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  1. 1 minute ago, markinsutton said:

     I did try this, all containers reported they where updated but when I opened home assistant it wasn't the latest version,  I will try again maybe I missed a step 

    I don't know home assistant personally, but some dockers might not be running the latest version of software within them, even although the docker itself is the latest version.  For example, I could set up a docker myself deliberately running an old version of Plex.  The docker itself would be up to date, but the software within it is not.


    Sometimes docker developers deliberately don't run the latest version, or haven't got around to updating the version their docker has.  Sometimes dockers are set to check and install the latest version by restarting it.  Depends on who's written the docker, and the software within it.

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  2. 1 minute ago, markinsutton said:

    I am a noob so don't understand where I need to enter this fix for this bug, do we know when 6.8 is going to be released or does anyone know a step by step guide what I need to do to get my linux containers to update? sorry but not sure what to do. 


    On 9/24/2019 at 3:29 PM, Cessquill said:

    The fix is to install the CA Auto Update plugin

    If you don't have it installed, install the above plugin from Community Applications.  Then rescan all of your dockers for updates to flush it through.  That's it.

  3. 28 minutes ago, dgs2001 said:

    Confirmed this bug is still present despite latest updates to CA plugin.

    The fix is to install the CA Auto Update plugin, and this works fine (or, hasn't had any problems I've read about in this thread), and then rescan for docker updates to flush things through.  Note, this isn't the Community Applications plugin, but the CA Auto Update plugin.


    6.8 is not available yet (unless you know something I don't).

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  4. Well done on finding and fixing this guys.


    Moving forward - is it worth putting things like these outside of the full build (ie, into settings/config files)?  Having to push a new version because a third party rolls out tweaks sounds like a pain (although I dare say that a 6.7.3 could be rolled fairly swiftly were 6.8 not on the horizon).


    Edit: Probably not a practical thought.  Sod's law states that there will always be something hard-coded that needs changing, and you could have 100's of configs that are never altered.  I was just trying to think through permanent solutions where full OS updates aren't needed.

  5. Cosmetic issue that I've had before but couldn't work out (it's quite specific)...


    • Browser window about 1280px wide
    • On the plugins page
    • Have multiple notifications
    • Have updates to multiple plugins
    • Close each notification one by one until all closed


    The notification container (jgrowl?) is still on the page and obscures most of the "update all plugins) button.  Guessing the wrapper div would be on the top right on every page and needs hiding when last notification closed.  Page refresh sorts it.

  6. While it's up on the bench, can I make a small UI request please?


    Can the link to the Unraid site from the header logo open in a new tab/window?  And/or could a link to the forum be made available from the interface again (unless I've lost it)?


    It's how I usually get here.

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  7. 11 minutes ago, trurl said:

    Since that plugin installs a custom build of Unraid your report doesn't belong here. Try to reproduce on the actual Unraid release this report thread is about.

    Will do.  More accurately, will be testing on stock Unraid.  Apologies, bit of a stupid morning.

  8. Before I dive into finding out why later, has anybody had any issues with drives not spinning down?  I went from 6.6.6 to RC4 yesterday, and all but parity has been up since (from what I can tell).  I did also go via the Nvidia plugin (I know, I know - change one thing at a time!), but hopefully that shouldn't affect it.


    It *looks* like every drive is being read every 20 seconds or so - not sure whether a plugin/docker isn't happy.


    Haven't seen anybody mention it here, but thought I'd ask before attacking it seriously.