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  1. asm1061 SATA3 card has arrived. installed it in Microserver G8. it works well! bios recognize it as unknown mass storage controller. i could adjust boot sequence to boot from asm1061. everything went well. of course, iLO cannot recognize it thus I.P. cannot be used. except these, all works find!! thanks!!!!!!!
  2. thanks for your kind advice. as i don't have plan to use Raid but more ports, i decided to go with USB-ODD.. for the test purpose, i ordered one asm1061 controller just now. one internal SSD and one external HDD will be tested. hope it works well and can be boot from it. thanks again!!!!
  3. after more research, typical asm1061 PCIe controller is not enough for performance. i choose this for cheap price. but the speed is below sata2 because of PCIe lane. expensive SATA controller is almost similar price as used P410, P212, i better go for them.. at this time, i will put my SSD on ODD port. ODD will use USB-ODD cable.. thanks!!
  4. Really appreciate your help.. it does a lots of help to me.. i will try usb-sata and asm1061 for Gen8.. i will update the result to this article.
  5. I do not know if this will work. I don't see why not without a bios adjustment. however If it were me, I might consider the HP controller as there are certain models that integrate with the iLO environment. There is an internal SATA II port on the motherboard that is part of the embedded controller. I bet that would be bootable as well. thanks. looks i mis-read your article. i will read it once again. i just exited to see typical SATA controller works with.. as my model has ODD installed, i'm trying not to remove it
  6. i am looking for a SATA controller for my Microserver Gen8.. all document i searched talking about HP raid controller only. i believe there will be a SATA controller available. i'm considering to purchase SATA controller using asm1061. i read an article from @WeeboTech, he looks using one of asm1061. my question is whether this chipset is the best choice and whether server can be boot up from asm1061 attached SSD.. many thanks in advance!!
  7. thanks for the great information. this is what i was looking for. so you tested asm1061 sata controller with HP Microserver Gen8 right? is it possible to boot from asm1061 attached Sata disk? I have plan to install Windows server 2012 R2 on SSD which attached to asm1061. if it works well and can boot up from it, this will be super tip. and save money on P222 thanks in advance!