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  1. Have 15 gb made from the beginning but now sab doesn't want to start cause i am out of space the thingie says i am using 15 gb from the 15 gb available so i would like to increase the space with 5gb ... searched all over but can't figure out how to do this .... so please how is this done ?
  2. adding a 4th to be able to shut down the other 3 at night having now 2 running 24/7
  3. Hi guys, moving soon to my new home and i was wanting to make some changes to my setup but without spending too much money for the moment i have a w7 desktop and 1 unraid (TVRAID in my sig) running 24/7 and would like to reduce that to one machine i know already some of you guys going to say replace your hdd with 4 or 6TB ones and only use one unraid server but that is simply to costly for the moment ... would also need new case for that and waf would be around zero LOL so basically what i was thinking is to use a server i got for free (dl380 g8 with 2 x Xeons and 32 GB of ra
  4. Got same issue .... multiple blue arrows... upgrade it but blue arrows don't go away examples Mariadb, Dropbox, on one server crashplan and plex but on the other server both have green checks.... plex version is same on both servers though... crashplan too
  5. squid and everybody else who uses md5 or any other kind of checksum what are you using to make these? how automated is this? as i have like a million files on these servers.. would hate to do this one by one i thought i sawsome script but didn't have the time to try it yet but this would be my first priority after upgrading to beta9 seems that script was to find duplicates ...
  6. automated update in extensions not ready yet ? just asking tried to click check update but nothing found
  7. Hmmm ...... Maybe I should go update that thread... You jinxed it ... see what happens when you wake the death jonp has strong voodoo....
  8. I am the one who first reported it see also this -> so yeah i am running beta 8 with the loopback loop 8 for the dockerimage
  9. not wanting to piss anybody off ... especially not NAS or Needo or GFJardim but was just wondering when we are going to upgrade the baseimage? 0.9.13 was released end of August and although nothing in the release notes make me want to jump to a new image see -> i was just wanting to know what our criteria would be to change to a newer image?
  10. hi Joe server r2d2 server p8h67 r2d2 without the grep no parity running on that one for the moment (need to get salary to buy one.. just bought a house and other costs get priority
  11. you ave to add the templates to get these banners back see gfjardims post here
  12. just wanted to say it is a harmless error it is looking for the info in /sys/block/loop8/stat normally this file contains reads/writes and other info.... but since the drive assignation is deprecated to 3 digits is this messing up now if you go look for this real file you will see that it contains all zeroes so the outcome is not really helpful i guess but the error is annoying and it fills up the syslog
  13. it is definately a unmenu issue.... i narrowed it down to a line in unmenu.awk but my coding fu is not strong enough to figure out where the drive designation gets deprecated to 3 letters normal drive assignment in unraid is 3 letters (MD1/ SDA) so this deprecation is happening to loop8 to which makes it appear as loo... i put it in the unmenu thread in the hope Joe will have a look at it
  14. any way of solving this this is supposed to be loop8 i guess ... as it started after upgrading to beta8 with the looped docker image... been looking around myself a bit and i guess it comes from unmenu.awk line 2275 i assume somebody limited the drive assignment to 3 digits (SDA,SDB, and so on) whic explains the error for loop8 to be deprecated to loo just not sure where in this script to find that
  15. seems unmenu is not very happy with that loop thing Sep 5 19:38:20 R2D2 unmenu[2584]: cat: /sys/block/loo/stat: No such file or directory Sep 5 19:40:34 R2D2 unmenu[2584]: cat: /sys/block/loo/stat: No such file or directory Sep 5 19:42:37 R2D2 unmenu[2584]: cat: /sys/block/loo/stat: No such file or directory Sep 5 19:44:58 R2D2 unmenu[2584]: cat: /sys/block/loo/stat: No such file or directory Sep 5 19:47:02 R2D2 unmenu[2584]: cat: /sys/block/loo/stat: No such file or directory Sep 5 19:49:04 R2D2 unmenu[2584]: cat: /sys/block/loo/stat: No such file or directory Sep 5 19:51:08 R2D2 unme
  16. ok bare with me i am just thinking in the wild here so i update to beta 8 point the img to /mnt/cache/dock/docker.img set it to 20 gb what prevents me from doing a cp /mnt/cache/docker/*.* /var/lib/docker/ ? basically everything would be copied over? containers and images ?
  17. well limetech unraid is for media files... i have 45000 + tv episodes which brings my plex database up to about 1500000 small files which are a pita to transfer .... takes about 1 day to just move these ..... now i know with just having to rebuild my containers i don't need to move my data but still it is a lot of work ... download the docker zip.... make changes to the docker file.... then do a docker build and then make the container .... i know in your testing environment there is not such an abundance on files so i seems all easy to you but for us in the real world
  18. mmm that will require a lot of work and i was waiting if limetech would stick with this half assed solution by mounting this docker image he first lets us go through the trouble of converting our reiserfs cache disks to btrfs without a converting tool ... so moving off cache drive ... reformat ... putting on cache drive again and now he changes idea again and we need to docker build all our containers again ... cause i have custom containers which are not in your templates... if he can tell me how to copy my containers into this new image that would make things MUCH easier ..
  19. well like i said .. when i click check it says it is up to date ... no new versions show up... can i stop docker ... remove the plugin and install extension again ? or will i loose my templates like this? running beta 7 fyi
  20. gfjardim, version 2014.08.31 has a small bug ... when you try to update the docker from the docker page (not app page) then the popup is not showing... you get the text are you sure on top of the field with all containers but nowhere can you confirm..... it works though from the app page ..... also when i just did a check update to upgrade to new versions above it said it was up to date ... no new updates ... Just FYI oh yeah forgot to tell in both Chrome and Firefox i had the issue as i first thought it might have been a chrome quirk
  21. Don't let grumpy see that LOL he will yell blasphemy
  22. 10 points an a kiss of the female actress of his choice for Itimpi will wait for the parity check though .... :0 Tom Might need to add a error message for that .. would make things easier to spot
  23. oops here you go this should be boot from beta 7... 2 start attempts ... 1 start attempt with maintenance reboot same start attempts clean shutdown
  24. mmm we can still do docker builds ourselves i hope? cuase i read templates and then my heart jumps.... i have a few customized dockers that i download the zip from but build on my own unraid .....
  25. bug or normal expected behavior? ok while i was away my home got one of these one in a 3 months power outages and my servers where not shutdown cleanly yesterday i come back home see that beta 7 is release and since i did a parity check last week sunday i think ok since he is down now i take the flash drive and upgrade he can start with beta 7 and do a parity check with beta7 but he didn't want to start the array booted fine but when i push start the array didn't start not even in maintenance mode so changed 4 files back to beta6 and now he is running a parity check