money are scarce. So I wanted to do the upgrade in increments. I have an core i5 4570t and I have a couple of ecc ram sticks. The question is now would it work if I slap the ram sticks in the motherboard together with my 4570t? Obviously the ecc fuctionality wouldn't work, but would they function as ordinary ram? Thank you in advance L.
  16. It turned out it was a bad card. Got a new one from Amazon, installed it, and no problems ;D
  17. Thank you for the swift reply. The odd thing is that none of my drives are being shown in the POST (Picture attached) from here it just jumps to the unRaid boot screen. I've just updated the BIOS on my motherboard, still no luck. Next step I'll check if the sata controller is detectable in another system !UPDATE! SATA controller is DOA, it didn't show on my other system aswell.
  18. Hi Guys. I've just added an IOCrest IO-PCE9215-4I SATA controller to my unraid box. I ordered this on the backround of the hardware compatability page found here. But my 3TB WD red drive isn't recognised, it spins up, but doesn't show on either "main" menu or dashboard. The documentation states that "Linux distributions with kernel version 2.6.19 and above include inbox drivers for IDE/ATA device" (attached). I have had the drive connected via the primary sata controller onboard and there it shows, I have used another sata cable from the secondary pci-e satacontroller to th
  19. Update: It's up and running again (not that I had any doubt) It was really easy too; no hassel, and no nasty surprises!... And it had that same clean feel to it, as when you do a clean install on any other system, if you catch my drift Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Sounds easy enough, but with the free version you can only assign two data drives and one parity. Thanks for the tip, it could come in handy in the future
  21. ... Man that's a stone from my heart right there, thank's man My parity drive is a 3TB WD Red and my two data disks are 1TB Seagate something... So that shouldn't be much of a hassle (I will be carefully though)... Thank you again
  22. Hi all. I'm in a bit of a pickle... My motherboard died, and took my flash drive with it, now; my 3 disks spin up (I only have the free version for now), and they sound healthy enough. I'm now hoping to that downloadning a new Copy of the free version, and plugging that into the new motherboard would solve my predicament. What am I asking? Well does a new Copy of unRaid recognize my disks, and the data on them, or am I pretty much screwed? L
  23. Again thanks for the input... My plan is now to get a 3TB WD Red, and add that as a parity drive, and then later add more 3TB drives
  24. Hi. I'm the glad owner of the above mentioned motherboard, with an i5 650 CPU, and 8 gigs of ram. Now the motherboard only has 4 sata ports, and that isn't quite enough, as in the near future I'm going to upgrade from the free version to the plus version, and as you all know that gives me the possibility to add more drives . I've thought of buying a sata port multiplier (Can anyone recommend a card? a 1 > 4 port ), but I have trouble figuring out if my motherboard supports multipliers, does anyone have a suggestion of where I can find out, or even better does anyone know i