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  1. Oh baby you're embarking on a fun project. I did the same kind of consolidation between April and May on my primary server; 23 drives down to 7. Took a week or so shuffling data between the old and new drives but I came out unscathed in the end, you will too. Measure twice and cut once! Be sure to sell your old drives after properly clearing. I recovered all upgrade costs and then some because of drive shortages and Chia demand... nice bonus for the efforts.
  2. Ya I caved in late last night and recreated the docker image. That corrected the error, but yes I agree something is up with the cache drive (it's a fairly old drive). I might swap it out for a new drive and replace the cable while I'm at it. For reference and future people that may stumble on this thread, the error line started with "BTRFS error (device loop2)". You can see the full log in the zip. It repeated over time and was definitely related to my docker image (Plex in this case). I was able to fix it by recreating the image, but I did so on a different drive. As I said abov
  3. Wondering if someone could take a look at my diagnostic output and give me an idea of what is going on and how I could fix this? It just started happening last night, both times mid Plex stream. I was forced to restart earlier today and everything seemed ok but it just happened again. Thanks! tower-diagnostics-20181125-2151.zip
  4. Well almost one month later, and one drive failure, I've finally migrated all my drives over to XFS (52TB's of data across 13 drives). I can safely say since I started the move, I have not had a single hard lock up like previously. The future will be the real test though since I was constantly stopping the array etc. to change the drives over after moving their data off. Thanks for the help. Hopefully it works.
  5. As I had mentioned, after this morning's freeze, I'm 90% sure this is a totally different disk from what I had experienced previously. I'm going to go with the scorched earth policy and just move my data and convert all the disks. Shouldn't take "too" long, and you're right, I should do it anyway (not knocking it, treated us fairly well over the years).
  6. Didn't even think of that, thank you for the suggestion. I bought a new drive anyway so I'll drop it in, format as XFS, move data over, format other drive and so on. Gonna be a pain in the ass but easy enough to accomplish since I have an empty drive to work with. Thanks again!
  7. I've had this happen a few times in the past few months and it's now frustrating enough to reach out about it. Occasionally I find that I can no longer access the server web interface or the shares to my server. Plex for instance becomes no longer functional as well. I can also no longer cleanly shut down the server. The login for the web interface will pop up and I try to log in but the actual WebUI itself will never load. I can connect to my VM's and they're functioning fine other than their ability to connect to their shares. As mentioned Plex no longer works. The shares are no
  8. This is no longer available. It sold for $350 for future reference. Included in Bundle: Supermicro X9SCM-F Server Motherboard Supermicro X9SCM-F IO Shield Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2 Processor - 3.3 GHz Intel CPU Heatsink Cooler and Fan SK Hynix 32GB (4x8GB) PC3-12800E Memory (1600Mhz) Perfect condition. Pulled directly from my ESXi build, has served me extremely well. Plenty of power and highly efficient. Runs vanilla unRaid without issue. IPMI has saved me a lot of frustration many times over... internal USB port is also an excellent feature to have. Asking for $350 via Pa
  9. ... If you need AD now and only need 7 drives, send me an email and we can work something out: tomm@lime-technology.com Heh heh heh, pretty much opening the flood gates on that one
  10. I'm with the dirtysanchez on this one. I use the 3TB 7200RPM 1TB platter drives for parity and data on servers that I need fast read/write access. I use the 4TB 5900 1TB platter drives for archival storage. I do not use the Red & NAS drives. By the time the drive is having issues, I've either outgrown it or the most current technology is better and worth the upgrade for me. I probably don't consume as much space rapidly as others. In complete agreement. Not worth it for me to pay the premium for the NAS drives because I get rid of my drives so quickly. I try
  11. Ugh tempting but I need one of the 4TB drives at the $130-140 mark... that's what I'm looking for lol.
  12. drealit

    Slim HDMI

    After I check monoprice, I always compare with meritline and then finally eBay. I've had very good luck this way.
  13. In some societies begging for someone to give you free stuff is considered rude. not to fuel it but +1...
  14. Awesome board, I've had it in my ESXi based server since Feb/March. Hasn't given me a single problem in unRaid 5.0 or ESXi 5.1.
  15. I had a similar issue where for some reason my network config was trying to manually assign the wrong DNS. I think this was from way back before I moved. This was an oversight on my part and a very simple fix. I wouldn't be surprised if you have the same thing occurring.
  16. My point was that this happens every 6 months when people get restless. It's time for people to wake up and realize that this is the way it is. We need to stop flooding the forum with useless demands for a final release. Tom will release final when it's ready to be released as a final. Some have misunderstood me... I am 100% against throwing a final label on something that Tom is not confident is close to 100% because yes a status of FINAL means more than just a label. He's trying to protect the hordes of users that are itching to throw a final on their machine in case there's something a
  17. Did you buy one? Do you know how many were sold? Where are the waves of these upset buyers? I've seen a few people request their servers ship with the current RC since it's just a label and plenty of people are using it just fine. There's no reason to rush a release, that causes more issues than it's worth.
  18. Final this, final that... round and round this forum goes endlessly. How about instead of making the same posts over and over, you just reread the old ones from the past and call it a day instead of spamming the same message every 6 months. Instead of complaining about not having a "final" label (which means nothing if you're forcing him to just drop it on there), how about be more constructive with your time and think of new improvements for the future or hell test for current bugs that haven't been found yet that could botch the entire FINAL product?
  19. I remember reading that this was an accident lol
  20. I didn't have connection issues but I did have speed issues on my 50/25 fios line. I think I received maybe 1MB/s down rather than 6-7 without it. Pretty significant sacrifice.
  21. I see what you did there Excellent news Tom, you can always expect my support.
  22. Yep, I give my warm spares a gauntlet's worth of preclears before I even begin using it. Hell I do that even with drives that I don't plan on using in my server.
  23. I use a 3TB drive as my cache drive. It acts as a warm spare. Several users on the forum do the same.
  24. I was not aware of the compatibility issues between the 1230v2 and multiple M1015. Worse, I just overhauled my rig with a X9SCM-F and 1230 v2 combo along with 2x M1015's.... I can safely say that I have been running great with 1 week of 100% uptime without issue so far. I don't plan on going to 3x M1015's. if that need were to arrive I would just buy an expander card and sell one of the 2 M1015's I already have.
  25. I remember I chose Pass-Through because I believed that RDM did not allow spin down, is that still true?