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  1. i know you guys are moving stuff around but i looked around in the general forums and couldn't find the thread back need to find 5 in 3 docks for a new case i have in mind
  2. In Asia they are sold by ICUTE going to see if i find one in Thailand
  3. yep same :0 thinking of buying 2 more and remove the original bays ... i know i can remove the bays ... not sure if i can remove the fans yet but i guess a hacksaw can do miracles if needed i moved my parity drive into one of these docks and he stays cooler in there .... so might as well buy 2 more of these cheap puppies and no more hassles to remove a drive was today again in pantip plaza and saw a 20 bay case for 19.000 bath (divide by roughly 32 for us$) it is tempting me .... but it would mean i need to buy another mobo .... gonna have to sleep about that one
  4. why oh why they don't ship outside the US 16 disk case is the biggest i found so far in Pantip Plaza in Bangkok since i have already 12 drives in a midtower .... don't really see the need for a 16 drive case as it costs like double what i paid now for this case of course a 24 drive case would be ideal .... but like i said ... no norco's in pantip plaza... nor did a google search in thai do me any good guess we will have to be happy with maybe 2 unraid servers
  5. any plans to make the preclear script part of unmenu ? we have already a disk management tab just add a button for each drive in the "not in protected array" part of the screen and remove the cache drive from there ... he has his own section anyway on the main screen or you could make a new tab for it... then you can make a progress screen... just make sure the disks in the array can not be precleared would make it easier for us lazy people anyway love the preclear function... another 4 disks to clear and then can take advantage of all 12 drive
  6. OOPS ... didn't realise they were that big ... was 01:30 AM when i uploaded them ... reduced the pixels by half
  7. My First Build Inside the thing: Font and Back Front and Top Side and front while in my desk running Case is a NZTX, which has 2 times 4 bays good for 8 drives (with Fans) Only 7 drives there for the moment as I have broken one of the plastics to hold the drive, I ordered 2 new ones Added one 3 * 5.25” to 4 hotswap bay (no clue who makes them but it was the cheapest I found in Pantip Plaza) Motherboard is an ASUS P5B-Plus Vista edition CPU: E6550 core 2 duo 3 GB Corsair DDR2 800 6 onboard 3gbs sata ports through an intel ICH8 (I th
  8. Thx for the help Joe.L the rebuild tree solved the issue ended up with a lost+found folder though can not access that folder from the gui though can access it from putty ... only files and folders with a bunch of numbers as name in there is it safe to just rm -rf lost+found ? the parity led is still green after the file system check ... so i can just go ahead and add the new drive ?
  9. Thanks both for the info i ran reiserfscheck and it found a lot of problems it said i had to run --rebuild-tree to solve the issues running that now... if i am correct i will probably end up with a lost+found folder on that drive will my parity still be intact ? or do i need to run first a parity check (with our without correction through unmenu or just from the normal menu?) i have a new EADS 1TB disk that i want to add after this is done ..... in the hollidays the plan is to change the parity drive to a 2 TB and then add a few 2 TB drives any suggestions on a good
  10. hi all I am having a problem and i guess it is related to those damn EARS 4K drives i added one to my existing array filled it up to 800 gb and from then on i have nothing else then troubles i have SHFS going up to 100% of processor usage the moment i try to access the share and i get these in my logs Dec 17 21:34:50 p5bplus kernel: REISERFS warning: reiserfs-5082 is_leaf: free space seems wrong: level=1, nr_items=7, free_space=1936 rdkey Dec 17 21:34:50 p5bplus kernel: REISERFS error (device md4): vs-5150 search_by_key: invalid format found in block 51760081. Fs
  11. hi unraid 5 beta 2 running installed unmenu and everything works except from the package manager every time i go to the package manager .. i get the screen with no packages and i got this in syslog Dec 13 22:48:35 p5bplus unmenu[1559]: mkdir: cannot create directory `/boot/packages\r/': Invalid argument Dec 13 22:48:35 p5bplus unmenu[1559]: mv: cannot move `/boot/unmenu/airvideo-unmenu-package.conf' to `/boot/packages\r/': Not a directory Dec 13 22:48:35 p5bplus unmenu[1559]: mv: cannot move `/boot/unmenu/apcupsd-unmenu-package.conf' to `/boot/packages\r/': Not a directory
  12. just wanted to put this to your attention started out with the original 3 disk setup added now 2 disks and both show up Filesystem unkown everything works though as it is supposed to do... just a small esthetic issue i think i attached screenshot running unraid 5.02
  13. Same ISsue here cache drive not been used by unraid 5.2 he even spins down and sits there doing nothing will try the share folder trick that was mentioned above but if this is necessary shouldn't the system have made these folders ?