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  1. I pulled out an old Radeon card I had kicking around to play with and see if I could get it to work with Jellyfin I'm on RC2 now, setup the driver modprob.d thing From Jellyfin docs (basically same as Emby), you need to use this parm on the docker container: --device /dev/dri/renderD128:/dev/dri/renderD128 --device /dev/dri/card0:/dev/dri/card0 I did that, enabled VAAPI encoding in Jellyfin and tried playing a file.. it seems to be picking up the card, but transcoding is slooooow I'm thinking maybe my Radeon is just too old and does
  2. It's not official in Plex but have seen many comments from those getting it to work, but there is also Emby and Jellyfin who do seem to officially support AMD But it is good to know that this is now a possibility with unraid!
  3. Asked on reddit as well With the integration of the amdgpu drivers, does that now allow the use of amd igpu's from chips like 3200g and 3400g to be used in docker containers for transcoding, same as intel igpu's?
  4. Surprised this isn't getting any attention yet I am considering grabbing a 3400g and this would be icing on the cake! Would anyone know if there's a reason why this would not work?
  5. I'm sure I'm like many others who have accumulated quite a few docker containers, and the list seems to keep growing! Visually I would find it handy to be able to visually group containers so they are easier to find and mainly I just prefer to have things logically organised You can already sort and drag and drop them around but in the end it's still just a big list, I would find it handy to be able to create at the very least dividers and attach labels to them where I can create my groupings
  6. Similar to how you can create a .env file when using docker-compose, in other projects I would put a number of variables in here that I could use across a number of containers and reference them with ${VARIABLE_NAME} I use Traefik as my reverse proxy, setting up all those labels was a bit time consuming, setting up new containers would be simplified if I could have label values stored as variables that I could reference. If I ever change my host, I have a LOT of containers to update vs updating a single variable Also when testing mysql containers with predefined username and p
  7. Using archive.org I was able to back track to see the history of events that I missed over the years, you can download from archive.org too The 5.x series was the last to offer it So looks like my upgrade path to at some point get me to 6.x: 4.5.6 -> 4.7 -> 5.06 (This is where I will sit until I figure things out).. then once I'm ready to commit, I'm assuming I can then jump to 6 without too much trouble
  8. Not disputing the value of Unraid, I've certainly benefited quite a bit from using the free version Though I should have also noted that going forward I'm also not sure if I will be keeping a physical server or not, and until I know for sure and start to invest in hardware/software I would just like to at minimal get myself upgraded so something a bit newer than what I have now..
  9. Hey guys, I've been running my server for surprisingly quite some time now... surprising to me as I've just realised it's been going since 2010 on the same hardware! I"m still on version 4.5.6, where if you had just 3 drives it was free to run It's time to start thinking about adding more space, bigger drives etc. But first I want to ease my way up and it will likely take me months between each step (kids take ALL my time :)) So wondering what was the last version that allowed you to run for free still with the 3 drives? (assuming this option to run free is
  10. I should add that when this happened, I came home and found that my main pc had rebooted so it's likely there was a quick power interruption during the day and all my hardware was rebooted.. maybe in there something zapped the ethernet port on the motherboard The cable I swapped to was my spare I use to plug in for quick testing of laptops etc. so was on a different port than what the unraid server is typically on, but I'll try playing with other ports just to make sure something on the switch isn't gone funky I guess a nic card is cheap enough to give a try.. I'm assuming when I put
  11. Yeah, that's no dice.. did you look at my syslog?
  12. Hi guys, I've had my unRaid server running for almost 3 years now, a couple days ago I came home to find the tower inaccessible thru mapped drives or the web config, the tower is also no longer showing up on my router Checking the box and running the ifconfig eth0 returns no ip address What could have happened? The last operation I was doing (which I probably shouldn't do and rarely have done) was ripping a DVD using Handbrake directly to one of the drives.. this was in the morning, coming home from work and could no longer access the tower Before I run out and buy a ethern