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  1. Just tested with Unraid 6.9.0 beta1, finally can boot with this i7 9700T!!! Thank you everyone for your help! So I can just wait for Lime Tech to release 6.9? or Report to Lime Tech so that they may use more updated kernel in next release?
  2. Tried Ubuntu, MX Linux and Debian in the last couple days and the CPU can only boot with Arch Linux (this comes with 5.5.6 kernel). So I guess this CPU have some compatbility issues with Unraid or other Linux with earlier Kernels. Maybe I should try Unraid 6.9.0-BETA1 coz it's kernel has been updated to 5.5.8. To eliminate the chance of a faulty processor, I also ran Prime 95 for 24 hours on Windows 10 without any issues, so I think the CPU should be in good shape.
  3. Yeah, I heard 9700k works with Unraid. I did some burn tests (Aida64, Superpi, etc) with 9700t on Windows 10 and didn't see any problems with this CPU haha, so weird.
  4. Yes, tried safe mode and all the modes and no luck. Forgot to say I ran Memtest86 for 24 hours with the i7 9700t without any errors.
  5. Hi, I got a i7 9700t and it seems this CPU isn't compatiblie with UNRAID (I used 6.8.2). I tried this CPU on 3 different motherboards and all failed at the booting stage (sometimes with error "end trace" and sometimes with "end Kernel panic - not syncing: Machine halted"). I also tried different flash drives and got same results. Since it couldnt' even boot, I couldn't find any system logs. I've been using a i7 8700t ES version for a year and it works perfectly fine with UNRAID on these boards. Three motherboards I tried: AsRock H310CM-ITX/ac Asus