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  1. Perfect! I thank you all for the kind and lightning fast replies...I think i will document my plugin settings in case anything goes wrong, backup the USB and give this a whirl - I didn't want to get a new USB if I didn't have to.
  2. I think I have hit upon a more palatable solution - go to plugins, choose Install Plugin and drop this link in https://s3.amazonaws.com/dnld.lime-technology.com/stable/unRAIDServer.plg The only thing I'm not sure of is what folder to install the .plg file in? I don't see the unRAIDServer.plg file (but that makes sense since I would have built the original on my laptop and it went into the root folder - that doesn't appear to be a choice from Install Plugin. Does anybody know if you don't choose a subfolder, does the Install Plugin link default install in /boot ? If it does, that might work.
  3. Yeah - it is THAT Old...6.3.5 - the "upgrade" link points to 6.5.3 which is no more. I was thinking about the license key and the fixation that Unraid has on the "authorized" USB stick. I wouldn't mind getting a NEW USB - installing 6.8.3 on it (it would become a trial) and then I guess I would have to copy my license key to the new USB and do a license transfer? I've never done a license transfer, so, if that's all wrong, please forgive my ignorance. Been 3 years since I messed with Unraid - haven't had to - it's been fine. Oh - thanks for the link - I've read that a few times, got to the point of pulling the trigger a couple times and decided to wait since we were about to start using the server heavily...now kicking myself. Oh - I found this link for if the upgrade link fails...wonder if I can make that work from my existing system? https://s3.amazonaws.com/dnld.lime-technology.com/stable/unRAIDServer.plg I'll be checking this while I wait. Thanks All!
  4. I looked around a bit after I got an error upon hitting the Update button and getting the (Invalid URL / Server error response) because 6.5.3 is long gone. I can download the trial and upgrade, but how do you install it on the existing USB manually (and get the upgrade to hand everything off from 6.3.5) to 6.8.3? Are there any guides or tips on doing that? (I know, stupid, waiting this long...but it just works.) Thanks in advance.
  5. I did it, but the use was strictly to setup a USB based SSD to host my dockers for Serviio and minidlna. No issues other than I had a hard time getting all the settings for Serviio mapped to the right device - that kept two drives spun up for a while but that was sorted in December and since then - no drives spinning - Serviio works fine, serves my smart TVs and a couple of Rokus with content. Nothing wrong with Serviio - I just did some dumb things while setting the dockers up. I did set the SSD to automount. Also, my system is fairly static - just has 13.5 TB of storage currently and all my drives are pretty full. I *DO* understand your dilemma with being maxed on SATA ports - been there for a year.
  6. At least unraid and fix common errors is good now. Now I will work on the Roku boxes...they no longer like the content (won't accept any from the server) but nothing changed on the server side except the docker settings...I suspect I need to go turn the scraper setting back on in the Web interface. Thanks again! UPDATE: For anyone interested - I found the cause of the missing content. There was an update for Serviio this morning. It recreated without the drive mappings for my media. Everything is being rescraped right now.
  7. That was helpful...missed that stupid Basic/Advanced toggle switch...Dang it.
  8. I did try early this morning. There is no edit button for the Appdata Config path. If it were a Host Path, I could edit it. In reviewing some of the screenshots I took yesterday - it looks as if when this path was defined on Disk 2, it DID have an EDIT and a REMOVE button, but it does not have either one now? You're not wrong - I don't understand anything about Dockers, I get the benefits of them, but setting them up can be difficult for me. Thanks for your patience.
  9. I am having a new issue...anybody know what to do here? I got my drives to spin down (YAY!) but now the docker either doesn't serve content or I blow the container to bits trying to satisfy Fix Common Errors. A screenshot is attached. Here is what I did. I didn't try running anything from the docker after changing it last night. I just changed the container mappings so nothing is stored on a share on my drives - that is what was keeping drive 2 up all the time and because drive 2 was up, parity was also up. It was late, so I went to bed. This morning, I had an error reported from Fix Common Errors...it was suggesting that I needed a "/config" mapping for the config data - that mapping was already in Advanced Settings. Fix Common Errors also wanted me to set this mapping to RW Slave. So, I created a new duplicate /config mapping and set it to RW Slave (I think I did it right but obviously not) - when I pressed Apply - the command fails. (duplicated /config) So, if I leave /config just in the Advanced subfolder, the app will run but I get the error in Fix Common Errors since you cannot set that mapping in there to RW Slave. Plus, I found out that now no content plays on my Rokus. Any suggestions on how to correctly satisfy both criterion?
  10. And one hour later - both Dockers are running and ... All though the house, not a drive is spinning, not even one as small as a mouse.... Thanks guys! EXCELLENT diagnosis and recovery...
  11. Funny thing - I totally missed that Serviio makes reference to a config path, but I did not have one directly assigned. I guess it put it where it liked (it WAS "required") and I didn't catch it until now. (Probably on the disk with the most space at the time.) Bah! Humbug! Do these look like they have been reassigned correctly? The dockers restarted without an error after the modification. Is there an easy way to destroy the appdata share created on Disk 2? I'll know in a bit, if drive 2 spins down...no worries. Squid - thanks for clarifying that you CAN point these to a UD data storage device...it's nice to be able to deploy a docker to a temporary device to "try it out" and if you don't want to keep it, remove it from unraid, format the USB device and you're done. That is kind of how this started...I tried several media servers - minidlna worked fine until I got my roku devices...those needed some transcoding ability. I stumbled through the config for them and they worked, so I didn't spend a lot more time on them, but the configs have been wrong all this time. All I knew was that it was running my drives all the time and that is NOT GOOD for drive longevity. Happy New Year!
  12. Looks like you're right on the money...it doesn't appear to be possible to relocate this to the UD share I created...the only options in the dropdown are Disks 1 2 or 3. I cannot choose the Unassigned Disk share. So, when I do my upgrade, I guess one of the checkboxes for me is to install an actual Cache disk - at least then I can select it. This says that disk 2 is where the data for both of my dockers reside, so it makes sense that while the docker is active, the disk will be polled, even if there is no one watching anything. At least that solves the mystery. Attached are the two screenshots in the hope that this might help someone contemplating a similar move. Thanks, Saarg! BTW, do you know if there is any way to relocate this for the time being to the Unassigned Disk share, just is it possible? I know you could choose NO for the cache disk option, but I don't know if that allows you to use a UD share.
  13. Sorry - misunderstood - here are 2 shots of the settings for appdata...
  14. I am running this currently from a drive added using Unassigned Devices. (I had to - out of SATA ports and I needed to run a docker to share data with some Rokus.) If you can't see what you need from this shot - let me know how to get it and I'll post it a little later - I have to go do a couple of errands. I am ready to upgrade this system to an old motherboard from my son's computer upgrade, so I am about to have a bunch of shiny new SATA ports and I can deploy a more normal cache drive setup. You think this might be caused by the assignment via Unassigned Devices? (By the way - this drive is a USB3 based SSD - kinda like a big thumbdrive - but it is on a USB2 so that's the max speed - it isn't sluggish to respond, but it isn't like it would be if it was a real ssd on a real SATA port. It is fast enough for me.) So - it has no cache settings, since it is just a drive attached to the array but outside the array? It automounts on system start, but there is no cache anything enabled?
  15. And it's been more than 30 minutes since I changed the settings and drive 2 is still spun up...so the search continues. I did go read on the Serviio website but, as expected, dockerized apps are another can 'o worms. They did have some mentions of dockerized versions of Serviio, but it's all over the map - there was 2-3 for unraid, mostly for building a dockerized image, so I came back here.