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  1. Can you show us a screenshot of the error you are receiving and please attach your system diagnostics.
  2. What kind of router / network setup do you have? This is very likely a network issue, not an Unraid issue, otherwise we'd be seeing reports of this same behavior all over the forum and as far as I can tell, this is the first time I've ever even heard of an issue like this. Not trying to pass the buck, but your diagnostics don't show anything that stands out to me. Maybe @bonienl has more insights, but from what I can see, the problem may be stemming from somewhere else. Have you tried assigning a different static IP, replacing your router or switch, or cables at this point?
  3. Hi BitForce and thank you for all of this candid feedback! We always appreciate the insights from our users. Allow me to address some of what you wrote. Backups This is a really great suggestion and one we have definitely talked about a lot internally. I can't comment much more than that right now, but know that in the meantime, there are a plethora of community-supported solutions for this. App Ecosystem Again, really great feedback and some of those things are already available in beta form (e.g. remote access). I like a lot of the other ideas you have in there as well!! Questions Regarding ZFS support, yes, it is still on the horizon for future inclusion. I can't speak to when each specific sub-feature of ZFS will be UI-controllable, and as far as migrating data is concerned, there will be no support for in-place filesystem conversions, so make sure you don't put the cart before the horse on this one. As far as providing you insights on our vision for the future, all I can say is that we are committed to growing this community substantially. Other than that, I cannot provide comments on specific features or speak to a 3-5 year roadmap.
  4. Hi there, Please attach your system diagnostics to this post so we can review.
  5. Hi everyone! Are you struggling to find a last-minute gift for that tech-savvy friend of yours? What about hooking up your IT staff with a way to build their own home lab? Unraid is the perfect gift for that techie you love this holiday season! Just visit and click "Buy Now" under any of the key types. Instead of a full blown registration key, you will be given an activation code that you can give to your friend/loved one/coworker/employee to use whenever they want! Spread the home server love with Unraid!! IMPORTANT NOTE: This is brand new to our website. Previously you had to have a running server to initiate the purchase process for a registration key. This new method is ideal for gift-giving!
  6. That's unfortunate. If anyone can screen capture the event occurring and show the browser debug info, that would be really helpful. I don't think this is an issue with Unraid OS itself as much as it is with the GUI (javascript, html, css).
  7. Ok, I will attempt to recreate the bug and if its easily reproduceable, it will be easily fixable.
  8. This is going to be a real bear to figure out ;-). I definitely think this is related to CPU assignments and NUMA nodes. Will keep investigating...
  9. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. With respect to the first issue with adding multiple 9p mount points, are you saying that the UI is preventing you from adding more than 1? If so, this is a bug and we'll need to add this to the Bug Report board for tracking the issue.
  10. Hi there, Saw your request into support. We honestly have no idea what exactly happened here and given that so much time has passed since the issue first occurred, we really don't have any way to reproduce this issue at this point. The best advice I can give you is to manually delete the hidden folder via command line and recopy the data without using a proprietary program like Robocopy. I think that is the source of your issue. If Robocopy is creating directories that don't show up when browsing over SMB, but copying files regularly over SMB works fine, then the issue is with Robocopy and I would suggest opening a support ticket with them to get additional help.
  11. Correct. Server should be discoverable or you can go to All the best, Jon
  12. Hi there, Please reboot using safe mode. This is likely an issue caused by plugin incompatibility. Also, please refrain from posting in general support for assistance with issues on RC or beta releases. The pre release bug report forum is the right place to post issues like this.
  13. This system has two physical socketed CPUs though, yes? And did you have to do anything special to align the GPU and memory allocations on the previous versions of Unraid?