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  1. Hi all It's not often I write in forums or express my opinions. But today is a day I feel I must. I have been using unraid for quite a few years now. I believe it's been over 5 years. But for the life of me cannot find the email from when I bought my licence. When I embarked on the journey of wanting raid like features but without actually using a traditional raid. I looked over loads of options and even bought and tried FlexRAID and thought it was working well until I had a drive failure that it did not warn me of and data lost because it refused to recove
  2. Hi All So far for the last few years I have been running a hp n54l without any issues. However as my needs has grown the N54L is starting to show its age. So its time to move on. One of my main issues is as I have an extra 4 drives connected to the Esata is speed. My write speed sucks and the cpu at times tops out. So the plan is below and my reasoning behind it. But if anyone has any better ideas or a reason it will not work please let me know. So going to pick up a HP DL380e with space for 14 drives and a hp H220 as this can it seems be flashed to IT mode.
  3. 4gb ram mem usage 25%. I hardly run anything its just a huge file server for me
  4. Im sure I replied to this. I must of been drunk or asleep. anyway amazon had a special on WD drives so just picked up 2x 6tb for £84 each. Guessing they will be blues inside. I just hope I can make them do a pre-clear in the enclosure as I want to see if they have any issues or fail before I break them free from there cages. But yea they are all good choices and some of them meet my I like to do things cheap budget
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I did look at a few options. Rockpi however the support seems lacking and a few people have hit brick walls with no answers. I did look at the 4k fire stick however I thought with kodi running and how big my library is I would run out of space for the image library. I did see osmc at £100 that supported 4k. Going to look at the N2 now. The shield is a backup option as well if nothing else suits my needs... Wish they would just bring out a 4k rpi
  6. Hi All Been a long time forum lurker never really felt the urge to post. Over the years I have used various solutions to backup my data and at one point was considering a DROBO (I know but I know better now) I wanted something where I could grow my storage as drives got bigger or just add another drive as needed. And other solutions just did not fit my needs. (I did try and pay for another bit of software that failed me hard when a drive failed). I decided on the n54l microserver after reading the forums and got a really cheap deal for it. (its running up to 9 drives an