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  1. Yes, this is an issue. Obviously it's not a high priority one.


    Rationale is that by default any multi drive pool IS protected, and it takes a deliberate action to change that, and if you select RAID0 or single, you will know that the pool no longer is protected.


    It still needs to be fixed though.

  2. 1 hour ago, dopeytree said:

    Unraid is full of bugs

    To be fair, most of the issues we see here on the forums isn't technically limetech's software. In your AMD example, the best limetech can do is pick the least buggy version of the drivers provided. When they update to the latest driver from third parties, who knows how it will play out. If you document the issue and it's solvable by rolling back the AMD code, that's what will happen. Hopefully all these sorts of issues get caught early in the rc cycle and get ironed out of the full release.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, dumurluk said:

    I don't believe partitioning was ever a requirement when I set my servers up. The process was just format, label, unzip the files and run the make bootable script.

    It was assumed the factory would put a single partition on the USB stick. This was valid for a large percentage of sticks, but some manufacturers tried to be cute and add partitions with various functions, like U3

  4. I can't remember where I saw it, but at some point in the past I seem to remember that it wasn't always required to partition a flash drive, formatting the entire device without a partition defined is somewhat supported. How supported, depends on the implementation of the OS.


    Perhaps looking for a valid FAT system on the /dev/sd? device itself as well as parsing the partitions?

  5. 1 hour ago, ncoolidg said:

    I know you should never do file operations between the two. Like copy a file from /user to /disk. Any other risks?

    Nope. As long as you stay cognizant of the fact that a file will appear in two locations, and the computer isn't smart enough to keep you from overwriting (and subsequently erasing) what appears to be a second copy but isn't, you are fine.


    In fact as long as you are careful and don't interact with the file's twin in the same operation, you can mix user and disk shares. *(shh, don't tell anyone)* It's just easier to make a blanket statement to never do it, because most people aren't careful enough or think through what seems to be a perfectly innocent operation that ends up nuking their data. Once you are thoroughly familiar with how user shares work and how disk shares are melded together to make the user shares it's pretty obvious what is and isn't ok to do.

  6. 11 minutes ago, msryhajw said:

    Tested OK in Safe mode with GUI

    Then one of your plugins is causing it. Remove 1/2 of the plugins, test, if it's ok add back 1/2 of the remaining. If it's still messed up, remove another 1/2 of the running plugins. Use logic to determine the culprit, then post in the specific plugins' thread that caused the issue.

  7. Would making the match fuzzier help or hurt? I get that it would be VERY BAD to get a false positive match, but is there anything you could do to make the false negatives less prevalent without introducing any false positives? Maybe parse the old device string for underscores, dashes, spaces, and only compare the alphanumeric strings between the separators? That way aaa - bbb and aaa__--__bbb would be detected as the same device?