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  1. Update on Adaptec 71605, I have model 71605Q bought used from a recycle store. 16 drives on 4 sas cables. Running on unRaid 6.1.6 Flash the 71605 controller card bios to version 32033. I found it easiest to create a bootable USB drive, then unzip the download file onto the USB drive. Assuming only 1 (ONE) sata controller you have installed is the one you want to flash, boot the PC to dos from the USB drive, then type: "afu update" (without the quotes). This will start the sata controller card bios update and then verify, then tell you when to reboot. To date, my experimenting has shown only the 32033 bios to work properly. One last tip, when writing the afu.exe and the bios file to your USB drive, make certain you use the two files from the same downloaded zip file. I found you can't simply overwrite the bios bin file and run it. The AFU.exe must be hard-coded to update only the bin file it was packaged with. Edit: After successful flash and reboot, access the controller bios by keying ctrl-a when the controller is booting. Edit the controller and change to "HBA" mode.