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  1. Hi again. Thank you for all your input. At the time I started the thread it made sense to partition the 3TB drive into 3 1TB bits, but now it doesn't To clarify; My goal is to have 1TB protected (1TB parity and 1TB Data) and a 3TB drive which won't be protected - at least for now... Thank you all L.
  2. Hi. Newbie to unRAID her.. first of, this is simply an amazing OS! nothing less! My current setup is plain: The sharp reader may have caught that I don't have a parity drive, but that will change in the near future, as I consider buying a 3TB drive to add to my array. But as I only require 1TB of backed up data I was wondering if it is possible to split the 3TB into 3x1TB chunks? So that my array would look something like this: I am aware of the fact that the 3TB disk wouldn't be protected, but that isn't that important, not until I'll get a second 3TB drive... Is that even possible, or do I use that 3TB disk as parity drive? Thanks in advance L.