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  1. All fixed now, seems I needed to have the advanced view enabled for it to then show the MySQL details. Once filled it, it all worked fine. Cheers
  2. Hi Sparklyball's, Having a slight issue with your Kodi-Headless docker. When trying to install, Select the docker from community repo plugin, set the location for the appdata on cache but when I click "create docker", no action happens. Already using the filezilla docker fine and a few others. Any ideas? Cheers
  3. Is there any chance of a TVHeadend Docker? Would it work with a USB tuner at all? Cheers
  4. Ahh Thanks, noticed it after I submitted my post! Just need a TVHeadend docker really before I try it out though
  5. Would be nice to see the following dockers created, then I might be able to give it ago and see if it performs any better than my Arch Xen image Requests: TVHeadend Madsonic / Subsonic Cheers
  6. Got this installed all working nicely. Just wanted to check that I am passing through the USB Correctly, Added the following to the bottom of arch.cfg: usb = 1 usbdevice = "host:xxxx:xxxx" Cheers
  7. Is anyone able to confirm this works? It was mentioned in the TVHeadend thread that USB Passthrough should be working in this release so just curious before I start upgrading. Cheers
  8. Awesome, Just to confirm, USB Passthrough working on this release in xen?
  9. I'd wait for Beta 4 if you want to pass through USB devices. Added support for USB devices is being added. Thanks, Atleast that gives me time to source a Cache drive and fit it into my N54L
  10. Going to be setting up Unraid 6 beta soon along with this VM, just wanted to check its easy enough to pass through a USB device to the VM?
  11. Hi, Recently started to get unraid setup with my N54L, having never used it before I was following the guide on the wiki and regarding the preclearing, I used the following command: preclear_disk.sh -r 65536 -w 65536 -b 2000 -A /dev/sdX Is this going to be a problem? As after I set the pre-clear's going, I read somewhere that I don't need the "-A" flag as I am running the latest beta? Thanks