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  1. I know I'm asking a lot. Is it possible to get Unraid 6.9 to LTS kernel 5.10 before full release? Only reason I ask is for the comfort of having an LTS kernel from both support as a user and also for the devs. I'm not gonna be upset if I'm told "no". Just thought I would ask and figured an LTS kernel could benefit the UnRaid team in this release :) .


    edit: also, thanks for the RC1 release! it seems to be working well so far! thanks for fixing the dashboard issues!

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  2. Just upgraded from 6.6.7 using LSI HBA-mode RAID card. 

    LSI Logic / Symbios Logic SAS2004 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Spitfire]

    Everything works great so far. All dockers loaded, VMs running, logs are clean.  Great work!


    It doesn't like edits to the /boot/config/go file. Is it still needed to bump the size of the logs partition?

    Is there any way to do this via webui configuration yet?


    darksurf@cold-rewind:/$ cat /boot/config/go

    # Enlarge the LOG partition (because Dynamix System Stats needs at least 186Mb, default LOG is 128Mb)  
    mount -o remount,size=500m /var/log

    # Start the Management Utility
    /usr/local/sbin/emhttp -p 80,443 &

    Thanks again for the hard work guys! 6.7 is working up to be an excellent release!