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  1. I have the same issue with i915 driver and Plex HW transcoding causing a complete system hang, the only way I can get the system going again is the HW reset button. I have a Core i5 2390T which supports Quick Sync and I've tried the various methods mentioned previously to try and resolve the issue. For me I can play only a few seconds with Plex reporting HW transcoding then the system freezes, nothing displayed in any logs. I have an i5 2400 so will try that also just to rule out any issue with the CPU. Has anyone on this thread had any more joy with this issue ?
  2. Hi, I installed the system stats plugin a few days ago and the real time function works fine, but if I select last day or any other selection in the drop down I don't get anything displayed. Do I need to carry out some additional work to get this historical data to show ? Thanks!! edit: I don't have a /var/log/sa folder, do I need to manually create that ?
  3. Just to add I've spent a considerable time today trying to figure out why Plex could no longer communicate with tvhproxy, turns out this bug is the reason. I did a reboot of unRAID and all started working again. This should have a priority of Minor at least, not Annoyance as functionality is affected.
  4. Thanks, all working fine now. Love the new look, well done !
  5. Here you go below. Perhaps ? I am running Android 11 on Pixel 3A.
  6. Hi, this is the log as I click the Add button on the app and receive the error message: root@Tower:/var/log# killall controlr root@Tower:/var/log# root@Tower:/var/log# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/controlr/controlr -port 2378 -certdir /boot/config/ssl/certs -showups I: 2021/07/18 21:01:43 app.go:59: controlr v2021.07.11a|2.23.2 starting ... I: 2021/07/18 21:01:43 app.go:67: No config file specified. Using app defaults ... I: 2021/07/18 21:01:43 app.go:269: cert: found Tower_unraid_bundle.pem I: 2021/07/18 21:01:43 app.go:77: state(&{Name:Tower Timezone:Europe/London Version:6.9.0 CsrfToken:57DC2E997527AA2C Host: Origin:{Protocol:http Host:Tower.local Port:80 Address:} Secure:false Cert:Tower_unraid_bundle.pem UseSelfCerts:false}) I: 2021/07/18 21:01:43 core.go:81: starting service Core ... I: 2021/07/18 21:01:43 core.go:320: Created system sensor ... I: 2021/07/18 21:01:43 core.go:350: No ups detected ... I: 2021/07/18 21:01:43 server.go:92: Starting service Server ... I: 2021/07/18 21:01:43 server.go:111: Serving files from /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/controlr I: 2021/07/18 21:01:43 server.go:168: Server started listening http on :2378 I: 2021/07/18 21:01:43 api.go:46: Starting service Api ... I: 2021/07/18 21:01:43 api.go:95: Api started listening https on :2382 I: 2021/07/18 21:01:43 app.go:87: Press Ctrl+C to stop ... ⇨ http server started on [::]:2378 ⇨ https server started on [::]:2382 I: 2021/07/18 21:02:13 api.go:167: received /origin {"time":"2021-07-18T21:02:13.817266726+01:00","id":"","remote_ip":"","host":"","method":"GET","uri":"/origin","user_agent":"okhttp/3.12.12","status":200,"error":"","latency":135920,"latency_human":"135.92µs","bytes_in":0,"bytes_out":78} I: 2021/07/18 21:02:29 api.go:129: received /info I: 2021/07/18 21:02:29 api.go:137: info({Version:2 Wake:{Mac:70:85:c2:f0:72:99 Broadcast:} Prefs:{Number:., Unit:C} Samples:[{Key:FAN Value:2795 Unit:rpm Condition:neutral} {Key:BOARD Value:45 Unit:C Condition:neutral} {Key:CPU Value:46 Unit:C Condition:neutral}] Features:map[sleep:false]}) {"time":"2021-07-18T21:02:29.885895642+01:00","id":"","remote_ip":"","host":"","method":"GET","uri":"/api/v1/info","user_agent":"okhttp/3.12.12","status":200,"error":"","latency":13157670,"latency_human":"13.15767ms","bytes_in":0,"bytes_out":339}
  7. root@Tower:/var/log# cat /var/local/emhttp/network.ini | grep IPADDR IPADDR:0="" IPADDR6:0="" root@Tower:/var/log#
  8. root@Tower:~# cat /var/run/nginx.origin http://Tower.local:80 root@Tower:~#
  9. Hi, I've tried a restart and a reinstall of the plugin but still the same issue. I don't use SSL and use port 80 (I'm running 6.9.0) On the GUI I don't see any dockers or VMs:
  10. I can't add my server, keep seeing a weird error as per screenshot.
  11. Just had this same issue with "guest has not initialized the display (yet)", deleting the VM (keeping the image) and re-creating fixed it. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for all your work on this, completely understand. It's been great to use. [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  13. Excellent thanks. So I presume the 5G just sets the highest amount of memory it can allocate from my total of 32GB, to stop it overwhelming the whole system.
  14. Thanks, the ES is working again for me. I have never adjusted shared memory before so will have to read about that, currently it reports 16% with the 5G default from the template, my server has total 32GB installed.
  15. I did use swag to access zoneminder remotely without use of my VPN for a while, worked ok. Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  16. Thanks, appreciated! Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  17. Well, just gone through this all again several times with complete cleans installs and still get this error: root@ea33b3d5e334:/var/lib/zmeventnotification/bin# sudo -u www-data ./ 1 1 Traceback (most recent call last): File "/var/lib/zmeventnotification/bin/", line 27, in <module> import zmes_hook_helpers.utils as utils ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'zmes_hook_helpers' Anyone recently done a fresh install of this docker in last few days and got ES working ?
  18. This docker used to work for me fine but recently (last few weeks?) I noticed I've not being receiving any zmNinja alerts. Digging further I notice that something has caused one of the zmninja scripts to fail (this script is used to test your config # sudo -u www-data /var/lib/zmeventnotification/bin/ 1 1 Traceback (most recent call last): File "/var/lib/zmeventnotification/bin/", line 27, in <module> import zmes_hook_helpers.utils as utils ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'zmes_hook_helpers' So I've just done a brand new install of this docker from scratch (deleted old image and appdata) and enabled hook processing and yolo v4 options on the docker screen. Once installed I went into ZM options and enabled OPT_USE_EVENTNOTIFICATION, rebooted and then tried the above command again and it fails in the same manner :-( Looks like something has broken the docker ZM event notification ? I did notice some errors relating to scikit-learn failing to install when the docker installed ?
  19. I'd like to know the answer to this also....
  20. I have been using this same VM config for over a year without any issues so doubt its that.
  21. Have a strange issue. When I try and start one of my Windows VMs unRAID GUI reports an I/O error accessing the VirtIO drivers which are on a share /mnt/user/Downloads, and the VM fails to start. Then, I see that the parity disk is disabled?..... To try and resolve the issue I have already tried: 1. Shutdown & poweroff 2. Reseat all SATA cables 3. Stop array, unassign parity drive 4. Start array so parity drive forgot 5. Stop array, assign parity drive 6. After 7hrs odd parity drive is rebuilt with zero hours reported anywhere After I try and start the VM I see in syslog: Jul 25 22:19:10 Tower kernel: ata7.00: disabled Jul 25 22:19:10 Tower kernel: print_req_error: I/O error, dev sdg, sector 244304594 Jul 25 22:19:10 Tower kernel: XFS (sdg1): metadata I/O error: block 0xe8fca92 ("xlog_iodone") error 5 numblks 64 Jul 25 22:19:10 Tower kernel: XFS (sdg1): xfs_do_force_shutdown(0x2) called from line 1232 of file fs/xfs/xfs_log.c. Return address = 0xffffffffa023f5de Jul 25 22:19:10 Tower kernel: XFS (sdg1): Log I/O Error Detected. Shutting down filesystem Jul 25 22:19:10 Tower kernel: XFS (sdg1): Please umount the filesystem and rectify the problem(s) Jul 25 22:19:10 Tower kernel: sd 7:0:0:0: [sdg] Synchronizing SCSI cache Jul 25 22:19:10 Tower kernel: sd 7:0:0:0: [sdg] Synchronize Cache(10) failed: Result: hostbyte=0x04 driverbyte=0x00 sdg is my parity drive so: 7. Start drive maintenance mode, run a xfs_repair on the cache XFS drive - all OK 8. Run SMART test, all OK Any ideas what is wrong, how to fix and especially why the parity drive is disabled when it appears the issue is related to my cache drive ? Diagnostics attached. Thanks. edit: left the system running memtest86 overnight although a quick test everything seemed fine
  22. You mean TV headend? Guess I could look at that but no experience as use sagetv, dvb plugin screen a bit broke now after downgrading so driver not reported but it reports the card tuners fine. Will investigate Linux commands to run a channel scan. Guess otherwise will have to switch back to PCI passthrough and Windows [emoji26] Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  23. Tbs6285 tune in sage directly Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  24. OK, any idea why DVB-T channels work OK and it's just the DVB-T2 (HD) channels that won't work ? Seems a bit strange. Where should I log an issue ?
  25. Hi, I was running 6.3.5 with the official TBS DVB drivers with no issues (TBS 6285 tuner). I upgraded to 6.4.0 and then only had 2 options for TBS drivers, open source or crazycat. So I tried opensource but that driver does not work with any DVB-T2 (high definition) channels, it fails to find them or tune to them (I am using SageTV). So, I tried crazycat and the same issue :-( I backed out back to 6.3.5 and all working OK again. Can we get the official TBS DVB drivers that were in 6.3.5 as an option with unraid 6.4.0 ? Thanks!