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  1. Living in Thailand myself i used shipto several times in sata raid cards purchases and even an apple tv didn't try drives yet .... i started using shipto when i got a ridiculous import tax on something i ordered from monoprice ... tax was nearly same price as the shipment so i looked for different options ... and so far shipto never costed me import taxes
  2. mm wonder if it is not the cookie thing how you access your headphones ? aka <ip>:8181 or <hostname>:8181 ? if you use <hostname>:8181 then try accessing your unraid GUI by <ip> or vice versa
  3. all i can say it is working fine for me and a bunch of other people it would be nice to know though what your docker run line is... just a wild guess but you probably messed up ports ..... just a FYI i just got the little popup asking me to update in headphones (33 commits behind) clicked update and everything updated fine and no issues with any of the gui.... only thing i can think of really in your case is that or you are using this port 8181 already for something else or you made a mistake in the docker run port assignment
  4. [me=sacretagent]confirms the upgrade works [/me] just clicked the button and after a while it says completed (be aware the plex image = 75mb big and takes a while to download in the background) we got an extra playlists link on the webpage now not sure where these trailers are going to show up yet
  5. not really.... what i do is download the zip from the github page from needo uzip it into a folder on the cache drive make the changes to the edge file make sure you cd into the folder where you unzipped the files and then do a docker build -t needo/plexconnect . don't forget the Dot at the end this will build the image on your unraid machine and so you can use the above start line as it will find the needo/plexconnect image on the machine locally i do this for a lot of programs as i can see the progress the docker is making and can see where he hangs if needed .....
  6. i just checked and i am using a different edge file as needo too this is needo's #!/bin/bash # Does the user want the latest version if [ -z "$EDGE" ]; then echo "Bleeding edge not requested" else apt-get install -qy git mv /opt/plexconnect/assets/certificates/trailers* /tmp/ rm -rf /opt/plexconnect git clone /opt/plexconnect mv /tmp/trailers* /opt/plexconnect/assets/certificates/ fi # Generate SSL certificates if they don't exist if [ -f /opt/plexconnect/assets/certificates/trailers.pem ] ; then echo "SSL certs exist" else o
  7. i use this line docker run -d --host="r2d2" --name="plexconnect" -v /mnt/user/PlexConnect/assets/certificates:/opt/plexconnect/assets/certificates/ -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro -e EDGE=1 -p 80:80 needo/plexconnect works fine for me
  8. from the main website i recently changed usb drive and had the same issue by putting the key in the main /flash dir it has to be in /flash/config (if you look at it from a network machine or /boot/config if you look at it from unraid (winscp or something like that)
  9. upgraded without issues by using the update button on the docker page i know you are crusading with the development guys about the popup they are using and it is still same first series being scanned pops up but it doesn't change or disappears ...
  10. I would also be interested in like a master unraid to access the filesystems of all slave unraids ... in or out of the same box aka one user share for all boxes...
  11. HI this happened to me too after my first usb key gave up after 5 years of duty just send Tom an email with a copy of the old license and the uuid of the new key and you will have a new license in a couple of hours... if you still have the invoice of your payment that might also help speeding things up.... I added for good measure the error message from the syslog about the key .. not sure if it is required .... anyway make a backup of your key already .... and send tom the email ... lime-tech has always been good about replacing these licenses....
  12. wow 176 TB in a unraid server parity check for 2tb in my server is about 11 hours x 4 to get to 8 TB = 44 hours aka 2 days parity check ... guess downloading the internet is possible in the future
  13. well i can tell you the problem is there it was there when we had the normal plugins in unraid and it is still there with docker but with docker i don't have these nasty crashes any more (at least till now) biggest offenders are rsync eating up all i/o cycles have crashplan then running a scan and plex also doing a transcode then cpu gets a serious workout and swapfile is also getting bigger and bigger but like i said so far no crashes ... not even a docker that quits... i think unraid itself is getting the resources it needs but in my case i think it is the cache dri
  14. markyboy just start the docker again and once you did do a docker logs -f <apname> it will open a rotating log file and watch for any git error ..... it happens sometimes to me too due to git being swamped or my internet connection not being able to reach git for some reason once it gives an error do a ctrl-c to stop the log from rotating and copy paste the error here ..... but chances are when you try a second or third time that it will install ...... what you are seeing is the problem with needo's edge system ... it deletes the install dir and does do a git clone ...
  15. Needo's plexconnect works fine i use it every day as i have an apple tv 2 in my bedroom so in the evening i watch series with that Please be aware that if you have plexconnect running already from my plugin that you first before installing needo's docker as a best practise make a backup of your ssl keys/certs which are in the folder <your patch to plexconnect>/assets/certificates i had the docker overwrite mine but since then needo updated the docker already with my advice ..... normally should not happen again ... but better be safe.... just would hate you to have to hac
  16. markyboy you have to remember that the container listens to 8085 so the command above should be if you want to use 5299 for port or you can change the dockerfile of course and rebuild it on your machine
  17. just an update... all installed fine this morning... so need to blame saturation of my isp's network i guess... also plex issue auto restart issue is solved with reinstalling the plugin ... not sure what caused that....
  18. if you just copied over the 6 beta 6 files to your unraid 5 stick than i would start disabling all packages you installed with unmenu as most of them are x86 packages for your temperature you can try typing sensors in the terminal and see if that gives you an output and then i guess a good soul will need to adapt that package in unmenu for x64 my output from the sensors command movieraid TVraid you will probably be needing some package ...
  19. any way of seeing the progress of the docker build/pull ? trying to install crashplan with this new gui.... but i am waiting and waiting and drink a beer and waiting and waiting ........... and drinking 30 minutes so far nothing moves ... /var/log/docker.log shows me this seems he is pulling.... also in my other server i can't seem to set needo/plex to autostart i tick it ... the page refreshes and it is unticked again ...
  20. PSSSSTTT barkley manages everything at plex
  21. So your back to using MySQL over mariadb? Yeah just because at the time i changed the mariadb docker was not out yet .... so i am using tutum/mysql:5.5 long story short i was messing with tutum lamp to get newznab running... and saw the mysql docker also... i might change .... not sure yet... i think crashplan is still running on the ubuntu image so no need to change... the moment crashplan changes to use the phusion baseimage then i might change to eliminate the ubuntu 14.04 image
  22. yep as simple as that ... I did mysql plugin to mariadb plugin and now back to a mysql docker LOL all without losing anything .... just be sure that your mysql folder has everything all mysql/mysql permissions and everything will be fine
  23. Soana Please stop the container, rm the container, rmi the image you got and try again my fault ... did a git pull without having .git on the dir should work now....
  24. Docker for Headphones -> Currently maintained by Rembo10 Completely based on needo's couchpotato docker so all credit goes to him... This will install by default the last stable release