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  1. After a disasterous weekend, I'm still none the wiser (disasterous, since I got two windows mixed up and emptied one of the drives, Anyway...) - I've been keeping the tail command open in a telnet window, and it's not reporting anything, right up until a kernel panic. Should it show anything? - I had it copying files for a whole day without failure (albeit rebooting several times, and only copying from one location) - On other occasions, it can crash out on me straight into a kernel panic half way through the first DVD copy - When I'm copying it's always off a USB drive on a networked machine, and it's only ever a couple of DVDs at a time (max 7). Sometimes it'll copy the lot, sometimes it'll stop at any point in between. - When it works, it's working fine. When it crashes, it's going straight to kernel panic without letting me create a syslog I'm not sure whether this is of use to anybody - I'm partly thinking out loud here Should I copy as much as I dare, then create a syslog?
  2. It seems to have been stable for the past 24 hours, which it hasn't done before. Over the weekend I'm going to see if I can delve in a bit deeper, Since I'd just like to be able to throw stuff at it, and it copes (or at least doesn't fall on its back). Adding two more drives next week too. I was following your threads too, yodine, for exactly the same reasons.
  3. OK, I've got that running over telnet now. I've just started it on a 13 DVD copy which normally angers it. I let the memory test run through 1 1/2 times last night - is there any worth in leaving it on for a long time?
  4. Thanks for your patience guys - I'll look into the tail commands when I get home. Find attached a syslog taken just now (via RDC->telnet), just at the end of copying 4 dvds over the network.
  5. Thanks - I've read that, and I'm currently waiting to get a syslog. Now I've got a screen and keyboard on the machine it'll be much easier. I had meant to put that in the previous post, but forgot - sorry. However, I'm assuming that taking a syslog after a power cycle or before the problem starts will not be of much use? I'm copying over files and trying to catch the system in a crashed-but-not-frozen state. Unfortunately, the last couple of times have been whilst at work or in bed. Have I understood correctly - apologies if not. I've gone round and round reading so much information recently.
  6. Thanks for that guys. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, the unRAID server is in a rack under my stairs with no keyboard or screen. I've therefore had to do a lot of shifting about. I've disabled user shares. I'm only copying from one location at a time. I'm copying to either \\tower\disk1\dvds or \\tower\disk2\dvds. I ran memtest and it passed fine. It's still going down around once a day, and when I looked at the screen last night, it was locked up completely (see attached photo - sorry, it's a bit of a mess!). Haven't been able to telnet into it since the original post, but now I've got a screen/keyboard there I can keep an eye on it. Kit is... Gigabyte GA-G33-DS3R motherboard Intel Pentium Dual-Core, E2180 processor 2GB (2x1GB) Corsair TwinX XMS2 DDR2 memory 3 x 1TB (1000 GB) Western Digital WD10E (green power) drives GAH! Thanks
  7. Thanks for that guys - very helpful. I performed a manual restart on this occasion, but I'll post a syslog up next time. Something's not right, since it's happening quite often. Hope it's not memory, since there's 2x1gb in there.
  8. Hi - bit of a noob question, but... I'm copying lots of files to my new unRAID server from various machines on the network. Twice now I appear to overloaded it, whereby I can't reach the server from the web interface or network browser. However, I can still ping and telnet onto the box. The first time I turned it off and on again, which obviously sparked off a parity sync. It's now sitting there again, and I'm wondering whether there is a clean way I can restart it? Be gentle - I know nothing about linux!
  9. Believe me, it's all productive for an unRAID (and linux) noob. You guys have saved me about $100 from the first spec I put together, which is a big deal to me. Thank you
  10. WOW! Thanks guys That's given me a load to look into. I've built my share of machines in the past, but never gone to *that* much trouble in eeking out every bit of performance. First unRAID system though. I am planning on getting 2x1mb sticks initially, and whilst the hop up from 800 to 1066 is only about £15 ($30?), it all adds up when you're building a new system - I'm also re-evaluating my CPU to try and shave some more off. I'll have another look around later. Thanks again - I'll have a good read up.
  11. Would there be any noticable difference between 800 and 1066 DDR2 Memory? Putting together a fairly low cost setup, but don't want to cut the wrong corners...
  12. I'm running that board in my box, and it runs wonderfully. No need for a separate NIC or what have you, it works well out of the box. Has great features, and has been wonderfully stable for me over the last 4-6 months. It has my recommendation. Thanks for that - order going in today
  13. Hi - just to confirm, the network port on this board works fine with unRAID? I'm looking at this one for my first build, and the 8xSATA ports and onboard VGA are a big pull. It's also available in the UK. Thanks, Simon